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Sup people, yep TR might be closed but we continue to spread that good word on real hip hop over at so make sure you stop by and check us out. Most of the posts will eventually make there way over at UHHN, we've already started a couple days ago so things are lookin good. Any questions just write me at

Peace N Luv

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What up folks, yep it's official, we're closing That Realness blog for good on Sunday midnight!!!

I'll try keep this short and sweet, I started this out of a pure luv for that real hip hop music that was lacking everywhere I looked and some artists just weren't gettin the shine they deserved so I took it upon myself to start That Realness and reach out to as many hip hop heads as I can and help spread the word about that real shit.

Anyways, I just don't got the time anymore to run it day to day. It eats into my social life and the fact that I do it for free is also a reason coz ain't got that much dough and I need to make that paper which means more time on road and less no time for the blog.

Here's my solution for all you guys and girls out there:-

Please visit my boy Dilla Donuts' blog called Underground Hip Hop Nation which is where I'll continue to post along with X-Rae. He's on that real hip hop shit hard and started his blog not to long ago.

I would suggest to whoever wants to keep in touch with us that that's where we'll be come Monday so def head over there now and make yourself known, especially all the regular cbox users, artists etc... who read the blog regularly.

I'll still be here till the weekend which is when i push the "DELETE BLOG" button so in the meantime, if you have any questions, hit me up!

We haven't disappeared, just mearly migrated to another blog which I won't be running but will be a part of.

Don't forget, FILI (me) and the team will be at Underground Hip Hop Nation from May 11th!!!

If anyone want to hit me up via email it's

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Holland’s own Soulution add an exceptional sonic experience due to the hard-hitting, uplifting boom bap with jazz undertones.

01. Intro (feat. Brotha Soul)
02. Soul Shine (feat. Mr. J Medeiros, Supastition, Bahamadia & Nicole Amina)
03. The Hill (feat. Sivion)
04. Yao Ming (feat. Project Move)
05. I Been (feat. Rhema Soul)
06. Drive (feat. Median, Braile & Sivion)
07. Hey Now (feat. Project Move)
08. Fragment (feat. Juanlove)
09. Shine Through (feat. Supastition)
10. The Whole World (feat. Anonymous)
11. Moodswing (feat. Talib Kweli & Asheru)
12. Open Your Window (feat. Stacy Epps & Rita J)
13. Anthem (feat. Project Move)
14. Who Am I (Feat. Freddie Bruno, Sivion, Playdough & Brotha Soul)
15. Love Life (feat. El Gambina)
16. The Whole World Remix (feat. Anonymous)

Dope album right here from this Dutch producer. Slick beats backed by some slick guest spots. Definite replay value!

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Hard work has become more than just a habit for this Hip-Hop ensemble hailing from Los Angeles, California. The Literates are known for hard beats, raw lyrics and a live show guaranteed to have any onlooker leaving the venue aching for more. By performing with such names as; Cypress Hill, KRS ONE, Shape Shifters, The Germs, and countless others, they have acquired a large selection of listeners ranging from your average B-boy and Girl, to Punk, Rock and Metal fans. Also gaining support of numerous Hip-Hop radio shows throughout the U.S. The Literates have learned to utilize all available resources to gain exposure across continents and seas, reminding the forgetful, of what Hip-Hop should be; positive, inspiring and creative. With nothing but high expectations of success, The Litz will continue to rock shows and create quality music for all willing to listen. And for those unwilling, the image of these three, music driven “Hip-Hop Junkies” will forever stay embedded in their brains.

The Literates have recently released their E.P. entitled Unspoken featuring Sen Dog from Cypress Hill. The “Unspoken” 12 inch is also underway and will be hitting stores, clubs, and airwaves very soon. For more info visit or to get a taste of what They have to offer, which is nothing but positive energy.

01.Keepin It Live
03.Graff Life
04.City Of Angels featuring SenDog of Cypress Hill
05.A.N.T.I. Ill
06.Genuine Friends

Some real dope West Coast hip hop for ya. I posted up their debut album "Don't Sleep" a couple months ago. Anyway, here's their EP from a couple years previous, check it out and if you like it, cop the album to...

