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A-1 Yola was the second album by rap group, 11/5. It was released on July 23, 1996 for Dogday Records, distributed by Priority Records and produced by Premiere Music (Reggie Smith, T.C. and Race). A-1 Yola did better on the charts than the groups previous album, Fiendin' 4 tha Funk, peaking at #33 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #22 on the Top Heatseekers.

1. Intro
2. Hate To See Me Have Shit
3. The Nade
4. I Got Bitchez
5. Milk-A-Bitch
6. My Hoe's Name Is Nina
7. Dope Tales
8. The G That I Be
9. Slangin' Dope
10. 3 Grams of Right
11. My Nigga Told You
12. When I Be All Alone
13. My Hustle
14. 115 CC's (The Injection)

Taydatay, Hennessy and Maine-O return one year after their 1995 debut, Fiendin' 4 Tha Funk for more guns, bitches, weed and money talk. This album fared much better in the charts than it's predecessor did but I personally prefer their debut. A1-Yola is definitely on a more laidback tip with only Dope Tales a really uptempo beat. However, I never get tired of hearing these cats rhyming, they still attack every verse with plenty of energy and smooooooth flows. Cop it!


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11/5 was an American hip-hop group from San Francisco, California whose members were Maine-O, Hennessy and TayDaTay, they were signed to Dogday, Capitol and Priority Records and were active from 1994 to 2001. The Bay Area-based trio first appeared in 1994 on Primo's album, Stickin' to the Script on the song, "Killa". Shortly after, they would release their debut album, Fiendin' 4 tha Funk. The album sold little outside the Bay Area and only made it to #76 on the Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. The following year, they would release a follow-up entitled A-1 Yola, which would fair much better on the charts, making it to #33 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and #22 on the Top Heatseekers. After A-1 Yola, two more albums were released, 1999's The Overdose and 2001's After the Drama, as well as two compilations, before disbanding in 2001.

1. Peace, Knowledge, Unity
2. 11/5 On The Inside
3. Garcia Vegas
4. Straight Murderism
5. Pimp Theme
6. Flat On Yo Ass
7. U.D.C.W.I. Of 11/5 Feat. Cold World Hustlers & U.D.I.
8. Fiendin 4 tha Funk
9. The Way I Was Raised
10. Billy "Studio Danksta" Jam
11. Brousin
12. Hell Raiser
13. Kill-A-Hoe feat. U.D.I.

This, to me, is a Bay Area classic from one of, if not my favourite, underground groups. The intro into this album Peace, Knowledge, Unity features Herm Lewis delivering an empowering, preacher-type speech about the consequences of street violence, respecting oneself and respecting women. I couldn't help crack a lil smile knowing that the rest of the album contains songs about smoking weed and killing hoes lol. The following track 11/5 On The Inside is just a nice introduction to the 3 group members, Taydatay, Hennessy and Maine-O. Garcia Vegas is the anthem of the joint, in fact it's a Bay Area anthem, period. It features Taydatay riding solo over an uptempo beat rhyming about all the pleasures of blazin' the herb. I dare you not to sing along to the 'Everybody light your vegas!' chorus! Pimp Theme is exactly what it sounds like, with the emees exchanging verses as seen through the eyes of a p.i.m.p. over a funky guitar loop and bassline. As Maine-O says, '..That SuperMACKafragilistic-SexBeMACKadocious nigga.' Dope. The Way That I Was Raised sees Taydaytay talking a little more about himself as a person with a clever rhymescheme in verse one and a chronological account of his childhood in verse two. Brousin' was a hit single for the group and basically has the emcees rhyming about keeping polygamous relationships with women, over a laidback string loop. Maine-O: 'I live in the Sco, You live in the O; So I don't care, just make sure that my gate is locked and don't call me when you get there...Now you's my bootycall when I see fit; Now you waitin for the phone to click, cuz it's you I'm gonna get; I's no priest and I's no gay; And best believe when I come see you I's gon' browse on the way.' Peep the Video for this joint below! The album ends on another banga, Kill-A-Hoe; over a menacing bass loop, the emcees along with U.D.I take the woman-bashing to the next level. It's catchy enough to make even the most hardline feminist holler along to the 'Kill a hoe, Kill a hoe (FUCK THAT BITCH!)' hook!
Every beat on this album is sick. Not necessarily mind-blowing or innovative, but consistent and very much suited to the group's style. Whether its laidback, drawling sounds, dark and intimidating beats (See Straight Murderism and Hell Raiser) or uptempo anthems, they all that ooze pure West Coast Flavour fuelled by one key ingredient: Funk. Even Hip Hop amateurs will find the production friendly to their ears. Each emcee is distinct from one another in terms of the way they sound but they all jump into their verses with such energy that they command your attention as the beat seems to fade into the background. Some of the tracks might be laidback but their delivery is never that. Taydatay got a lot of shine and got to do alot of solo shit; He has been featured on other artists' albums and currently continues rhyming under the name T-Gunna, but my personal favourite has always been Hennessy. His deep voice and almost panting delivery provides a contrast to his co-stars. There is no weak track on here, so definitely peep it. 90s West Coast Bay Area Hip Hop at it's best.


