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CD 1:
01. Kid Capri - Intro
02. Cella Dwellas - It's Time
03. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Can't Be Ya Lover
04. Rakim - Once Upon A Rhyme (Remix)
05. Shadowz In Da Dark - Bright Lights
06. Pudgee - The Lessons of Today (feat Ran Reed)
07. LSD - Parkside Madness
08. Miilkbone - Small World
09. Ran Reed - Underground Airplay Interlude
10. Ran Reed - Grab the Mic (feat Chino XL)
11. Nautilus - Untitled
12. Darc Mind - We In This
13. Pudgee - Inner City Blues (feat DMX)
14. UG - Let's Talk (feat Phantasm)
15. Shabaam Sahdeeq - When the Shit Hits the Fan (feat Black Sun)
16. Mister Fit - Mindbenderz
17. Pudgee - On the Regular (Unreleased Remix)
18. Ill Mentality - Luvin' U 4 Dayz
19. Ran Reed - Whutcha Want
20. Napoleon (Pudgee) - War Goin' On
21. Lord Have Mercy - Final Scene


CD 2:
01. Quassan - I Am (Outro)
02. Ill Mentality - So Amazing
03. Red Hot Lover Tone - 4 My Peeps (Unreleased Remix)
04. Ran Reed - The Definition (feat Cella Dwellas)
05. Shadowz In Da Dark - Final Chapter
06. Napoleon (Pudgee) - You Ain't Know (feat DMX & Ran Reed)
07. Kandy Kane - Do My Body Good (feat Miilkbone)
08. Chubb Rock - Verse
09. Chubb Rock, Ran Reed & Cella Dwellas - Lyricist Lounge Freestyle
10. Main One - The Main Event (feat Cella Dwellas)
11. Mister Fit - First In, Last Out
12. Channel Live - All Is Fair
13. Emskee - My Skills
14. Rakim - Show Me Love (Unreleased Remix)
15. Ran Reed - Black Book Interlude
16. Ran Reed - Mental Earthquakes (feat Shabaam Sahdeeq)
17. Miilkbone - Dirty Delaney (feat K-Banger)
18. Shadowz In Da Dark - Break Fool
19. Tross - Still Low
20. Ran Reed - Enough
21. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Sexy (feat Baybe)
22. Lady Luck - They Call You
23. Cella Dwellas - Good Dwellas (Unreleased Remix)

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1. (00:02:56) Endemic - Robin Hood Theory (Feat. Timbo King & Planet Asia)
2. (00:03:34) AllahWise360 - Crack Money (Feat. Darkim Be Allah)
3. (00:02:53) Darkim Be Allah - Guess What Happened (Prod. DC)
4. (00:03:36) Gage One - Black Roses (Feat. Tragic Allies)
5. (00:03:06) Dom Pachino - Loyalty (Feat. Shyheim)
6. (00:03:25) Islord - Nightmare (Feat. Zu & Shyheim)
7. (00:02:50) Leggezin Fin - Mo Pova Luta (Feat. Beretta 9)
8. (00:00:58) Killa Sin - Freestyle
9. (00:03:00) Starkim - Untitled (Feat. Killah Priest) (Prod. DJ Woool)
10. (00:03:34) Endemic - Comin To Kill (Feat. Sav Killz & Sean Price)
11. (00:03:59) Dollarmentary - How Do You Want It (Feat. Method Man & Stack-A-Dolla)
12. (00:03:50) Chi-King - Hustle Hard (Feat. 12 Oclock & Killah Priest)
13. (00:03:08) Jojo Pellegrino - Off The Chain
14. (00:04:49) Black Knights - Warning
15. (00:04:09) Juelz Unique - How We Roll
16. (00:01:47) Iron Mic - Ride On Em’
17. (00:03:34) P. Dot - Boss Ridin Brick Breach Project
18. (00:02:11) Folk&Stress - Brothers Freestyle
19. (00:03:34) Killah Priest - Behind The Stained Glass Pt. 2 Preview (Prod. DJ Woool)
20. (00:04:19) Supreme - My Sin [Instrumental]
21. (00:02:35) Darkim Be Allah - God In The Ghetto (Feat. Ven)
22. (00:04:01) HK: Hawk & Kryme - Reality Is
23. (00:02:56) Killah Priest - The Virgin Pt. 2 (Prod. DJ Woool)
24. (00:00:50) Shabazz The Disciple - Self Defence [Snippet]
25. (00:03:04) Deadly Strangah & Iron Chamber Entertainment - Deadly Dartz
26. (00:03:19) Attic Sounds Productions - J Dot (Feat. Masta Killa & Cappadonna)
27. (00:03:55) Kannadi Spadez - Who Wanna Be An MC’
28. (00:04:13) Skarekrow - Obama
29. (00:03:36) Tash Mahogany - Impeccable
30. (00:03:18) Two4War - R.I.P. La Banger
31. (00:04:38) Tekitha - My Heart Aches
32. (00:02:44) Supreme - Strange Fruit (Feat. Billie Holiday)
33. (00:02:14) Iron Shiek - We Build For This