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Charlotte, North Carolina emcee BIG TReaL returns with his latest release the "Stimulus" EP that is now available for free download. On this 9-track EP; BIG TReaL speaks on real life issues such as: economy, religion, American politics and much more. The "Stimulus" EP features original production from 9th Wonder, Eric G, FLB, Chicky P and Ill Phil. Be on the look out for much more from BIG TReaL in 2009!

1. The Stimulus Intro (Prod by: FLB)
2. Obama Effect (Prod by: FLB)
3. SupaNiggaz (Prod by: FLB)
4. Blues of the W'2's (Prod by: Chinky P)
5. Blockin ya on Blessings (Prod by: Eric G)
6. Fred G Sanford (AZZ!) (Prod by: FLB)
7. Permanent UnderclaSS (Prod by: FLB)
8. No More (Prod by: 9th Wonder)
9. Stainglass Kingdom (Prod by: Ill Phil)

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Tragic Allies Album debut, "The Tree of The Knowledge of Good & Evil" featuring Killah Priest, Canibus, Bronze Nazareth and Planet Asia. COMING SOON!.

My favorite group right now, no doubt. Their last two mixtapes were pure fire and their debut album should be an instant classic. I've been waiting for ages for these guys to drop an official debut and can't wait for this one. Yo, check their MySpace or this blog for mixtape links and also check the audio tracks on the myspace player. that should wet ya appetite even more.

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Quite Nyce and SEEK (RADIx) are back with monSTAPLEx. This release features exclusives and remixes all produced by producer/emcee Cadence (Raw Produce). Features from Akrobatik, Mr.Eon, Cadence, Q-Unique and more.

01. R.A.D.I.x.
02. Air
03. Dotted Line
04. Hip-Hop
05. AkroRADIx (Feat. Akrobatik)
06. Staple
07. Get Focused
08. Breaking Point (Feat. Q-Unique)
09. Never Left (Feat. Cadence)
10. Brothers Through Design
11. 3 Words
12. Rush (Feat. Mr. Eon)

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During 2006 Sean Boog, Khrysis and Nervous Reck (Bomm Sheltuh) recorded a slew of songs and put together an album called The Warm Up (shout out to the homie J Cole). Originally we were going to release it before we even recorded Training Day … but with out going into detail we ended up doing Training Day. For the last few years we debated what to do with this album. So finally since we think the music is far to good to go to waste and to give the fans some dope shit to listen to, we are giving it to everybody for free download. Pass the word on!!!!

01. The Warm Up
02. Look At Me
03. Wise Cracks
04. Smiley Face
05. Champion
06. Can You Blame Me (prod. J.Cole)
07. Girl Oh! f. Cheddar Chapp
08. Turn It Up f. Sean P
09. Vice Grips (prod. Erv)
10. Torturous
11. License to Thrill Interlude (prod. Nervous Reck)
12. Original Sin - Nerv Solo (prod. Nervous Reck)
13. Nothing Comes Easy f. Cheddar Chapp
14. Home Alone f. Quianna
15. U Fell Off! (prod. Bob Wire)
16. Lost

*All tracks produced by Khrysis except where noted.

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Check the latest video banger from Brooklyn's very own Joell Ortiz called "Never Sleep". Directed by Wraithe for Kinetik Cinematix. From the upcoming Pre Agent EP.
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Relapse in stores May 19th.

Dunno bout you but Eminem is still a lyrical beast in my book and this tune is no exception. C'mon Em, leave Interscope and join up with Duck Down... you always gonna be an underground MC to us!
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Check this one out. Coast 2 Coast's DJ TKO comes with a fresh selection of cuts, including joints from the EMS crew, tracks 5 & 6 (Mayhem, M-Dot). Don't sleep!

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M-Dot wanted hit you with a teaser track before he heads to Switzerland to open for Krumb Snatcha. Here is "Go Getter" produced by Omega Red, off of M-Dot's NEW Mixtape "M.oney D.oesn't O.wn T.hought" Coming In May....Hosted by DJ TKO of Coast2Coast DJs and Mixed by Boston producer Pauly Fingaz. Just a little something to get the fans going before the release of the tape in a couple weeks. Look for the tracklist and back cover sometime next week.