11/5 - Brousin'

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Mr. Met, a native New York City born musician raised in Park Slope Brooklyn, was introduced to the culture of hip hop in the mid 80’s. Being half French and half Jewish Met came up battling on street corner ciphers and local Mc competitions with a mission to prove himself as an mc.

After internal conflict with his first group “SUB 4”, met decided to accept the invite from the other local Park Slope group making noise “Zooty Zoo”, and joined forces with Building Block (Block McCloud) and Will Tell. The 3 artists formed the group Word A Mouth and went on to be featured on the Lyricist Lounge Volume 1 album hosted by De La Soul. This Album was released in the golden era of hip hop and opened up an audience to Mr. Met so detrimental to his success today. Soon the legendary Pumpkinhead, another Park Slope native MC came into the picture and the chemistry between the artists was like none other. They formed the Brooklyn Academy and went on to release a number of independently released records that topped college radio, billboard and dance charts.

Mr Met released his first and only independently produced album “Metropolis” in 2005.

01. ABC skit feat. Mr. Met 3 Years Old (prod. by Mr. Met)
02. Who Izz He (prod. by Young Cee)
03. Free My Soul feat. War Bixby and Pumpkinhead (prod. by Jeff)
04. Une Histoire (prod. by Beat Brewers)
05. The Farmer and The Dell skit feat. Mr Met 3 Years Old
06. Rebirth (prod. by Will Tell)
07. Trees (prod. by Will Tell)
08. Click Click feat. Block Mcloud (prod. by Beat Brewers)
09. Think Twice feat. Killah Priest and Raw Daggz (prod. by BreakNeck Beats)
10. Frere Jacques skit feat. Mr. Met 3 Years Old
11. Sometimes (prod. by Beanone)
12. Its Only Right (prod. by Will Tell)
13. Vent feat. Jai Murdah and Illzburry Doeboy (prod. by Beat Brewers)
14. Work feat. Lil Lego and Block McCloud (prod. by Beat Brewers)
15. Sesame Street skit feat. Mr Met 3 Years Old

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The Ultramagnetic MCs are a hip-hop group made up of Kool Keith, Ced Gee, TR Love and Moe Love. Tim Dog became an unofficial member in 1989. Critical Beatdown is the debut full-length LP by rap collective Ultramagnetic MC's. It has since been lauded as an underground classic, despite its failure to compare in unit sales with contemporary releases. Kool Keith is usually regarded the driving force behind the vocal style of the record, but most songs featured group members Ced-Gee ("Delta Force One") and Moe Love as well. Produced by Ced Gee, the album features audio sampling techniques which had rarely, if ever, been used previously. In 1998, the album was selected as one of The Source magazine's 100 Best Rap Albums listing.

1. Watch Me Now
2. Ease Back
3. Ego Trippin'
4. Moe Luv's Theme
5. Kool Keith Housin' Things
6. Travelling at the Speed of Thought (Remix)
7. Feelin' It
8. One Minute Less
9. Ain't It Good to You
10. Funky (Remix)
11. Give the Drummer Some (Produced by Paul C)
12. Break North
13. Critical Beatdown
14. When I Burn
15. Ced-Gee (Delta Force One)


Ultramagnetic MC's - Traveling At The Speed Of Thought
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A Prince Among Thieves is the second studio album by Hip Hop artist and producer Prince Paul. It is considered an apex in the hip hop world, and was one of the most acclaimed concept albums of its time. The concept follows the story of an aspiring young MC named Tariq, played by rapper Breezly Brewin, who needs to collect money to record a demo tape before a meeting with Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA. The story follows, as a desperate Tariq quits his low-paying job and turns to his friend True, played by rapper Big Sha, who plugs him into the world of drug dealing. The story sees the two making their way through the drug world, a police ambush, jail, and finally, a deadly showdown.
The album features cameos by Kool Keith, Big Daddy Kane, Chubb Rock, Biz Markie, De La Soul, Everlast, Sadat X, Xzibit, Kid Creole, Special Ed, Chris Rock, RZA and Buckshot.

1. Tariq's Dilemma (Intro)
2. Pain feat. Big Sha & Breezely Brewin
3. How It All Started
4. Steady Slobbin' feat. Breezely Brewin
5. Just Another Day
6. What U Got (The Demo) feat. Breezely Brewin & Big Sha
7. Hustles On
8. MC Hustler feat. Horror City
9. Call
10. Other Line feat. Breezely Brewin & Heroine
11. Crazy Lou's Hideout
12. Weapon World feat. Kool Keith
13. My Big Chance
14. War Party feat. Horror City
15. Count Macula
16. Macula's Theory feat. Big Daddy Kane
17. Mr Large feat. Big Sha, Chubb Rock & Biz Markie
18. Can You Handle It
19. Put The Next Man On feat. Big Sha, Breezely Brewin & Superstar
20. I Was In
21. My First Day feat. Chris Rock
22. More Than U Know feat. De La Soul
23. Room 69
24. Mood For Love feat. Newkirk, Breezely Brewin & Sweet Dee
25. Bust
26. Men In Blue feat. Everlast
27. Central Booking
28. Handle Your Time feat. Sadat X, Xzibit & Kid Creole
29. Rev
30. Sermon
31. Showdown feat. RZA
32. You Got Shot feat. Big Sha & Breeze
33. Every Beginning Must Have An Ending
34. New Joint (DJ's Delite)
35. Prince Among Thieves feat. Big Sha

