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01 The Pick Up 02:28
02 Go Majors 03:02
03 Get Down 05:10
04 This Is How We Do 05:08
05 Back Up On It 05:25
06 Troubled Young Man 04:35
07 Three Decades 03:27
08 Suckers Never Play Me 03:58
09 Rest My Head 04:24
10 Oh Please 03:48
11 Fiyaah 04:49
12 Back & Forth 03:23
13 City Hall Cipher 03:01
14 The Family Man 04:41
15 Work It Out 04:46

More Danish goodness, don't sleep!!!

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Denmark. Home of quality hip-hop for decades already, this country is all too quickly overlooked. From a small town comes this duo that goes back like carseats. Since 93, these two have been honing their skills, doing live shows and DJ competitions and last year they’ve finally dropped their first legit album.

Wherever you’ll read about these two, you won’t be able to find an article that doesn’t attempt to describe their sound with the term “boom-bap” (aw shucks, I fell for it too…), but let me just say they embody the old school spirit of the big sounds, the thumping bass, the live atmosphere, the love for the artform, and, in real old school fashion, the DJ is the center of attention. And rightly so: Static crafts incredible tracks packed with vocal cut after scratch after vocal cut etc. putting every bedroom DJ to shame. And Nat Ill does what an MC was originally meant to do: he praises his DJ, which is easy to do in his case.

This is an album that doesn’t so much pretend to ooze philosophical wisdom, but it sure as hell packs a lot of heat and energy. The two get some help from Promoe (Sweden), Pacewon, Last Emperor, Slug, Blueprint (US) and Abdominal (Can) on the mic, and they have DJ Shine and DJ Noize (both Denmark) murdering the DJ track on the album.

1.-Teamwork intro
2.-Raised On
3.-Put it Down Feat Pace Won
4.-GetupGetOut Feat Promoe
7.-Shot Feat The Last Emperor
8.-The Real
9.-Stage By Stage
10.-Denmark's Finest Feat. DJ Shine & DJ Noize
12.-Wanna Copy Feat Abdominal
13.-Static's Revenge pt.2
14.-The Fury Of Nat
15.-The Ultimate Price
16.-1MC1DJ - The Tribute

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"High Rule" is Big Jess' 3rd solo album and he's letting loose here, and it's a welcomed and needed change. Simply put, he comes harder on this album.

Peep the Slug (of Atmosphere) diss track! It's called "My Night" and Big Jess ain't sugar coating this track at all!

01. 30 & Feeling Good
02. That Morning
03. Higher
04. The Ride Of Your Life
05. It’s Me Feat. Most Official
06. I’m Your Guy
07. Punch Out
08. Child Of The City Feat. Remo Williamz & Mad Son
09. Falling (35w Bridge Collapse Tribute)
10. Days Like This
11. Get It Together (Remix)
12. Cut The Music Feat. Mad Son
13. Is He Ok
14. Goodbye
15. I Love You
16. My Night

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4th Avenue Jones was conceived by Ahmad, the guy who had a big hit in the 90's with Back In The Day. No Plan B Is The 1st Album Ever Released By The Jones Squad. The Album Was Recorded In 1999 And Released In 2000 On Lookalive Records. No Plan B Is An Album That Really Highlights The Lyrical Prowess Of The Jones’ And Is A Definite Classic. It Features Production By Super Producer Kp ( 2Pac, 4Th Avenue Jones’) And The Factory Workers...

01 - 1, 2, 3 (3:58)
02 - Rules of the Game (3:44)
03 - What Goes Up (4:05)
04 - Fishmouth Does Smokey (Interlude) (1:00)
05 - Hard Times (3:57)
06 - Betcha Bye (4:20)
07 - I Know (4:15)
08 - Truth Or Dare (3:56)
09 - Fantasy Is Reality (4:05)
10 - Fishmouth Does Othello (Interlude) (1:03)
11 - Can't Trust 'Em (4:20)
12 - Move the Crowd (3:40)
13 - Back in the Day Pt. 2 (3:51)
14 - Main Event (4:26)
15 - All I Have (3:44)
16 - 4th Avenue (Interlude) (1:25)
17 - Last Night (3:06)
18 - No Plan B (3:52)