Props to

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Peace. This is Homeboy Sandman. I do my own stunts and I write my own bios.


I come from Queens, but I rep NYC as a whole as well as all humankind.

I make rap records as my life's responsibility. I've got two dope albums out, my first, "Nourishment (Second Helpings)," which dropped fall '07 and my latest, "Actual Factual Pterodactyl," which dropped summer '08. In addition I have a 33 track mixtape out called "There is No Spoon" that also dropped summer '08. Chances are you could download it for free where ever it is you're reading this bio.


I've got some good credentials. I got Unsigned Hype in The Source summer '08. I was just named Best Hip Hop Act in NYC by New York Press. I won the TAG Records Emcee Competition for NYC, (that's Jermaine Dupree's label), making me a national finalist (they're still completing the national tour so I gotta hold up a sec before I get my shot at becoming National Champ). I'm a Ralph McDanial's Video Music Award Winner and am working on a video with Uncle Ralph that'll be out by winter '08. I was the inaugural winner of End of the Weak's Strongest New Artist Award. I was selected to perform in Hot 97's " Who's Next?" Series. Cats recognize.


I get a lotta radio burn. Peter Rosenberg just started showing me love on Hot 97.1FM. Mr. Len be spinning my ish all the time on Spitkicker Radio, XM Satellite Channel 45. Sucio Smash be spinning my ish all the time on Squeeze Radio 89.9 FM Thursday late late nights, as does DJ Eclipse on The Halftime Show 89.1 FM Wednesday Nights. (These are the two most legendary underground hip hop shows in NYC history) I got some shine on Sirius Satellite too with Rude Jude and Lord Sear on the Shade 45 Station. DJ Sarah Love be spinning my ish heavy out in London on BBC Radio. Ed Lover reviewed my live show on Power 105.1 FM and lauded it into the ground. He even started singing "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish," (he couldn't curse 'cause he was on the radio).


I get discussed. I touched on my feature in The Source earlier. I've also recieved mention in XXL, as well as features in Beyond Race Magazine, and New York Press (full page bwoy!). Us living in the cyber-era, the majority of my press is of the internet variety. I've been featured on pretty much every major hip hop website/blog on the information superhighway, including but not limited to,,,,,,,, and so on and so forth. I can go on and on, but deserves special mention as the primary (even though it winds up spreading everywhere, which is dope) carrier of my internet live show series "Live From . . .," which has worked wonders for my own the street recognizability (nothing better than getting recognized in the street when you're with a chick).

01. Sosa’s Crossroads (Intro) (Produced By: Alejandro ‘Sosa’ Tello)
02. Food Glorious Food (Prod By: Invisible Think)
03. I-Tunes Song (Prod By: 2 Hungry Brothers)
04. City Darker feat. Jayhdan Blakkamoore (Prod By: Nato)
05. Wise Up feat. P.Casso (Prod By: P.Casso)
06. Eyes On Vinyl feat. Fresh Daily, Deep (of 2 Hungry Brothers) (Prod By: Jah C)
07. Mambo Tail Tale (Prod By: Clockwise)
08. God Fire Breathe (Prod By: Alejandro ‘Sosa’ Tello)
09. Lightning Bolt. Lightning Rod. (Prod By: Core Rhythm)
10. Or (Prod By: Homeboy Sandman)
11. Airwave Air Raid (Prod By: Core Rhythm)
12. Opium (Prod By: Core Rhythm)
13. The Big Band Theory (Prod By: Alejandro ‘Sosa’ Tello)
14. GGGRRRAA!! (Prod By: 3rd Rayl)
15. 2 Hungry Bros Outro (Prod By: 2 Hungry Brothers)