This is a benchmark in Hip Hop as Prince Paul takes the concept of storytelling to the next level. The storyline is summed up pretty well above so I won't ruin the ending and explain any further. All I'll say is that this is a truly classic album; 35 skits and tracks and every single one of them is dope and it's always going to be interesting to hear our favourite emcees and rap legends take on a different character and play the part of a different role. You'll need to break out your popcorn for this one because it really does feel as though you are listening to a movie audio. My fave joint is probably Handle Your Time as well as Macula's Theory, The Men In Blue and Weapon World. DO NOT MISS THIS! I could not move from my PC til I had heard this from start to finish! To whet your appetites, peeps the video below which meshes a few of the track together.


Prince Paul - A Prince Among Thieves
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When it comes to top drawer lyricism and neck snapping beats, the names Pumpkinhead, Mr. Metaphor, and Block McCloud ring out like a shot. From their head turning appearances at Lyricist Lounge to their performances on the international circuit to their much loved singles and mixtapes, the three emcees have built an army of fans hungry for authentic rap music. Together as Brooklyn Academy, the trio represent a return to the original aesthetics of hard core hip-hop. Bored of Education, the group's full length debut, is the culmination of a career at the forefront of the lyric driven hip-hop movement. A collective of emcees who have been holding down the microphone for over a decade each, Brooklyn Ac approach their craft with a love of the fundamentals of rap music rarely seen in the age of million dollar ringtones. For the fans who have been following their career from the first drum hit, at long last, the wait is over.

1. One (Intro) feat. Jean Grae (Produced By: Beat Geez)
2. Raise Ya Hands feat. Jean Grae (Produced By: Illmindz)
3. We Don't Play (Produced By: The Gyfted)
4. Message To Brooklyn (Skit) (Produced By: J. Cardim)
5. I'm From Brooklyn feat. Ill Bill (Produced By: Al'Tarba)
6. That's Brooklyn feat. Will Tell (Produced By: I-See-On)
7. The Growler (Produced By: Marco Polo)
8. Bored Of Ed (Produced By: Haze Attacks)
9. Tear It Down (Produced By: Beat Brewers)
10. Blame It On The Alcohol (Skit) (Produced By: Will Tell)
11. Splash feat. Killah Priest (Produced By: MagOwl)
12. Black Out feat. Jean Grae (Produced By: Snowgoons)
13. Suicide (Produced By: Scorpio61)
14. Close Your Eyes feat. Skam 2 (Produced By: Unknown)
15. Back In Effect (Produced By: Irv Ford)
16. What's The Buzz (Produced By: Black Milk)
17. Peanuts (Skit) (Produced By: Block McCloud)
18. Nothin' You Can Do feat. Jean Grae (Produced By: Sicknature)

Raise Ya hands wasn't a great way to start the album for me. Illmind is a god but if you have ever played 'chopsticks' on the piano.. this beat is like the violin version. A 5min 45sec violin version. By the time I reached the middle of the track, I wanted to cut the strings off that fucking violin!!!

Don't make the mistake of thinking that 'This Is Brooklyn' or 'That's Brooklyn' will be the anthems that their titles would lead you to believe, because they're not. Both are rhymed over down tempo drums and claps (yes, claps.), the latter almost sounding South with the chants. It was also a tad overkill to place these tracks playing immediately one after the other. The following track 'The Growler' injects some much needed energy into the first half of the album. Marco Polo providing a bouncy beat on which the emcees come to life, all of them grabbing a syllable and fucking with it (RA The Rugged Man styleeee) til they've murdered their verse:

Pumpkinhead: "It's Brooklyn Ac; We accurate; We accumulate the accolades to aggregate an accurate accident in the Acura bumpin' Academy; Actually your anatomy gets an axe; I'll send a cannonball through your canopy; Can it be so simple; Crack through your draw brizzle (bridge); Mack with a long pizzle (pistol); Ac is the wrong crizzle (crew); To act like you're gon' pistle - whip; This is a crooked track; Met, Block and PH what you lookin' at?"

After another two so-so tracks ('Hide' & 'Tear It Down'), the trio come with their Killah Priest collab, Splash. As soon as the joint plays, you know it's gonna be a goody and just acts as such a refreshment after the slow and somewhat lifeless beats that precede it. Strings, emotional vocals, guitar riff..Block comes fierce when the drums kick in and the other emcees follow suit, flowing nicely over the beat and doing themselves justice. Priest is completely in his element and this is the type of beat you can imagine him rhyming over. Naturally, he kills it.