Password: willforall


1. Wordsworth - Wildlife
2. Oddisee - Open Mic
3. Kenn Starr - Countdown
4. Dash - In The Morning
5. Wordsworth - Here We Go Again
6. Smash Mechanics - The Jump
7. Oddisee & Kaimbr - Butchers Back
8. Kenn Starr - Walk The Walk (Remix)
9. Oddisee - Four Seasons
10. Kenn Starr, Asheru & Talib Kweli - If
11. Wordsworth - Apartments
12. Kenn Starr - Maintain
13. Oddisee - I Am Not Him
14. Oddisee & Kenn Starr - I've Got A Feeling
15. Wordsworth - Not Me

Produced by Oddisee (2, 5, 7, 9, 10, 14), Sebb (1), Kenwood (3), Dash & Misha Davidson (4), Smash Mechanics (6), Muneshine (8), Huff (11), Kev Brown (13), J-Zone (15)


1. Oddisee, Kenn Starr & J-live - Quest To Find
2. Wordsworth - Shoulder
3. Muneshine feat. Napsndreds & Oddisee - Industry Ills
4. Kev Brown feat. Kenn Starr & Quartermaine - Say Sumthin
5. Oddisee feat. Asheru & Darien Brockington - Price 2 Pay
6. Kenn Starr - Against The Grain
7. Zap Mama feat. Common, Talib Kweli & Oddisee - Yelling Away (Oddisee Remix)
8. Muneshine feat. Raks One & Kenn Starr - Move On
9. Wordsworth feat. Punchline - Not Fair (Oddisee Remix)
10. Oddisee & Kenn Starr - This Is Hip-Hop
11. Isaac Jones (Kenn Starr & Sean Born) - Understand Me
12. Wordsworth - One Day
13. Little Brother - Long Time Comin' (Makin Moves)
14. Oddisee - Big Bidness
15. Wordsworth - Run (Oddisee Remix)
16. Oddisee - Posed 2 Be
17. Kenn Star - U Will
18. Isaac Jones (Kenn Star & Sean Born) - Look
19. Oddisee - Such Is Life
20. Foreign Exchange feat. Oddisee & Kenn Star - The Answer

Produced by Oddisee (1, 5, 10, 13, 14, 16, 19), Frequency (2, 12), M-Phazes (3), Kev Brown (4, 11, 18), Illmind (6), Presto (8), Roddy Rod (17), Nicolay (20)

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Disclaimer: This is not an album, not a mixtape, just good fucking music. Don't label it, just listen. Thanks to all who participated. (as said on the back of the cd)

01. Picture That Intro 02:54
02. Vanquish (feat. Royce Da 5′9″) 02:41
03. The Gambler 03:06
04. Coastal Office (feat. Murs, Aloe Blacc) 03:18
05. Get Money 03:46
06. Wake Up (prod. by DJ Rhettmatic) 02:55
07. Ghetto 03:15
08. Of The Same Air (feat. Talib Kweli) 04:21
09. Relax Remix (feat. J Davey) 04:18
10. Stupid People (feat. Jean Grae) 03:42
11. Hands High (feat. Torae) 02:19
12. Hip Hop Dead (feat. Del The Funkee Homosapien) 03:14
13. Underground Massacre (feat. Sha Stimuli & Tools) 03:45
14. Welcome To Rosewood 03:36
15. Fiyakrakaz (prod. by Black Milk) 02:32
16. Lords Of War (feat. Archrival) 04:15

After feeling a little let down with the Brooklyn Academy album this is a much better offering. This is sort of a follow up to the classic 2005 release "Orange Moon Over Brooklyn" even thought it's not officially classed as an album. either way, this is a must have. This surprised me very much. I've always liked Pumpkinhead but you just never really heard too much of him. give this a listen and you'll see that this dude is a straight up underground legend... BK stand up!!!

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Clutch Player used his skills to create beats for friends and emcees, going on to form various groups. Continuously making new beats, he built awareness through the internet and turned the heads of an array of great hip hop artists such as Prince Po, Sean Price and Insight. Having formed solid friendships with these artists, he has collaborated with them to produce his first solo LP entitled, “Atlantic Connection All Stars.”

Clutch Player’s beat awareness comes from splicing his early love for bands with the styles of hip hop artists, ranging from J Dilla, Jazzy Jeff to DJ Premier. With this focus in mind, it has opened the door for Clutch Player to explore and break down walls in the world of modern hip hop.