Listen Download: Go Getter (Prod. by Omega Red)
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Guess whose back!!! Lefty a.k.a. the L.E.F.T. comes through with New York's own DJ Concept to deliver the third addition to the "Gangland" street album series.
Gangland Vol. 3 shows why Lefty is officially the next artist to emerge out of the Bay Area. The piece is free...check it!

1. The Young Misguided
2. Blast Off
3. El Fin (feat. Bash Bros.)
4. D.V.B. (Destination vocal booth)
5. 1 World
** Reef the Lost Cauze stops by*
6. Heavy (feat. Bash Bros.)
7. New Ears, New Eyes (feat. Tab One of Kooley High)
8. Plastic World 2080
9. S.t.r.u.g.g.l.e.
** J. Rawls stops by*
10. Love (In My Head)
11. Comin Through Again
** DJ Concept speaks on it*
12. Marination Recess (W.T.F.)
13. Definition
** Red Cloud reps for the West Coast*
14. Supahero

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After releasing North By Northwest (2005) and Dead Letter Perfect in 2007 (which have earned SoulStice features XXL Magazine, The Source, The Tavis Smiley Show, Urb and many key urban publications and websites), SoulStice returns with Beyond Borders, which SoulStice dubs an “international concept album.”

As SoulStice explains “the project is a collaboration between myself and Belgian beatmaker, SBe, who provides all of the instrumental music for the album. As far as the vocals, the songs are collaborations between myself and many of my favorite artists from around the world. We've got artists from the US, UK, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Africa, and Canada. The first time I ever traveled abroad was a trip I took Russia in 2000. The fact that the globalization of hip hop had reached all the way there really made an impression on me. Since then I've grown as an artist and have toured around the world, seeing firsthand how hip hop, as a US cultural export, has grown and become something new and different in these various places. Yet, the underlying theme is the same everywhere: hip hop continues to be the mouthpiece for people who exist outside of the mainstream to make their voices heard throughout society and around the world.

These songs and the ideas they contain were the result of studio sessions in Maryland, Belgium, Chicago, Paris, New York and many other places, late nights at SBe's house in Ghent, photo sessions, international phone calls and text messages, and long flights overseas to perform in Europe, Japan and Mexico.”

Beyond Borders will be released in June 2009 and will feature appearances from G.L.C., Oddisee, Kev Brown, Supastition, Wordsmith and Zap Mama and is entirely produced by SBe.

Listen/Download: Unfold feat. Oddisee (Prod. by SBe)
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01. Black Tar Heroin (Clean)
02. Black Tar Heroin (Dirty)
03. Black Tar Heroin (Instrumental)
04. Black Tar Heroin (Vocals)


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Bringing you his debut Remix project on his new imprint Foresight Records, underground beatmaker BIG D O emerges with "The Tape". Tired of real Hip-Hop being ignored and mis-handled D O has set out to put his own unique stamp on the game and remind people of what used to be...and what still can...

"The Tape" is represenative of those glorious days of old when cassettes and vinyl dominated and good music was backed up by solid and conscious emceeing. Collecting a bevy of acapella's from the underground's most respected acts to remix, "The Tape" was a true labor of love and was recorded over the span of two years....Full of wonderful warmth, iventive samples, vinyl drum break gems and designed to mimic what a cassette would
sound like, D O takes you on a wonderful Lo-fi journey into what he deems "real music for real music lovers".

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Once every great while elements from the cosmos align to produce something very amazing. So pure and unique, with the sole purpose to balance the universe when negativity takes its reign. The Vultures are that positive force.

Tyrannical rhyme sayers bless extraordinarily rugged beats to restore the essence to the culture that is Hip Hop. The Vultures feast from the rotting dead. When the foul stench of death lingers in the air, The Vultures arrive on site for the dirty work, reinstating balance while playing a vital role in Hip Hop's eco-system.

Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, The Vultures are a collective of many MCs, 1 DJ, and 1 producer, embodying complete 360 degrees of a Hip Hop recording group. Whether it's Destroyer's tounge twisting verbal attack, the lethality of Ruin's assassin wordplay, or 7ISH's prime-cut dj slices interlocking rapid fire verses, The Vultures are a fresh breath to all absolute Hip Hop heads.

