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01. Reloaded
02. The Truth
03. My Timbz Do Work (Feat. Heltah Skeltah)
04. Gunn Rap
05. Toolz Of The Trade
06. Sick 'Em Son
07. War
08. Warriorz Heart (Gangbang) (Feat. dead prez)
09. Here I Stand (The Streets Been Good To Me)
10. City Of Godz (Ciudad De Dios) (Feat. Buckshot)
11. U Undastand Me (Feat. Starang Wondah & Tony Touch)
12. Get Back (Feat. Boot Camp Clik)
13. A Hustler's Prayer
14. PNC Boyz
15. We Came Up (Crystal Stair) (Feat. Talib Kweli)

Despite what some people might say, I very much liked this album, it's a grower fo real. The chemistry is always their between Tek & Steele as they continue to bring them raw military minded rhymes. And the last track... well that contains the best beat Da Beatminerz have done since the mid-90's, no lie! The beat is incredible and really captures their signature sound to a tee, albeit for a new millenium audience. This was my third favorite from the triple threat releases after Sean Price's "Monkey Barz" & Buckshot & 9th Wonder's "Chemistry"... a hard act to follow but the 3 combined make for a very Powerful Impak!!!


"My Timbz Do Work" feat. heltah Skeltah

"Gunn Rap"

"Warriorz Heart" feat. Dead Prez