01. Space Orchestra
02. Problems feat. Insight
03. A Werewolf in Paris feat. Splash
04. King of Kings feat. Sean Price & Sene
05. Lounging Interlude feat. Sinuous, P-Able, & Nebz Supreme
06. There's an Answer
07. Meet Me On The Dancefloor feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Prince Po, & Sene
08. Knights of the Dark Rose feat. Archnem
09. Travel Plans feat. Wildchild & M.E.D.
10. I Can't Do It Alone
11. The Atlantic Connection feat. Tableek & Doujah Raze
12. A Proper Introduction feat. Dasan Ahanu
13. The World Is All Mine feat. Sabrina Cuie
14. Hip-Hop feat. TreZure
15. WusGood feat. Sene
16. Family Ties feat. OneChance
17. You Mean An Emcee
18. The Asylum

Don't sleep on this, came out quietly last year. The guests speak for themselves and France is doin' it big lately, definitely check this one out!

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Video For Evidence "The Layover" Off Of "The Layover EP" In Stores November 25th!
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Doooooope track!!! Make sure you check the album "The Only Color that Matters Is Green"
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Tony Stone is known as a producer. He has produced dozens of songs for a number of Christian Hip-Hop artists ranging from Braille to Cross Movement. Production is his passion, but he also is an emcee in disguise! As with his varying production styles, The Creation is an album that demonstrates his underground hip-hop style of beats and flows. This is his first solo project, and you can expect that no two Tony Stone albums will sound the same.

What is The Creation about?

The name of the album may lead one to think that the album is in fact "the creation", but in reality, the title of the album points to Jesus Christ, the Creator of all. The album is about defending the Creationist view- the truth that the world was created by the God of the Bible, designed intelligently, and set in order for the purpose of glorifying Christ Jesus- all in contrast to the view of Evolution and it's spawn, Darwinism. Listen to Tony Stone come from different angles to nail home the point of creation and it's implications.

1. We Made It
2. Tapestry
3. Goodness feat. Braille
4. Round N Round
5. D.I.C.E. feat. Braille
6. Boast
7. Creation Interlude
8. Parts
9. Thank You
10. I Know feat. Braille
11. Nobody
12. Look How Far feat. Braille
13. Ms. O Ginny Part 2 feat. Verses
14. I'm Out feat. Braille



What's in a name?

Defining his name, MaGestiK LeGenD says, “It is a goal in itself. I feel like every song I write is another chapter in my story. I feel music is timeless. The music outlives most artist that make it. So when all is said and done and I pass on, my music will still be here speaking for me. That story will be my “majestic” legend.”

The Legend Unfolds.

MaGestiK LeGenD was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Early on his parents were very influential constantly exposing him to jazz and the soulful Motown era. At an early age he was introduced to Hip-Hop during the start of the golden era. His early hunger thrived by a starving Midwest scene prompted MaGestiK LeGenD to enter talent showcases and he started making a name for himself winning emcee battles and getting second place at the 2002 Scribble Jam. However battles were just an exercise and producing, writing songs and performing are where MaGestiK LeGenD’s bread & butter are at. Back in high school MaGestiK LeGenD became a member of the group 9-2-5 Colony, consisting of Nick Speed and Elzhi (of Slum Village). This crew gave him a chance to not only MC but to try his hand at production.

The MaGestiK LeGenD Experience.

Now with a solid foundation MaGestiK LeGenD has gradually changed to a more global focus. Setting his sites on shows overseas, songwriting, and being a complete producer. With plenty of performing experience from touring nationally, MaGestiK LeGenD has developed a very high energy live show that will entertain you and actually make you FEEL where he is coming from. He has performed w/ a long list of artist, including George Clinton, Wu-tang, Ludacris, De La Soul, Rakim, Saul Williams, and Redman. MaGestiK has been featured on projects w/ Elzhi , One Be Lo, and Capital D to name a few.

The Release.

While still shopping deals and researching distribution avenues for his debut LP. MaGestiK LeGenD recently decided to take the independent route and release the FREE MAGESTIK LEGEND Project strictly for his fans. The FREE Project is just that, free and available for download at his website The FREE Project is dedicated to giving back to those who have supported his release since day one.

When you have an album this good, and it's given away for free then you gotta sit up and take notice. this album is fire all the way through. The best free album I've ever heard, don't sleep on this!

NOTE: Link below will take you to his site where you'll find the DL link for a dirty or clean version.