Black Out is another strong track on the album, latin sounding horns and piano over energetic drums. You'd expect nothing less from the Snowgoons who also lace the chorus with delicious cuts. All emcees, along with Jean Grae who perhaps steals the show, do their thing. Next comes Suicide, another banga with a catchy ass chorus! I wish there could have been more of these tracks on the album! The Academy keep up the momentum with Close Your Eyes, an AOTP-type, epic of a song carried by sped up vocals on the chorus.

Next comes the minimalist Indian beat on Back In Effect which is just..well, it's a bit rubbish really. Skip! Black Milk makes his appearance on the joint with production on What's The Buzz which again comes across as a hollow track, especially when you have in mind the incredible job he did on Elzhi's The Preface, you can't help feel a little disappointed (and there are more claps to enjoy!). They do go out with a bang on Nothing You Can Do, a big orchestral (yet playful!) beat from Denmark's Sicknature, who has worked with the likes of AOTP, Snowgoons and LCN, so expect production along that vein.

I wouldn't say that Bored of Education is wack because it isn't by any means. All three emcees come lyrically correct - I was feelin' Pumpkinhead throughout, and he was entertaining to me even on those joints where I wasn't liking the production ("We bang on tracks like early 19th century asians", "I might've smoked dust in the past but the fact is I never bit it"). The album is just let down by one too many mediocre beats; out of 17 songs, I would say 6 are dope..the rest are just not that special and a couple are downright horrible. It's a shame because when Block, Met and Pumpkinhead are riding over a sick beat, they truly do shine.. there just wasn't enough of it. Is it worth getting the album? Hmm.. I would say yes. Those 6 tracks really were that dope.

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*A word from Sene...
"A Collection of Rejected Excellence is a series the homie Blu started with his release of "Lifted." This release "Elevator Music" follows suit as a group of songs without the fast food traits of a mixtape. This is just a collection of music I've made and liked..Songs from scattered releases and imports. Blended together. Check it out and hopefully yall enjoy; maybe get to know me a little better..."

01. Rarely Sene At All
02. These Days...
03. Fancy Life
04. Stoopid feat. Blu
05. Gimme Room
06. Around The Corner
07. Funs-A-Low feat. Cashius King
08. Work
09. KingMe feat. Blu
10. Lovely... So Lovely
11. Stride Rite
12. Madness feat. Prefyx
13. The spins
14. Elevate
15. Robin Hood
16. Stars & Stripes
17. Needs vs. Wants
18. ABC*s
19. I'm Sayin...
20. He Aight

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01 Raw Is War (Dirty) (Prod. by Panik)
02 Raw Is War (Clean)
03 Raw Is War (Instrumental)
04 Language Is Fatal (Dirty) (Feat. Doap Nixon, Jus Allah & Planetary) (Prod. by Stoupe)
05 Language Is Fatal (Clean) (Feat. Doap Nixon, Jus Allah & Planetary)
06 Language Is Fatal (Instrumental)

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01. Without Fail
02. Rock Precise
03. Time for Juice
04. Came Into My Life
05. 1st Glass
06. August in L.A.
07. The Juice Joint
08. Didn't Even Care
09. 2nd Glass
10. The Trial
11. Haterade
12. More Juice
13. Truth Be Told
14. 3rd Glass
15. 18 Million Gallons of Juice

Ivan Ives dropped a dope album last year called Iconoclast, featuring all but 2 tracks produced by Fresh the Hitman. This new album features both of them spittin back and forth over Fresh's beats and boy do they sound fresh. One of the most slept on producers on the game, Fresh is a gem of a beatmaker and needs to be heard by more people, his old school style of chopping up soul samples and lacing them with scratches gets me hype all the time. The problem is that lyrically Ivan Ives is just not that great, not bad but not very good. He has it his head, when you listen to the lyrics, that he is one dope emcees and always makes references to being one of the best around. Even though Fresh is the man behind the beats, he comes on the mic often to spit back and forth with Ivan, the results are not that bad. Lyrically, it'll go over ya head but the beats are the real star of the show, trust me! I just wish that Fresh could reach out to more established underground artists and do something with them, it'd definitely raise his profile no doubt.

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1. Year Of The Tiger (feat. Young Noble)
2. Do It Big (feat. Khujo Goodie)
3. Hold Up (Skit)
4. Get Yo Hustle Up
5. Black Girl Shine
6. That's What Men Do
7. Ball Or Fall (feat. Malachi, Stormey, E.D.I., M-1 & Young Noble)
8. Traffic Jam (feat. Crystal Johnson)
9. It's Nice Outside
10. Reparations (feat. Taj)
11. Coming Home
12. Whatever Daddy Wants (feat. Maimouna)
13. So Focused
14. Independent Hustler (feat. Mykel)
15. Boss Up (feat. Mr. Sonshyne)
16. Traffic Jam (feat. Crystal Johnson) (Radio Mix)
17. Faithful Lover (feat. Maimouna) (Bonus)

Note: Tracks 17-68 = Silent interludes, "Faithful Lover" is actually track 69 on the CD.