This album is fresh to death! Dope rhymes and original beats make this one of the most creative & stand out albums of 2008! Check it out and give us some feedback!


Download the FREE mixtape "There Is No Spoon" HERE!

Peep the dope review of this album at
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Giant Panda has returned! Giant Panda's debut album, Fly School Reunion, dropped in 2005 and was received by unsuspecting ears that caught the raw sounds bursting forth. With their sophomore effort however, Giant Panda has evidently 'graduated'. Electric Laser is the name of the game, and GP plays it well. The production, foremost, is in many ways its predecessor, and yet it isn't . The drums still bang, with snares and kicks dominating the forefront of a large portion of the production. However, the melodies, chops, and loops aren't 'traditionally' jazzy or funky (that's not to say they don't have that type of quality, so to speak). Rather, thick, electro-fused samples are laced deep in the cuts of this record providing a much more futuristic but very present musical landscape. A track such as 'Justin Case' is a nice introduction to newcomers (just in case you didn't know) but also an introduction to the style of the album to already established fans of Giant Panda. The writing on the album is what makes it stand out more prominently for those already aquainted to GP. Humor (see 'CinemaX', 'Do The Robot In Cyberspace') and more serious notes (see 'AIM', 'Let It Go') are found all throughout the album, showing a different side of the Panda's fur. Like a caged animal, Giant Panda can rage with speaker pumpin' tracks such as 'Speakers Pop' and 'Speakers Funk'. The album was also recorded and mixed on analog tape, giving it extra warmth and harmonic punch. Overall Electric Laser is a step foward for Giant Panda, but still honors its true school mentality for their original fans.

01. Laser Beam (Scotty's Theme)
02. Justin Case
03. Ready To Fly
04. Speakers Pop
05. AIM
06. Laser Ray
07. Precise Calculator
08. Same Old Shit
09. Cinemax
10. Pops
11. Let It Go
12. Do The Robot In Cyberspace
13. Speakers Funk

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Tres Records presents the debut album from Giant Panda, “Fly School Reunion”. Giant Panda is a group composed of the ethnically diverse Chikaramanga, Maanumental, and Newman (with DJ Superbrush 427 and Sir Kado). After the success of GP’s independently released 88 Remix (Ukenjam 12” 2003) and their critically acclaimed Tres debut, With It (Tres 12” 2004), the time has finally come for the crew to show their full colors to the listening public. Though “Fly School Reunion” might be perceived as a throw back to a simpler, and arguably better time in Hip-Hop, it is more than just a practice in old themes and techniques. “Fly School Reunion” is Giant Panda’s celebration of what made those times special and what they feel needs to be reclaimed in order to advance the art form they practice and love. With production by Giant Panda’s Chikaramanga, Newman, and Sir Kado, as well as outside help from the up and coming Milhouse Scoop and the legendary Thes One of People Under the Stairs (who mixed the entire album in his analog studio), “Fly School Reunion” is guaranteed to please the B-Boy preservationist and the forward thinking listener. The Thes One produced lead single, Superfly, exemplifies Giant Panda’s ability to balance the past and the future through music and rhymes. With Diggin in the Tapes, Racist, Classic Rock, and the tribute to GP’s favorite era (and a favorite group), 90’s, GP exhibits the sophistication of diligent students ready to evolve their medium while maintaining a healthy sense of humor Already gaining worldwide recognition from their past releases (XXL-Chairman’s Choice, HHC- Single of the Month, URB-Next 100 2005), the table is set for Giant Panda to serve their full-length platter. A cohesive 16-song journey, “Fly School Reunion” is Hip-Hop the way it is supposed to be done.