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01. Move feat. Inspectah Deck
02. Beat 2
03. Buck Fifty feat. Jadakiss & Fabolous
04. Fine Women feat. MF Doom
05. It Pays Black feat. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah
06. Beat 1
07. Grime feat. Nas
08. Reminisce feat. Nas
09. 2 For 5
10. Rap Niggas feat. Tash & Raekwon
11. Cold Wrist feat. The Lox
12. You're Welcome
13. Stuck Out
14. Bonus Beat
15. King feat. Nas
16. You'll Feel Sorry feat. Ghostface Killah

This right here is a damn hot exclusive... out of print and mad hard to source, I got mine directly from the man himself, you should to coz he even does a unique cover for each one he sends out so it's definitely a collector's item. Fluent is one of my favourite producers and he's even been compared to the likes of J. Dilla & Madlib in terms of style but he definitely has his own sound! If you're not familiar with his work then please check his MySpace and also search this blog for The City Slick - The Antique Black, an album he did last year with Decay and also check Uncut Raw - First Toke which was released earlier this year with an emcee called Selfish. Both have since been heralded as masterpieces, especially First Toke with many people eager for the instrumentals on wax and even more so, Uncut Raw 2 which is currently in the works. This little gem is what it says on the tin. 80's sampled beats remixed and chopped by Fluent which are laced with select classic verses by various artists like Ghostface, MF Doom, Jadakiss, Nas & more. There's much more to come from this producer extraordinaire and I'll post up some more info and exclusives once they are available including a brand new website by Fluent/Green Llama Records and the previously mentioned Uncut Raw 2, Ear Candy 2 & another go round with Decay for The City Slick 2... watch this space!

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DJ JS-1 MySpace
Dub-L MySpace

From producers DJ JS-1 and Dub-L, comes the new album, Claimstake. Featuring exclusive performances by Common, J-Live, C Rayz Walz, Percee P, Supernatural, Mr. Complex, Gemini the Gifted One, Jeru tha Damaja and many others, Claimstake is packed with the kind of rugged east coast hip-hop that true hip-hop fans fiend for.

01. Ground Original - (featuring React)
02. Truly Incredible - (featuring Supernatural)
03. NY Minute - (remix, featuring Mr. Complex & L-Fudge)
04. Day in the Life - (featuring Chase Phoenix)
05. While I'm Dancing - (remix, featuring Pryme & Common)
06. Makes the World Go Round - (featuring Gemini The Gifted One)
07. Never Know What's Next - (featuring Trez & AK)
08. Won't Stop - (featuring Jeru The Damaja)
09. Soulcrush - (featuring Session)
10. Strange to the Eye - (featuring Frankestein)
11. Lies - (featuring Tribe Starr)
12. All of Y'All - (featuring J-Live)
13. Anti - (featuring 5ft Perspectives)
14. Truth - (featuring Breez Evahflowin)
15. God vs. The Devil - (featuring Dub-L)
16. Get It Poppin - (featuring C-Rayz Walz)
17. My Instrument - (featuring React & Percee P)
18. Rule #4080 - (featuring DJ JS-1)
19. Junior Flip - (bonus track)

The second album from DJ JS-1 & Dub-L featuring more underground MC's spittin over some nice beats and scratches. Not as impressive as the 2003 release Ground Original, which you can cop HERE but definitely worth a few spins and when you got legends like C-Rayz Walz, Common, Percee P, Jeru The Damaja & more on here then you know this is still gonna kick ass!

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1. The Introduction (produced by Chris “Daddy” Dave for The Foundation)
2. Da Da (produced by The ARE)
3. Down Syndrome featuring Phife Dawg (produced by Illmind)
4. Hey Babe (produced by J “8 Months” Lewis)
5. Holla Atcha Folks (produced by The ARE)
6. Walked on By featuring Mint Condition (produced by Ali Shaheed Muhammad)
7. Ms. Jones featuring Starchy Arch (produced by Luke Austin for The Foundation)
8. Phone Sex featuring Nicole Hurst (produced by OH NO)
9. Da Crib 2005 featuring D. Rose & Andre King (produced by Chris “Daddy” Dave for The Foundation)
10. My Story featuring Sy Smith (produced by Nicolay)
11. Swing Low Suite featuring Chip Fu & Kebbi Williams (produced by Chris “Daddy” Dave for The Foundation)
12. Texas Two Step (produced by Sa-Ra Creative Partners)
13. Soldiers Story featuring Toby Hill (produced by Chris “Daddy” Dave for The Foundation)
14. January 13, 2005. (produced by Chris “Daddy” Dave for The Foundation)
15. T.G.I.F. (produced by Symbolyc One)
16. Southern Scenario featuring K-otix & Strange Fruit Project (produced by Nicolay)
17. My Last Words (produced by Chris “Daddy” Dave for The Foundation)