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Yep, this is Dead Prez's famously long-delayed album, finally surfacing after a string of label deals gone wonky, but no amount of red tape could've stopped the Red, Black, and Green movement--colors of the African Liberation flag--that is tirelessly championed here. Equal part activists and MCs, Stic and M1 continue their unwavering quest to rally the oppressed for a full-scale war against the State, as evidenced early on in "Walk Like a Warrior." When guest Krayzie Bone starts his triple-time rhyming against societal oppression--now that's beyond gangsta. DP slyly churn out their Pan-Africanist agenda throughout these 12 tracks, but it's actually their more focused tirades that win out: on "W-4" they rail against unjust worker conditions and wages, and on "Radio Freq" they implore folks to "turn off the radio" to protest the monotony that plagues commercial urban radio. There are a few less, er, diplomatic tracks that might not win over new fans who don't share their interest in radical activist dogma; on the other hand, a track like "Hell Yeah (Pimp the System)"--with its get-money-quick schemes (performing stick-ups or skimming cash from the register at work) and a remix featuring Jay-Z--might expand the audience. Although not as sonically fluid as their Let's Get Free debut, RBG's great in-house beats still magically match the intensity of their rhymes. Now how many other politico MCs can claim that?

1. Don't Forget Where U Came From
2. Walk Like A Warrior feat. Krayzie Bone
3. I Have A Dream, Too
4. D.O.W.N.
5. Hell Yeah (Pimp The System)
6. W-4
7. Radio Freq
8. Fucked Up
9. 50 In The Clip
10. Way Of Life
11. Don't Forget Where U Goin'
12. Hell Yeah (Pimp The System) (Remix) feat. Jay-Z
13. (Bonus Track 1)
14. (Bonus Track 2)

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Blacastan is an official hip hop head grounded in early 90's hip hop music. He's carryin' the torch for the real shit. Stay tuned to the real shit.

1. Intro
2. The Life of A Tape
3. I'm Back Feat. Lex
4. Real Niggas
5. The Devil's Advocate Prod By. Low-Profile
6. Freestyle Skit
7. Born Here Featuring Nolie
8. Write It Down Feat. El The Sensai, D.O.S.
9. Diamond Chips Prod By. Paul Poundz
10. Want Beef
11. 05' Freestyle Prod By. Paul Poundz
12. Canolies Prod By. Low-Profile
13. Add On Feat. El The Sensai, DJ Stress
14. War Stories Prod By Paul Poundz
15. All Night Feat. P.E.S.O.
16. Thats What I Like
17. Don't Need That Prod By. Paul Poundz
18. The Click Feat. Paul Poundz, Nolie
19. Outro Prod By. Paul Poundz

Think of Nas' "I Gave You Power" & Cormegas' "Rap's A Hustle" and you got an idea of the track "Life Of A Tape", an instant classic track in my book, peep the video below! The rest of the mixtape is fire to, he has a real gruff voice and spits clearly on every track. This is more of an introduction into who Blacastan is, repping Conneticut which is where rap god, Apathy is from! Trust me, give this a listen, you wil not be dissappointed. More info to come on his forthcoming debut album, "Columbian Blac"!


"The Life Of A Tape"
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Blacastan MySpace Page

1 Intro
2 Waco
3 Rules of Engagement
4 Undeniable
5 Vendetta
6 Reporting Live
7 Jed Stevens (Skit)
8 Mindstate
9 Comming for the Crown
10 Porn Star (Interlude)
11 Two Gods
12 Colt Leader (Skit)
13 Killing Fields
14 Make Way
15 Choose(skit)
16 Choose One
17 Revolt
18 Ohh (Skit)
19 Words Is Power
20 Archangels
21 Envy

One of the best kept secrets in the world of underground hip hop, this album went under the radar when it dropped last year. Finally I get to share it with you, this album is dope as fuck, headed by up-coming MC, Blacastan, who has a new album, "Columbian Blac" coming real soon (peep the MySpace)! Don't know too much about the group members (think there maybe four) but whenI do, I'll post up more info but for now, take my word for it, IT'S A VERY GOOD FUCKING ALBUM!!! Don't sleep, this is what real hip hop is partly about, discovering new acts like this every day. Cop it, give it a couple spins and lemme know what you think of it.

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1. Sleeper Cell 3:47
2. Pain Language 3:07
3. Smoke 1:43
4. 9mm (Ft. B-Real) 3:56
5. That's What It Is 2:57
6. Black Mask Men (Snippet) 0:55
7. Lions In The Forest (Ft. B-Real) (Snippet) 0:55
8. Death Frees Every Soul (Ft. Sick Jacken) (Snippet) 1:40
9. All Hail The King (Snippet) 1:13
10. Black Angels (Ft. Killah Priest, Cynic & Scratch) (Snippet) 0:55
11. Language (Snippet) 1:57
12. Drama (Snippet) 0:55
13. Deadly Blades (Ft. Prodigal Sunn & Tri State) (Snippet) 1:00
14. Hashashins (Ft. Turban & Chace Infinite) (Snippet) 1:00
15. Shadows Of Hell (Snippet) 0:55
16. Triple Threat (Ft. GZA & Chace Infinite) (Snippet)0:55

NOTE: Tracks 1 to 5 are full tracks and 6 to 16 are snippets of their forthcoming album due out 16th September.
Click Here for more info and to Pre-Order!!!