01. Rap Attack Intro
02. One Time
03. With It
04. Super Fly
05. Just Cause
06. Diggin' In The Tapes
07. 90's
08. Sho' Improve
09. Chops
10. Grand Prix
11. Always Dope
12. 3rd Party
13. Racist
14. T.K.O.
15. Strings
16. Classic Rock

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Brand new release from Canadian hip hop label Side Road Records! 50 Fingers is a newly formed group and the 46 Middles album is produced entirely by Factor, with lyrics taken care of by three of Vancouver's upcoming favorites, Chadio, Azrael, and Kaboom from Imaginations Treetrunk, and Winnipeg representatives The Gumshoe Strut.

01. Never Under
02. Compromise
03. When You (The) (feat. Nolto)
04. Tool In The Air
05. Order
06. B. OK
07. Fast Piano
08. 50 Fingers
09. Dog Skit
10. Sucker Punch
11. Doin To Myself
12. Strange

Category: ,

01. Intro (produced by Soul Professa)
02. Off The Man feat. K-Hill & Panama G.A.T. (produced by Khrysis)
03. Leatherface Freestyle
04. That Me Shit feat. Sean Boog (produced by Khrysis)
05. Heat Rises feat. Kaze & Nervous Reck (produced by Khrysis)
06. Bitch I'm A Star (Remix) feat. Joe Scudda, Chaundon & Median (produced by 9th Wonder)
07. No Regrets Pt. 2 feat. Lunatic Messiah, Spec Boogie & Dynas (produced by K-Hill)
08. 4 Cornered Room (produced by Khrysis)
09. Murder Lead Freestyle
10. The Underworld Pt. 2 (produced by Soul Professa)
11. Riddler Freestyle
12. Man Next Door (produced by Dox)
13. 14 Grams (produced by Khrysis)
14. Fifty Freestyle

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Brother Ali is one of the most gifted and talented emcees of our generation. When we reflect on this era in Hip-Hop music, he is likely to be in the forefront of the discussion as one of the realest and nicest to ever do it.

With the download of this album, I encourage you to purchase and continue to purchase his albums from your local record distributor or off of Itunes. When he is in your area I encourage you all to check out his live shows. You will not be disappointed.

Support the artists and this beautiful culture we live daily.

01. Intro
02. The Truth ft. Freeway
03. Good Lord
04. Philistine David
05. Baby Don’t Go
06. Did I Ever ft. YZ & Slug
07. 2nd Time ft. Wale
08. Mr. President (You’re The Man)
09. World’s An Uproar ft. Prozack Turner
10. No Alibis ft. I Self Divine
11. Talkin’ My Shit
12. Palm The Joker
13. Hold It ft. Knonam
14. Fuck You Mean ft. PackFM & Slug
15. Standby ft. Psalm One & Ant
16. Cats Van Bags (Remix)
17. Crewed Up ft. Stage One, St. Paul Slim, Muja Messiah, YZ, Slug, Toki Wright & Blueprint [Bonus]


The duo met in Colorado Springs, CO. in 2004 through a mutual friend and eventually became members of Four-defied (sounds like Fortified) Sounds, a recording facility and DJ haven on the cities West Side. Ben Bounce, a St. Louis transplant, DJ and Producer. Konflik, the MC and avid beatmaker, quickly recognized each others talents. Although from two completely different backgrounds, they bonded through music and developed a chemistry together. Both recognized what Hip Hop had turned into in the eyes of the masses; A watered down Pop that lost its heart and Soul. Something had to change. After Bounce returned to St. Louis, the two remained in close contact. Both were anxious to get something going. The only problem was the 830 miles of Highway between them. Thanks to dedication, preparation, cellular phones and Emails, the two started making strides. Kon had taken on a job driving trucks coast to coast, and the two had plenty of time to exchange ideas. The Compass was born was born shortly after.

Okay, so the amount of music I listen to everyday (as I'm sure y'all do too), once in a while you open up that one oyster that has a pearl in it, that one album/artist that makes you sit up like, 'Hold on a fuckin minute'. I know alot of you had good things to say after copping The Loyalists' albums, and I gotta say, I had that same feeling when listening to The Compass. I should mention here that one of their joints '#9' is featured on our That Realness V.II Mixtape (coming shortly), it's actually my favourite track on the album. Soooo, I'm NOT gonna post the song here, just take my word on it.