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In 2004 Tenacity released his debut album and 12" inch single “Blunt Raps” with fellow Abolitionist member S.A. “Blunt Raps” was recognized locally and won album of the year and single of the year from Detroit’s Underworld Radio Awards. From 2004 to 2007 Tenacity continued to perform in the Detroit area. During that time he also recorded, mixed, mastered, and arranged a number of releases for his self owned label Abolitionist Projects. Among these releases is the debut album “Replacements” from his group, Impossible Obstacle. The album features Guilty Simpson and Cysion the Slickest.

In 2007 Tenacity moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his recording career. Seeking international distribution and trying to get seen in the polluted seas of hip hop is his main objective. After years of collaborative efforts with his crew The Abolitionists, Tenacity steps out on his own for his debut solo project aimed to bring awareness of the Glitches found in this so called perfect system. Tenacity teams up with up and coming Spanish producer Oznoh to bring you this one of a kind project. With every song's subject matter featuring a different Glitch in the American system, Tenacity is determined to open the eyes of the listener.

01. Begin Now
02. Decisions
03. Programs
04. Big Pocket Takes Little Pocket
05. Try More feat. Lo Key
06. Wrong Place Wrong Time
07. Time Flys feat. S.A. & Shi Dog
08. It's Not Good
09. Savages
10. Question
11. Predators
12. Never Enough feat. Guilty Simpson & Shi Dog
13. Don't Blame It On Me

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New York in the 1980’s: Crack cocaine, Reaganomics, The Cold War, The Iran-Contra scandal, U.S. Recession, Wall Street greed and collapse, the explosion of graffiti and break-dancing, the advancement of Hip Hop into the consciousness of America. The decade was a nefarious era, the city landscaped in political turmoil and economic crisis. But out of this wreckage came the development of what had been dismissed as a fad into a thriving industry called Hip Hop, a creative juggernaut which went on to change the world. Prodigy, Big Twins and Un Pacino were raised in this era. Born in the late 70’s, they grew up in a culture steeped in controversy and contradiction. Each walked a path through the rotted streets, by any means necessary. Violence, poverty, drugs and indulgence were part and parcel. This project
harkens back to this epoch through the frontline survivors themselves.

Likewise, the contributing producers draw exclusively from the records that were garnered in that fundamentally diametric period. Welcome to “Product of the 80s”

Prior to his current incarceration, Prodigy made a home at Dirt Class Studios in Brooklyn. Often he arrived alone and left alone. No entourage, no groupies, no crew. This left the emphasis on Prodigy, the man and his words. Dirt Class became his sanctuary where he could productively write and record without distraction. The duo of Joey and Bravo (better known as Sid Roams) hosted these sessions and provided the bulk of the soundtrack. The chemistry was evident and the result was a copious amount of new material from Prodigy. The result of this effort is uncut and undiluted “Product of the 80s”.

“They Want Me Dead (feat. Hard White)” is the hidden bonus track @ the end of the cd….

01. Intro
02. Waddup Gz (prod. by Sid Roams)
03. Shed Thy Blood (feat. Un Pacino) (prod. by Jake One)
04. Boxcutters (feat. Big Twin) (prod. by Sid Roams)
05. Catch Body Music (prod. by Sid Roams)
06. P Keep Spittin (prod. by Sid Roams)
07. Test Tube Babies (prod. by Sid Roams)
08. Cold World (prod. by Sid Roams)
09. Anytime (feat. Un Pacino) (prod. by Sid Roams)
10. Stop Stressin (prod. by Sid Roams & Benny Needles)
11. Damn Daddy (feat. Big Twins & Un Pacino) (prod. by Jake One)
12. Sex, Drugs, & Murder (feat. Big Twings & Un Pacino) (prod. by Sid Roams)
13. In The Smash (feat. Big Twins) (prod. by Sid Roams)
14. Circle Don't Stop (feat. Big Twins & Chinky) (prod. Sid Roams)
15. Am I Crazy? (prod. by Sebb)

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Debut LP by the Brooklyn representative takes you on a journey through the hip hop world, in which many entertainers seem to be starving. With his flamboyant style and polished metaphors, the album will inevitably be a classic to fans of all genres.