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01. I'm A Goon (Dirty) 03:22
02. I'm A Goon (Clean) 03:22
03. I'm A Goon (Instrumental prod. by Ill Bill & Sicknature) 03:22
04. Society Is Brainwashed (Dirty) 03:45
05. Society Is Brainwashed (Clean) 03:44
06. Society Is Brainwashed (Instrumental prod. by DJ Premier) 03:26

Peep the Primo track, blazing hot!!! Album drops September 16th!!!
Click Here for more info and to Pre-Order!!!

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Search and Recover Mix CD part I Mixed by DJ Peter Parker brings you hard to find cuts from Boot Camp Clik and some of the best Features with Artists Outside of the Camp.

1. Jump Up - Black Moon
2. Bring it on Your Ass - Smif N Wessun W/ Poppa Doo
3. Tools of the Trade - Cocoa Brovaz
4. Monday Blues for Brooklyn Crews - DJ S&S w/ O.G.C.
5. Underground Tactics - Heltah Skeltah W/ Sway and King Tech
6. We Pledge Allegience - Cocoa Brovaz Feat. Prodigy of Mobb Deep
7. Suspect - O.G.C. Feat. Havoc of Mobb Deep and Buckshot
8. Brooklyn Blocks - Masta Ace Feat. Buckshot
9. Smatch Ca - Buckshot
10. The Illest it Gets - Hi-Tek Feat. Buckshot
11. One in the Chamba - R.S.O, M.O.P. and Smif n Wessun
12. Shine - Mary J. Blige and Smif N Wessun
13. The Return - Cutty Ranks W. O.G.C.
14. U Unda Stand Me - Cocoa Brovaz Feat. Starang Wondah
15. FlipMode Feat. Buckshot
16. All Time Great - K.C. Da Rookie W/ Ruck
17. Blood Runs Cold - Jedi Mind Trick w/ Ruck
18. Black Trump - Cocoa Brovaz Feat. Raekwon
19. Annialatoin - Black Moon Feat. M.O.P
20. Wild Cowbozy in Bucktown - O.G.C. Feat. Sadat X
21. Ganjaman - Buckshot W/ Red Barron
22. Boot Camp Clik W/ Aaliyah

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01 - Who Got Da Props (Black Moon)
02 - How Many Emcee's (Black Moon)
03 - I Got Cha Opin (Remix) (Black Moon)
04 - Sound Bwoy Bureil (Smif-N-Wessun)
05 - Bucktown (Smif-N-Wessun)
06 - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka (Heltak Skeltah & O.G.C. aka Fab 5)
07 - No Fear (O.G.C.)
08 - Operation Lock Down (Heltah Skeltah)
09 - Headz Are Reddee Pt. II (Boot Camp Clik)
10 - I Ain't Havin' That (Heltah Skeltah)
11 - Black Trump (Cocoa Brovaz feat. Raekwon)
12 - Two Turntables & A Mic (Black Moon)
13 - Bounce To The Ounce (O.G.C.)

password: finearts

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Akuma MySpace Page
Factor MySpace Page

Dawn of a New Era, the second of three collaborative efforts between Factor and L.A.-based wackos the Shapeshifters, brings Akuma together with the owner and in-house producer of Saskatoon, SK’s Side Road Records. Factor once again provides a mostly mellow and laidback, multi-layered backdrop perfect for the introspective and melancholy raps of Akuma on the paranoid “Voices in My Head” and “Go Away,” the love ballad “Never Let You Go,” and the life lessons of “No Regret” with ‘Shifters Die Young and Liferexall (the latter working with Factor and Oldominion’s Barfly as Candy’s .22, the third of the Shapeshifters/Factor collaborations). But Factor also delivers a few banging beats for Akuma’s soul-shredding battle raps and fist-pumping anthems, like “Get Acquainted” with Doc Lewd and Matre, and the two cartoon-ish tracks, “Dawn of a New Era” and “Dig Dig Dig’ with Radioinactive and Awol One (the latter being the first ‘Shifter to collaborate with Factor on a Side Road seven-inch). But, regardless of beat or subject matter, Akuma’s gruff, baritone voice is easy to understand with a slow-paced, deliberate delivery that occasionally breaks into song; and combined with Factor’s very musical productions, Dawn of a New Era might just be the most accessible Shapeshifters release to date.

