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Listen to track 4, "The Sermon" feat. Nature

Balancing the gangsters from the backpackers can be difficult, but Dub Sonata’s debut album On the Arm manages to erase the line between mainstream and underground hip-hop. Dub Sonata’s joints sound like he’s been schooled by both DJ Premier and Three 6—soul samples on one track, stomping drums and alarms on the next. Sonata sits in the producers role, but unlike the recent Timberland solo super-producer disaster, he relies on his strengths—and the vocal cadences of the slew of guest rappers, including Double A.B., J-Hood and Bizzy Bone—to create a beautiful pastiche of New York hip-hop both old and new.

Definitely one of the most slept on albums from last year. Dope producer, cool as hell guy to. He's on his New York ish wit this album and MC's like Nature & Bizzy Bone come through and spit hot bars over these sick beats. Don't sleep on this guy... I'll post up some more stuff related to him when I get a chance.

01. Rich Mo - Do What You Do 04:07
02. Double A.B. - Wake Up 04:11
03. J-Hood - No Sir 03:24
04. Nature - The Sermon 04:20
05. Skinny Joints - Streets Too Live 03:33
06. Swave Sevah, Double A.B. & C-Rayz Walz - New York 04:18
07. Billy G - Young N' Filthy 03:33
08. Bizzy Bone (Of Bone Thugs N Harmony) - Philosophical Gangsta 02:53
09. Vast Aire (Of Cannibal OX), Double A.B. & Swave Sevah - Hit Em 03:24
10. Deadly Divisionz - Riot Gear 02:53
11. The Aztext - Envy 04:14
12. J-Hood & A.P. (ODG) - So Fly 04:47
13. Moondoc - As Fas As 03:13
14. Double A.B. - Revolution 03:30
15. Dom Pachino (Of Killarmy) & Thirston Howl III - Napalm 02:57
16. Rich Mo - Murderers 04:30
17. Dub Sonata - Greatest Love 02:59