01. You Best Stop
02. Mind Weapon
03. Kill The Noise
04. You Ain't Ready
05. Way Of The Jedi
06. The Menace
07. True Understanding Cypher
08. One's Perception
09. Supreme Thought
10. War Joint
11. Check The Culture
12. Heartless MCs
13. Fortress Storm
14. Keep Ya Eyes On Him
15. Hardest Clink
16. 7 Rings Around Saturn

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Props to The Vultures for sending this to us!
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This is the first song released from the new album titled "The Breakfast Club" which drops May 19th. Any support would be greatly appreciated. Much love.

Listen/Download: What You Expected (Remix) feat. Rain, Termanology, Reks & Big Lou (Prod. by Statik Selektah)
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"Trophy Room" is taken from Quite Nyce & Raydar Ellis' "Champs Vs. The League" album.
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"Absolutely Positive" is actually a bonus cut from the disc - which should go a long way to demonstrate the calibur of insanity that awaits you on the actual album. You may have gotten a taste of in the video from Pack's recent visit to P.O.W. Radio. So, we decided to play nice and make sure you had a crispy-clean copy to bump in the whip to tide you over until the record's release this summer.
Please spread these FREE and OFFICIAL QN5 MP3's and images across the internet, not MySpace rips and Photoshop edits.

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KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT unveil the first song off their highly anticipated album "SURVIVAL SKILLS" in stores August 25th on Duck Down Records.

ROBOT, produced by Havoc of Mobb Deep, is a hard-hitting track that showcases KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT in true form, highlighting the current auto-tune trend in Hip-Hop and exposing the copy-cat mentality that has rappers hiding behind "the program." Stepping outside the factory that Hip Hop has become, the duo lead the charge in the battle for originality.

The video for ROBOT is being filmed this week by Todd Angkasuwan in Brooklyn, New York with BET providing exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage.

"Survival Skills" has confirmed features from Mary J Blige, Slug, of Atmosphere, Immortal Technique, K'NAAN, Talib Kweli, Sean Price, Naledge of Kidz In The Hall, Smif N Wessun, Rock of Heltah Skeltah and Geo of Blue Scholars.

Production on the album includes tracks from Havoc, of Mobb Deep, 9th Wonder, Black Milk, Marco Polo, Moss, Coptic, KHRYSIS! and Ill Mind

Listen/Download: Robot (Prod. by Havoc)

To read the lyrics from ROBOT visit KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT's LYRIC BOOK:

For more information on the project visit:
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Straight from LA, CA and after 5 highly successful mixtapes (pushing north of 100K units sold) Custom Made (Bluff, Element, Scoobs and Six) returns with Street Cinema Vol: 6 The Lost Weekend (which will be released shortly).

The Lost Weekend is a compilation of tracks that were recorded during sessions for Truth Be Told (Rawkus/2007), Heavy Traffic (Custom Made/2007), Great Expectations (Custom Made/2008) and Original Dynasty (Babygrande/2008) and new tracks that were recorded with Six after his release from prison (Six was in prison for 2 years from 2007-2008 and is currently serving a 160-day sentence for parole violations).

After recently releasing the first video, "Sunday Money," from their forthcoming mixtape The Lost Weekend, now comes the first audio leak "A Few Friends."

Listen/Download: A Few Friends
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Here's the NEW Single from M-Dot "You Won't Get It" feat. Singapore Kane & East Coast Avengers' Trademarc (co-creator of last years "Kill Bill O'reilly" gem). The track is produced by Explizit One, who produced on Special Teamz last album "Stereotypes." "You Won't Get It" will be featured on M-Dot's upcoming Mixtape "M.oney D.oesn't O.wn T.hought (Hosted by DJ TKO of Coast 2 Coast DJ's). M.oney D.oesn't O.wn T.hought will be released when M-Dot tours Switzerland May 1st w/ Krumbsnatcha (flier attached). "You Won't get It" will also be feat. on M-Dot & Singapore Kane's Upcoming Duel Mixtape - "2 for 1".