The duo introduce who they are on The Lowercase which is the anthem of the album. Ben Bounce hits us with another craaaazy beat, a hyped, noisy, banging, clanging march of a neck-breaker that'll make you feel like you've just stepped into a warped fairground. I dunno if y'all have ever heard of a musical called Stomp where the group of musicians take ordinary day-to-day objects (brooms, trash cans, trash can lids, you name it) and make instruments out of them, but that's the first thing that popped into my head when I heard this and i loved it.

When I heard You, Me & Us I literally had to re-listen to the track 3 times in a row. Over a haunting beat from Bounce on which a solitary string (violin?) dominates, Konflick's vocals reverb reflectively about a sweet love turned bitter. A song about heartbreak, it is also a perfect example of how production and lyrics can amalgamate beautifully to convey the story and message behind a song. From the gentle patter of rain and quiet rumble of thunder that open the track, to the violin that almost cries the melody, to the echoing effects on Kon's vocals which give you that impression of many thoughts and voices running through your head, to the steady heartbeat-like kickdrum.. this joint is nothing short of perfection. It'll make you feel heartbroken.. even if you're not. And that is some feat for a music track to be able to do.

As I've said before on some other reviews, I find different artists 'dope' for all different kinds of reasons. In my opinion, on most of the tracks, Konflick isn't one of the emcees that is trying to blow you away on some intricate, tongue-twisting wordplay tip. He does, however, possess in abundance a quality that, especially in these times where everybody and his dog raps, is becoming more and more crucial in determining which artists stand out in the crowd. That is, charisma. Flo Spitta is that track on the album where the emcee tells yall exactly how dope of a rapper he his, and although he's lyrically on point here, it's just the sheer conviction behind his words and his venomous delivery that will engage you. "Here comes the verbal narcissist that spits ill linguistic lyricism tha'll blow ya block like nitroglycerin. Some rapper only spit on your album if you come with benjamins, but I'll always spit a verse to anyone that wants to listen in...I put rhymes together two by two like Noah's Ark with the beast and rapper bite em like rabid dogs 'cause I'm infecting the streets, Take it to the next level like stairs with ya feet and fold rappers up like I invented the crease, And got you bending ya knees, lyrics hit hard like a fist fight and leave you on the ground begging me please.." The production is suitably dark. With an organ melody, thunderous rumbles and ominous bass it conjures up images of a movie baddie being introduced to it's audience. Not just attacking the mic with ferocity, Kon displays impressive lyricism throughout. I love that he stands alone and let's his lyrics speak for themselves on the Intro over a minimalist melody, on an acapella that closes Supervillainous, and on his verse at the end of #9 that has him rhyming over nothing but his own beatbox. A emcee confident in his own ability. And rightly so.

And if you have any doubt as to his creativity, peep that #9 (I know I keep mentioning it, but it really is dope!), a fantastic science fiction fantasy that I've listened to so many times I can't tell you. It is an incredible track, It's like listening to a movie audio rolled into a few minutes. The orchestral, epic production is just divine and I love how it (along with Kon's delivery) intensifies in all the right places; the strings increasing in volume and pitch on the chorus accompanied by cymbal splashes, but then calm on the verses and allow Kon to do his thing.

What I love about i-Disciple is the versatility that both Bounce and Konflick demonstrate. Have you ever listened to an album that's pretty good, but every track is, well, similar? I know I have. While Bounce definitely has a signature sound, and Kon displays certain characteristic traits throughout, every track has something different to offer and the two seem to mould and intertwine their lyrics (and delivery of those lyrics) and production in perfect unison. On The Light, Kon gets his storytelling on about a kid growing up battling rejection, neglect and depression. A vocal sample cries "Where is the light" throughout this sad, compelling tale and the beat actually makes you feel the loneliness of this kid (as if I wasn't sad enough after listening to You, Me & Us lol :p). The way Konflick enunciates his words slowly on the chorus "Life ain't always what it needs to be, sometimes waking up doesn't come easliy..." causes the listener to empathize with the subject of his story. I won't spoil the ending but it's incredible stuff.