01. Intro 03:37
02. Monee 04:04
03. I'm Stoned 03:05
04. Luv Me Luv Me Not 03:55
05. Don't Think About It 04:00
06. Go Go Get It 02:59
07. Get Dat Gwap 03:24
08. All I Wanna Do 03:45
09. Rock Star 03:10
10. Pray 4 You 03:15
11. 4giveme 03:57
12. Tears In A Bucket 04:08
13. Upside down 03:41

Kinda crossed between underground and commercial hip hop and it's not bad, not bad at all!


Click HERE to purchase!
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01. D.N.A.
02. 247365
03. Really Though
04. Mr. Officer
05. Iron Work
06. I Know What It's Like
07. Hood
08. Sunday To Sunday
09. Children
10. Stay Gutter
11. Bully
12. Patience
13. Get 'Em
14. Ace Boon
15. Pride/Lackin' Vocals
16. GZA - Firehouse feat. Ka

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Directed by General Steele & Cynical Smith for Bucktown USA Ent., Heltah Skeltah debut their third video off D.I.R.T. for their track "So Damn Tuff" featuring Buckshot & Ruste Juxx
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01. Intro
02. Fed Up
03. Thru The Dark
04. Hip Hop
05. I’ll Be There
06. Once In A Lifetime
07. Hold Out Your Hand
08. Wanna Dance
09 So Smooth
10. Though U Knew
11. I Get High
12. Bad Habitz
13. It’s Over
14. God Old Days

Unified Minds are North Carolina MC's, Chosung & Precise. Some decent hip hop here, worth checking out.

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Another exclusive track from Praverb, one of the hardest working artists in the underground biz, tell us about the new track Prav...

"Here is another new track that I recorded two weeks ago and it is produced by MA monster Teddy Roxpin. This track was motivated by my experience at the Scribble Jam Pre-Lims, battle lyrics, braggadocio rhymes blah blah blah. I hope you enjoy the track, I want to thank all of you who have supported me from day one, expect collabs with Donny Goines, K. Sparks, and more coming soon." - Praverb

Listen/Download: Ultimate Ability (Prod. by Teddy Roxpin)
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The Gent$ (Pugs Atomz, Wes Restless, & Ill Legit) present 13 cuts of solid Chicago Hop, with production from Maker and the Opus. Filled with braggadocios, and comical satire while still walking that fine line of respected lyricism and word play. The sound track is city slick, Michigan ave. afternoons at the hotel bar....getting girls, talking sh*t, and insight chased with a pale ale.

This time it's free, but Just make sure you spell the name right.
Capital G, E-N-T, Dollar sign S. You gotta buy GENT$

1. Gent$ Intro
2. Heard It before
3. It’s The Gents
4. Right On time
5. Getting Late
6. Carried Away
7. Sunglasses
8. Cold
9. Days Go On
10. Gent$ Outro
12. Only When I Dream
13. Days Go On (Dub Mix)

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The Pre~Album Promo is a promotional release before the "Trapeze" via Domination Recordings release drops late November and before the "Moon Water" via GoonTrax release drops this December.

01. Hurt On You Remix (Prod. Robin Bankz)
02. Don't Front (Prod. 12bit)
03. Statik (Prod. EvB)
04. Take It Higher (Sasac Remix)
05. 2 Sidez (Prod. EvB)
06. Ain't No Lie (Prod. Kush Foreal)
07. Hibernation (King AL Remix)
08. Variations (prod. KG Boom)
09. Invisible Men Feat. Drypht (Prod. Vans Cal)
10. Math Remix (Prod. DJ Kryptonite)
11. Tried To Tell 'Em (Prod. Kev Brown)
12. New Species (Prod. EvB)
13. Wednesday (Prod. Drums)
14. DrumStick (DJ Premier Remix)
15. Dust (King AL Remix)
16. Supa (King AL Remix)
17. Red Carpet (Prod. DJ Kryptonite)
18. KingPin (Moksha Remixx)

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It's been a year since DJ Statik Selektah made sure the world "spelled his name right" and now he's back with his sophomore album, appropriately entitled Stick 2 The Script. As always, Statik steers away from the over-fabricated, ring-tone production that is popular today and backed by a who's who of street-credible, time-tested emcees, comes correct. Mixtapes and mixshow radio programs from NYC to LA are already playing the lead single, "To The Top," which features Cassidy, Saigon and Termanology. Rik Cordero hopped on board to direct the Reservoir Dog-inspired music video which has already received over 100,000 views. Cordero himself has been featured in Hip Hop Connection, Rolling Stone, Vibe, XXL, ect. and has directed videos for major commercial artists including Jay-Z, Nas, and Snoop Dogg. Other stand out tracks include "For the City" which is a New Jack City-inspired song featuring M.O.P. and Jadakiss and finds Statik utilizing a cappella tracks of soulful chanting to create this New York City classic.