P.S. Look out for M-Dot's album Coming Later this Summer "M.usically D.riven O.ver T.ime", featuring appearances by Krumbsnatcha, Big Shug, Sha Stimuli, Masta Ace, Akrobatik, Edo G & Jaysaun (Special Teamz). Production by the Snowgoons, 7L, DC the Midi Alien & more." - M-Dot

Listen/Download: You Won't Get It feat. Singapore Kane & Trademarc

This track is absolute fiyah, soulful boom bap at it's finest... please show support, leave comments and let's help make M-Dots' upcoming releases as successful as we can!!!
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"It’s what the people have come to expect from me” explains Diablo Archer, “a gritty, soulful breath of life into a digital sound.” Icarus Complex features production from Def Dave and D-Lamma (Loop-ings), Rockwell, Nic and Jaq (Nic and Jaq Beat Dreams), and MIDIMarc.

Diablo Archer, who most recently appeared on Edgar Allen Floe's Floe Almighty: The Remixture (MCEO Records), shares microphone duties with Dasan Ahanu (Amp Truth Records), MoSiyah (208 Dragons/First Born Music), and Devil's Advocate Music’s own, Rushmoore.

Devil’s Advocate Music, established in 2004, is an independent imprint with a passion for truth in music. With three extremely well-received releases to its credit, the company’s continuing mission is to release quality material to a deserving consumer base.

01. Fear of Flying (featuring Dasan Ahanu)
02. Winning Season
03. Seeing You
04. Starstruck (featuring Shaun Bartlett)
05. In His Own Words (featuring MoSiyah and Rushmoore)
06. Daybreak
07. Walking On (featuring Rushmoore)

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Yes i did, i jacked the link from HHB coz you need to hear this but if you want the new album, which is sick by the way, then visit cdbaby and purchase it for as little as $5 or £3.50, I downloaded it a couple hours ago and it's def worth the purchase... CD or mp3. Show the artists ya support and check out the above release he did last year and apologies to Diablo Archer if he feels any way about us posting Icarus Complex, it can be removed if you so request.


Also available on iTunes, visit his MySpace for links.
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Method Man Freestyle from Radio Planet on Vimeo.

Blackout! 2 Coming soon

Decalouge is the long awaited solo debut by legendary Jedi Mind Tricks producer Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind. Stoupe has worked with Vinnie Paz for 12+years (6studio albums & 260,000 + Units sold), and has produced for such legendary MCs as Guru(Gang Starr), Canibus and 7L & Esoteric, earning him a spot in the underground hip-hop's elite. Now for the first time, his signature sound is showcased in this one-of-a-kind collection, with features form some of today's hottest MC's such as Saigon, Joell Oritz, M.O.P., Slaine, Vinnie Paz, Outerspace & more.

01. Allison James (feat. Slaine)
02. When The Sun Goes Down (feat. Saigon)
03. Evil Deeds (feat. Demoz, Des Devious, & Jus Allah)
04. The Truth (feat. Supastition)
05. That’s Me (feat. Joell Ortiz)
06. The Torch (feat. King Magnetic & Reef The Lost Cauze)
07. Speakeasy (feat. Outerspace)
08. Transition Of Power (feat. M.O.P.)
09. Independence Day (feat. Block McCloud)
10. Find A Way (feat. Lorrie Doriza)

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Raydar Ellis and Quite Nyce met at a show where Raydar was playing with his band. They stayed in contact over some time eventually planning a bigger group project; Quite Nyce who is a member of the group RADIx and Raydar who is affiliated with Short Bus Alumni & Project Move. After months of trying to coordinate everything Quite Nyce called Raydar and said "Why don't WE just do a collab project?" Raydar agreed. He came to QN's studio and they went to work. Their chemistry, passion and desire to speak out and be heard is this album. Champs Vs. The League is a project full of positivity, pride in family and community, self respect, reflection and hard work. It is truly an intelligent breathe of fresh air in the current stagnant, un-innovative genre that is hip hop.

01. Leading The Leaders
02. Clap
03. Holla Bout A Dolla
05. Love Is Feat. Project Move
06. Move
07. Build Up
08. Ms. September
09. Broken Pieces
10. The Spirit
11. If I Never Feat. Akil & SoulStice
12. Trophy Room
13. Buck Short
14. They Say It’s The End

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Gripping vocals, shredding lyrics and grimey but yet soulful and melodic beats are the essence of Endemic's Debut LP, Terminal Illness. Endemic has earned production features on indie LPs from both sides of the Atlantic, also producing a number of tracks on J Ronin's All Elements mixtape series in NYC.