01. Intro
02. Get Up, Stand Up
03. Frozen In Time Featuring Xololanxinxo & Die Young
04. Voices In My Head
05. Dig Dig Dig Featuring Awol One & Radioinactive
06. I Bring Rage
07. What'll You Do
08. No Regret Featuring Die Young & LIferexall
09. Never Let You Go
10. Get Acquainted Featuring Doc Lewd & Matre
11. Go Away
12. Move Over Featuring Nolto
13. Dawn Of A New Era

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1. Ain't The One
2. Huh Haaa! feat. Redman
3. It All Comes Down To This
4. Dilated Peoples
5. Forward Motion
6. Straight Hip-Hop
7. What Are We Supposed To Do?
8. Cool City Slicker
9. Devastation
10. I Want It All
11. Goin' For Broke feat. Xzibit
12. Freestyle

Woah son... who knew about this one?!! Some ultra rare shit right here!!!

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MySpace Page

"888" is third in a series of yearly events for PB Wolf, following a Heavy Metal DJ set on 6-6-06, and last year's Gospel-themed 777 based around a 7-day DJ event which ended on 7-7-07.

1. Future - The Prelude
2. Mr. Fresh & Master TMD - Ghetto Life
3. Two Fresh - Mr. Tron
4. Membership Only Crew - Be Your Own Man
5. B-Ice Cool - Messengers Of Fact
6. The Swingers MC - Yodelay-Dee-Hoo
7. Hardcore Inc. - Talkin' In Rythem
8. MC Rod - Do This
9. MC Herc - I AM Doing It
10. 24-7 Posse - Shoot To Thrill
11. MC E-Rock - Lyrical Grafitti
12. Emcee Qualified - Q D Is Def
13. Spike VST - Let's Do It
14. DJ Baby T & Devious D - The Beat Is Funky
15. Lyrical Prophecy - You Can't Swing This
16. MD Mink Love - I'm The Motivator
17. Awesome L - Hellafied talk
18. Daddy D - Motherfussin'
19. Greg D & The New Style - It's Def
20. Crush Force - Me & My Levi's
21. Elite Force - Romance & A Chance
22. Determination - Hope & Not That Dope
23. Brewtown HipHop - N-Sane
24. MC Padlock - Gotsa Come Up
25. Native Black - Little Ditty
26. Aziatic Check - Out What I'm Sayin'
27. Junior Cardone & Chris Cut - MTS

Mixtape of old school rapp from beyond the 5 boroughs.

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01. Introspect
02. Tha Madness
03. Get Fresh Feat. Real Spit Rick
04. So Far So Good Feat. Nikki Jean
05. Give It Up Feat. Black Thought
06. Whats This World Coming To Feat. Slug
07. Niggivity (Skit)
08. Beautiful Feat. Samahra (Black Blondie)
09. U Betcha Feat. Real Spit Rick
10. Black Honkie (Skit)
11. Pulling Stings Feat. Real Spit Rick
12. Growing Pains
13. Lights On Lights Off (Skit)
14. B-Boy D-Boy Feat. Real Spit Rick
15. At All Cost (My Economics)
16. Royalty Feat. Maria Isa
17. Pretty Gurrl Feat. Sheffboy
18. Cause & Effect Feat. Musab & Dodi Phy
19. Patriot Act Feat. I-Self Devine
20. Look At 'Em Go Feat. Shionaes

Give me some feedback on this y'all, ain't really peeped it yet but he's from Slug & Brother Ali's hometown so hopefully he follows in the same footsteps, skills wise.

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MySpace Page

Self-described as lyrically "abrasive," Minnesota native Muja Messiah has verbally accosted his way into the national spotlight. "Since forever" is how long he dates his rapping career, but it wasn't until recently by way of his underground hit "Patriot Act" that Muja Messiah earned national notoriety. "The song's brazen critique of President Bush and American foreign and domestic policies — "I'm supposed to be threatened by al Qaeda when I was always afraid of America first, the birthplace of some of the worst terrorists on this earth… Should I blame FEMA or blame Halliburton? I'm'a push the envelope like Bush did the votes, like Bush sniffing coke, but hey, nobody's perfect" — are what landed him a coveted endorsement in December's VIBE Magazine as one of the "51 Best MySpace Rappers," a part of their first-annual nationwide survey"

1. Say Hello 2 the Bad Guy (prod. Che Vicious)
2. MPLS Intro
3. Get Fresh f. Real Spit Rick (prod. Hans Solo)
4. MPLS Massacre
5. O Silly Me f. Slug (prod. Big Head Productions)
6. Paper Planes f. Manifest (LouderThanBombs Mix)
7. Snap Out Of It f. Shioneas
8. Big Bang Theory f. Real Spit Rick & Dodi Phy (prod. Big Jess)
9. Where's the Joy (prod. Medium Zach)
10. Go For Broke f. Real Spit Rick (prod. Big Head Production)
11. Sweet 16
12. Huey P Newton (prod. Malik Worthy)
13. True Lies (prod. Big Head Productions)
14. MPLS Poppin
15. Amy Winehouse
16. Boom Boom Boom
17. Southside f. Zed Zilla
18. here We Come f. Buda Tye (prod. BeanOne)
19. Modus Operandi f. Samahra (Black Blondie) (prod. RapOn)
20. Metal On Metal f. Dodi Phy & Mashout
21. Gangsta Shit (prod. Mr. Khalyl)
22. So Clean
23. The Other Whitemeat (prod. ToneMason)
24. Hook It Up Fat (prod. BeanOne)
25. Why f. Mashout (prod. Mr. Khalyl)
26. Let Me At'Em
27. Toast It Up