Stick 2 The Script encapsulates Statik's East Coast boom-bap production and brings this sound to the South on "Get Out The Way" which features Bun B and UGK-alumnus Cory Mo and to the West Coast on the lowrider anthem "Cali Nights" with appearances by Glasses Malone, Mistah Fab, and Novel. "All 2gether Now" is a powerful reunion of State Property's Freeway, Peedi Crakk, and Young Chris and Consequence gets it on solo with the Kanye West co-signed "Mr. Popularity" which is currently making the rounds online and on mixtapes.

With King Magazine hailing it as "soul sampling boom bap of the highest caliber," the album will undoubtedly be hailed as as a savior of true Hip Hop. With Statik's signature sound, DJ Premier-inspired scratch hooks, and support from big name guests, fans will gladly be "sticking to the scipt."

01. Stick 2 The Script (Intro) 00:54
02. To The Top (Stick 2 The Script) (feat. Cassidy, Saigon, Termanology) 03:41
03. For The City (feat. M.O.P. & Jadakiss) 03:44
04. Get Out The Way (feat. Bun B & Cory Mo) 02:56
05. All 2gether Now (feat. Freeway, Peedi Crakk, Young Chris) 03:29
06. Interlude (feat. Q-Tip) 00:43
07. Church (feat. Termanology) 02:41
08. Talkin' Bout You (Ladies) (feat. Skyzoo, Joell Ortiz, Talib Kweli) 03:38
09. On The Marquee (feat. Little Brother, Joe Scudda, Chaundon) 03:44
10. Mr. Popularity (feat. Consequence) 02:29
11. Interlude (feat. Madd Rapper) 01:13
12. This Is It (Showoff Remix) (feat. D-Dot, Redman, Black Rob) 03:06
13. So Good (Live From The Bar) (feat. Naledge, Reks, CL Smooth) 04:05
14. Streets Of M.A. (feat. Masspike Miles, Termanology, Reks, Slaine & More) 04:42
15. Sounds Of The Street (Interlude) (feat. JFK) 01:21
16. Destined To Shine (feat. Torae, Sha Stimuli, Jon Hope) 03:21
17. Cali Nights (feat. Glasses Malone, Mistah Fab, Novel) 03:03
18. Take It All Back (feat. Reks, Ea$y Money, Royce Da 5′9″, Paula Campbell) 03:56

Is it better than "Spell My Name Right", you decide! Dope album nonetheless, don't sleep.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008 | Posted in ,


Concept- Originally from the Fiji islands, currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand. A beat maker & DJ creating a sound reflecting the sometimes forgotten golden era of hip-hop, soul & jazz.

Mirage - Currently residing in Phoenixville PA USA, started rapping at the early age of twelve, heavily inspired by deep poetry, Mirage grew into Hip-hop naturally. Influenced by artists such as Nas & Common, he developed a unique style bringing back hip hop with meaning.

We came up with the title "Long Days & Long Nights" because of the long hours we put into the music, reflecting the big time difference between NZ & US... I was working all night while Mirage was working all day, vice versa.

01. Long Days Intro
02. Listen
03. Be True
04. In Control
05. Comin’ Close
06. Rebirth Instrumental
07. Gotta Change
08. The Surface
09. Freedom
10. Long Nights Outro

This album is serious, don't sleep!!!

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Tres Records is doing it big in 2008, and their latest release pairs two of their leading artists for the collaborative group New Jack Hustle. MC Shawn Jackson on the rhymes. Newman of Giant Panda on the beats. A great way to cap a strong year for one of the most consistent indie labels around...

1. First Newport
2. Theme Music
3. More
4. Inglewood
5. Sooner Or Later
6. Lionel
7. New Shades
8. Suprise
9. Wow
10. Saturday Night
11. Sunday Morning
12. Ronald
13. Last Newport


Click HERE to purchase!

New Jack Hustle - "New Shades"