On terminal Illness he presents tracks and collaborations with US underground hip hop legends and up & coming UK artists. With layers of warm strings, harmonious pianos, horns and pounding bass lines fronted by rhymes and flows that blend seamlessly with Endemic's immense production.

The rapping is second to none and the lyrics are delivered in your face with outstanding punch lines and wordplay on each track. The Album brings hardcore raps from the likes of Sean Price, Ruste Juxx, Sav Killz and Timbo King. However also in this melting pot of lyricism are political & spiritual references from Wu Tang Sunz of man legends Killah priest & hell razah.

Equally stepping up to this style from the UK are poets' melanin 9 & Cyrus Malachi, who unify well with the NYC veterans. Though, even with this hardcore style Endemic still manages to merge soulful and deep tracks from the likes of the Wisemen and female MCs Sima Lee, Letia larock & UK's C mone. With 18 different MCs, superb production and great collaborations this LP flows impeccably from start to end.

Here is an album which captures high energy beats and rhymes. This is the music real hip hop heads have been craving for; created by the talent of Nottingham UK's Endemic and his personally picked favourite MCs from NYC & LA to the UK.

01. Intro
02. Robin Hood Theory (feat. Timbo King & Planet Asia)
03. Can’t Stand To Wake Up (Motown Grown) (feat. The Wisemen)
04. Comin’ To Kill (feat. Sean Price, Ruste Juxx, & Sav Killz)
05. Political Criminals (feat. Leathafase, Melanin 9, & Cyrus Malachi)
06. Hypocrites (feat. Masikah & Melanin 9)
07. Walk In The Shadows (Interlude)
08. One Day (feat. Killah Priest & Timbo King)
09. Not Like Us (feat. Letia Larock, C Mone, & Sima Lee)
10. Bang On Me (Feat. Leathafase & DJ Furious P)
11. From BK To UK (Ruste Juxx, Cyrus Malachi & Nasheron)
12. Look My Way (feat. Sima Lee)
13. I’m Show Ya (feat. Sean Price & Ruste Juxx)
14. Three Kings (feat. Hell Razah, Melanin 9 & Kevlaar 7)
15. Outro

Best album of the year so far. Bangin beats and rhymes make for a fully satisfying dose of pure uncut hip hop!!!

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After Tobacco Road in 2008, Common Market has released a new EP titled “Winters End”. It contains only 5 songs, but as you can expect from Common Market, all 5 songs are top notch. Sabzi did a great job production wise, including an all-instrumental track (The Picture Of My Delorean Grey). RA Scion delivers his always consicious, good flowing rhymes.

01. Nouveau Depart
02. Escaping Arkham
03. Brasso
04. Slow Down Moses
05. The Picture Of My DeLorean Gray feat. Sabzi

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Saigon’s first release with Amalgam Digital, “All In A Day’s Work”, was recorded in 24 hours and production was handled exclusively by Statik Selektah, who made the following statement:

“Working with Saigon in those twenty four hours and getting songs done so fast showed why he should be held as one of the greatest to ever do it”

When asked about the unique nature of the release, Saigon made the following statement:

“This album, “All In A Day’s Work” is a bonafide Hip Hop classic created from beginning to end in twenty four hours. It is a definitely a spark in the right direction for the resurgence of East Coast Hip Hop. I teamed up with producer Statik Selektah and Amalgam Digital and we came together to present the world with the best album of the year 2009, aside from my debut of course, “The Greatest Story Never Told” which will soon follow…”

01. To Be Told
02. So Cruel
03. The Rules
04. My Crew
05. Prepare For War
06. Spit
07. Lady Sings The Blues
08. Lose Her
09. Goodbye
10. The Reason
11. I Warned You

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Chicago, IL- Brave New Rap the long awaited collaboration album between Chicago Heavyweights Verbal Kent and Kaz One (who has previously worked with Sean Price, Sadat X, ED O. G and RA Da Rugged Man) is set to be released April 1st, 2009 on Gravel Records.