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MySpace Page

The Album, titled "The Meeting Place" was produced masterfully and exclusively by Azael with a touch of Davinci. Seth and Goldie just watched with their jaws dropped, haha.. We wanna thank everyone who has had the patience to wait out our version of The Chinese Democracy. Without sounding to Cliche, let us promise it has been worth the wait and we can guarantee that as you listen to this album you will find yourself in a place that will remind you of home, it's the Meeting Place for all those that wanna see behind the music that is plaquing the airwaves today.

This is the critically-acclaimed indie release from Raw Data Entertainment. It is nothing short of dark brilliance (contradiction intended). Every song is a unique, authentic brain ride: Alternative Hip Hop at its very best. If you feed on intense, intellectual lyrics and evolving, intricate-sharp instrumentals, you simply cannot pass up this album!

01. Election Day
02. The Music Of Erich Zann
03. Florida
04. Selective Memory
05. Fair Trade
06. Locusts
07. Between Enemies And Friends
08. House Hunting On Mars
09. That Novel Youve Been Writing
10. Heirs To The Throne
11. The Viper Pits
12. Lie Together Lay Apart
13. Eyes Wide (The Jungle)
14. Eyes Wide (Concrete)
15. Live Forever

*Review from mash4077 coming soon...?

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Artist Info

The Hempstead, New York duo Hus Tha KingPin and SmooVth Dude who make up the hip hop crew Tha Connection come thru with their new release "Universal Dominance" that will is now available for free download. The 12-track release includes production from Sci Fi, Max I Million, 12bit, DJ Kryptonite, Reeplay, AGQ, Elaquent, Darkitect, Vans Cal and Ialone. Tha Connection who made their debut last year in the Rawkus Records Digital 50 with their appearance on 12bits release "Stranded on Planet Rock" are on a non-stop grind. Since than, they gone on to release and appear on the "Cosmic Bounce" EP by SmooVth and Drums, the Hus The KingPin appearance on "Love Song" from Fella Vaughn's "Do My Thing" single (Melting Pot Music) and a few promotional EP's. Their hard work and consistency is now starting to show, recently they signed with Goontrax in Japan for their first retail release that will be in stores December of this year and to continue on they are now preparing another release with Domination Recordings.

1. Funktions (Prod. Sci Fi)
2. Supa feat. Prolifical (Prod. Max I Million)
3. Zen (Prod. 12bit)
4. Moon (Prod. DJ Kryptonite)
5. The Tunnel feat. Rozewood (Prod. Reeplay)
6. Sentido (Prod. AGQ)
7. Take It Higher Remix (Prod. Elaquent)
8. Oven Remix (Prod. Darkitect)
9. Red Carpet (Prod. DJ Kryptonite)
10. Hibernation (Prod. Vans Cal)
11. Venerable Leash Remix (Prod. Max I Million)
12. Six Feet (Prod. Ialone)

Another album given away for FREE download!!!


MySpace Page

Peace Yall,
To keep the anticipation of my upcoming album rolling, I have put together 18 songs for FREE download (all of which will not be on days chasing days) The songs feature Exile, Aloe Blacc, DJ Day, Mike Castillo, Johaz(Deep Rooted), Amiri, Adikt 1 & DJ Bizkid. Its 112MB zip file so it will take a sec to download but hopefully you will dig it. Feel free to pass it on to everyone and their mother. Blessings.

and remember... JAN 09 Days Chasing Days.. Feat. Exile, Kan Kick, Rath Khy, Sean Price, Blu, Grocka, Coss, Black Milk, Aloe Blacc, Johaz, Sha dula, Black Sparx & More.

Listen to track 7, "Master The Rhyme"

1. Mixtape Intro (cuts by Bizkid)
2. Hella Confused (prod. by Adikt One)
3. Cali Dreamin (prod. by Amiri)
4. Ghost Stories (prod. by Exile)
5. Set Up feat. Aloe Blacc (prod. by DJ Day)
6. Take No Shorts (prod. by Exile)
7. Master The Rhyme (prod. by Mike Castillo)
8. Mic Math (prod. by Exile)
9. Change Begin (prod. by Exile)
10. Life (prod. by Exile)
11. Saloon Tune (prod. by Exile)
12. Young man feat. Johaz (of Deep Rooted) (prod. by Exile)
13. All On The Line (prod. by Exile)
14. North County (prod. by Exile) cuts by Blame
15. Once Upon a time (prod. by Exile)
16. Song for Anthony (prod. by Exile)
17. City Slickers feat. Exile (prod. by Exile)
18. Outro feat. symphony and Anthony

Given away FREE by the master himself, enjoy!!!