Verbal Kent has released three albums previously, What Box, Move With The Walls & Fist Shaking and been featured in XXL and Urb Magazines. Verbal has also collaborated with such artists as Ill Bill, Marco Polo, Wordsworth, One Be Lo, Oddisee, Pacewon and he’s also toured nationally with Sadat X, ED O.G, and Count Bass D.

Brave New Rap features production entirely from Kaz One, with guest appearances by La Coka Nostra Leader Ill Bill, EMC’s Wordsworth, Braille, and Coldhard of the legendary Crucial Conflict. Track after track, Verbal and Kaz team up on what many hip-hop connoisseurs are terming to be "the return of real tag-team rap". The chemistry boils as the album blasts off with “Dedicated” and never cools off. The old-fashioned boom-bap of “Wars R Us” and “Remove The Gag” follow, reminding fans of what happens when people who know each other well make music together (e.g. Wu-Tang, EPMD). Tracks such as “Questions” and “Suck A Grenade” ponder what Hip-Hop would be like if skills were the only thing that were relevant and later, Verbal examines the American way and challenges its course with “Identity Theft” and the epic “Power II.”

As Verbal Kent laments Brave New Rap is the culmination of a musical relationship that was fostered over nearly a decade “Me and Kaz met at a emcee battle at a club in Chicago in 2001. This album is the culmination of 8 years of getting to know each other musically. He has produced over half my music, but never a whole record; that's why this release means the most to me. We started off recording songs in a one bedroom apartment in Dekalb, IL. I would take the trip down from the city to build with him a few days a week and after recording a few songs together, we knew we had something good going. A year or so later, Kaz moved to Chicago above a coffee house a friend of mine owned and we just continued to bang out tracks. Kaz produced more then half of my first LP (What Box) and has also produced multiple racks on every record I have ever released and people have always told me I come across best over his beats…I think now I finally agree. Building with just one producer on a record is almost like having this pre-arranged musical outline that you get to weave in and out of when writing a song. It alleviates the pressure and replaces it with urgency. This album has easily been my favorite to work on and I think it shows thru the songs. You want to like a record for a few weeks then buy some other album. Cop this one and your going to memorize every track. That’s what I used to love about a great Hip-Hop album. I’m trying to bring that feeling back.”

Brave New Rap is exactly what the rap game needs---proving to the world that Hip-Hop is alive; and more then well.

01. How We Figured It Out (Introduction)
02. Dedicated
03. Wars R Us
04. Remove The Gag feat. Ill Bill & Wordsworth
05. Questions#
06. Snake F*ckers & Androids feat. Soweto Kinch, Sunny Jim, Altruisms, Roadblok and Doomsday
07. Friends (Interlude 1)
08. Suck A Grenade
09. Fast Rapping Time
10. Identity Theft
11. Verbal Assault feat. Cold Hard Of Crucial Conflict
12. Silly Rapper, Vomiting Is For Kids (Interlude 2)
13. Big Bang
14. Fast Forward
15. Faith feat. Braille
16. Power Pt. II

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At a time when chasing money supersedes chasing dreams, Detroit's Finale has proudly done the opposite. A former automotive engineer for the Big Three, the Morehouse drop-out decided that he would devote five years to his passion of hip-hop before deciding what his life's calling would truly be.

"That was seven years ago," jokes Finale. With rich histories in both the auto industry and music, he opted for the latter, perhaps a bit more stable in these times. "I wanted things to happen naturally," says the emcee. In his community, open microphones, showcases and emcee battles prompted Finale to mingle with local talents like One.Be.Lo and Guilty Simpson, while winning the respect of producers including Black Milk, Nottz and the immortal J Dilla. The career and personal sacrifice of Finale is captured on A Pipedream And A Promise, featuring the producers mentioned.

01. Arrival & Departure feat. Awesome Dre (Prod. By V-Tech and Apollo Brown)
02. Style (Prod. By Kev Brown)
03. Pay Attention (Prod. By Slimkat); Interlude - Beat The Drums (Prod. By Shamus O’Flannigan)
04. The Waiting Game feat. Invincible (Prod. By Khrysis); Interlude - feat. Prince Whippa Whip (Cold Crush)
05. One Man Show (Prod. By Black Milk) (Scratches By DJ Presyce)
06. Jumper Cables (Prod. By Nottz)
07. A Reason (Prod. By Ta'Raach)
08. Motor Music (Prod. By Black Milk)
09. Heat (Prod. By J Dilla) (Scratches By DJ Sicari)
10. Issues (Prod. By Dimlite); Interlude - feat. Prince Whippa Whip (Cold Crush)
11. Brother’s Keeper (Prod. By Nottz)
12. The Senator (Prod. By Waajeed)
13. What You Mean To Me (Prod. By M-Phazes)
14. A Pipe Dream And A Promise feat. Monica Blaire & Allan Barnes (The Blackbrds) (Prod. By Oddisee)
15. BONUS TRACK - Paid Homage (R.I.P. J Dilla) (Prod. By Flying Lotus)

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01. Heads Or Tails
02. Never
03. Gunz
04. Teacher's Trademark
05. No Guts No Glory
06. German Lugers
07. Black Woods
08. Real World
09. Show Love
10. Man Of The Year
11. It's Yours
12. Nothin' You Say
13. No Man's Land
14. Offensive Lineup
15. Wait A Minute


01. The Curse
02. Black Snow
03. Casualties of War
04. Who?
05. This Is Where The Fun Stops
06. Hold Up
07. Starlight
08. Knockatomi Plaza
09. Pay Attention
10. Serve Justice
11. Still Got The Ammo
12. Ride On
13. Incite A Riot
14. Lost
15. Still Waters Run Deep
16. Raining
17. Sick Life
18. The Storm
19. Avalanche Warning
20. The Hatred
21. Helpless

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Gravel Records presents The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, the highly anticipated and powerful sophomore release from Chicago's Earatik Statik.

Earatik’s 2005 debut, Feelin’ Earatik, generated considerable buzz both in the U.S. and abroad. Featuring some of hiphop’s top names, including Kool Keith, Akrobatik, Diamond D & Pacewon, the album received praise in such publications as XXL, The Source, XLR8R, and URB Magazine.

With their latest album, Earatik teams up once again with a top-notch roster of talent, featuring certified hiphop legends, from the beats to the rhymes. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly showcases production by both legendary producers Pete Rock and Large Professor, a rare occurrence that has not been frequently seen since Nas’ classic album Illmatic. The album also features production by indie heavyweights J-Zone, Single Minded Pros, Kaz1 and K-Kruz (Modill).

Between albums, Earatik spent most of their time touring with such artists as Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Edo.G, Percee P and Doujah Raze. While on the road, Earatik was busy writing their new album and collaborated with many of their tour-mates. Resulting collaboration tracks include “Fam & Friends” and “Definition”, featuring Sadat X, while Edo.G appears on “Miss Those Years”. Heltah Skeltah’s Sean Price, with whom Earatik has shared many stages, also appears on the hard-hitting “Knock Em Out”.

With legendary talent, powerful production and forceful lyrics, Earatik Statik is well-poised to make an impact in 2009.

01. Intro
02. No Problems (Produced By: Rude1)
03. Hands Up (Produced By: Vanysh)
04. Fam & Friends feat. Sadat X (of Brand Nubian) (Produced By: Kaz1)
05. Side To Side (Produced By: Kaz1)
06. Knock Em Out feat. Sean Price (of Heltah Skeltah) (Produced By: Kaz1)
07. Open Season (Produced By: J-Zone)
08. Stay Fresh (Produced By: Kaz1)
09. A Message From The Mighty E.S.
10. Straight Aim (Produced By: Doc West)
11. Don't Fuck Wit Us (Produced By: Kut-O)
12. Miss Those Years feat. Edo. G (Produced By: Kaz1)
13. Tearz! (Produced By: Pete Rock)
14. Definition feat. Sadat X (of Brand Nubian), Pru, Tony Benefit (Produced By: Kaz1)
15. No Problems (Remix) (Produced By: Large Professor)
16. Knock Em Out (Remix) (Produced By: Khrome)
17. Breathe Easy feat. Tony Benefit (Produced By: K-Kruz)

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