A range of issues are addressed on The Compass, from an old skool vibe that's down to some dope cuts on The Garden State Anthem, to politics (The Empty Prophets) to social observations (Voice NA) to make believe (#9), to love and heartbreak (Love Is, You Me & Us) and just real issues that affect us all on a daily (e.g. One By One). This is one of those personal albums that is going to touch your heart in some way or another, every one of you will be able to relate to at least one of the emotions or experiences or tales that is relayed to on at least one of these tracks. To me Konflick and Ben Bounce are a perfect partnership; Kon's skill is showcased perfectly by Bounce's production, and in turn, Bounce's beats are elevated and reinforced by the way Kon rides them. Needless to say, I absolutely loved this album, it's one of the best that 2008 had to offer. If these cats are being slept on, it is truly a shame, but you all can do something about it. My advice? Wake up, buy The Compass and you'll find your way to some innovative and strong Hip Hop.

Listen to You, Me & Us HERE!

Listen to One By One HERE!

Listen to The Lowercase HERE!

You can cop The Compass and listen to track snippets at CD Baby. Do it, then spread the good news!
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The groundbreaking new artist Sadistik is quickly raising eyebrows with his debut solo album “The Balancing Act.” At only 22 years old he has developed a sound that is truly unique as he seamlessly blends his signature of deeply poetic lyrics with brooding, symphonic soundscapes filled with beauteous live instrumentation.
In addition to his own innovative rhyming style, Sadistik collaborated with the likes of underground hip-hop icons Mac Lethal of Rhymesayers Entertainment and Vast Aire from the highly regarded duo of Cannibal Ox.
Sadistik can be found doing shows around his home state of Washington performing his shockingly energetic live shows. While he writes all of his own music, his biggest inspirations range the musical spectrum from Sage Francis all the way to Radiohead. And although traces of these influences can be found in Sadistik’s music, one thing is for certain: he has created a sound that is truly his own.

  1. Dawn Of The Dead
  2. Playing God
  3. Searching For Some Beautiful
  4. Ashes to Ashley feat. Mac Lethal
  5. Memento Mori
  6. Clockwork Grey Interlude
  7. Absolution
  8. Murder of Crows feat. Louise Fraser
  9. Writes of Passage feat. Vast Aire
  10. Angel Eyes
  11. November
  12. The Exception To Everything


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Awon is an emcee hailing from Newport News, VA. This is his debut album, Beautiful Loser, which is currently for sale in Japan only. But if you like what you hear, you can familiarize yourself with him via his MySpace and show some love. Enjoy the tracks and give feedback!

01. Intro
02. Misery
03. Still Got Love
04. It Could Be Worse
05. Rain Drops
06. Real Emcee ft. The Gift
07. Her
08. Baby Girl ft. Hamza
09. Beautiful Loser
10. Strictly Underground
11. People Music
12. Material
13. Outro

Category: ,

1. ThreeSixty 3:01
2. Go! 3:22
3. Come In Peace feat. Planet Asia, Static & Nat ill 4:40
4. Get Loose 3:47
5. My Connect feat. Mic Geronimo 3:21
6. So Much 3:25
7. Warning feat. Royce Da 5′9”, Kid Vishis & Substance 4:05
8. State Of Mind feat. Sean Price 4:22
9. Do Dat Shit 2:44
10. Moonshine 3:10
11. Speak Mines feat. Icewater & Nappion 4:14
12. The Truth feat. Wordsworth & Masta Ace 3:51
13. Hard To Face 4:04

Dope album from this Danish MC, if you're familar with Static & Nat Ill or heard their album "Teamwork" then you know what to expect, boom bap beats, battle rhymes and sick scratching!! Don't sleep.

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"The Layover" idea came about while I was on tour with Little Brother last year. It was supposed to be a side project that Khrysis and I were going to do - him on the beats me on the mic, 5 songs, free download. I strayed from the "side project" idea and moved towards making,"The Layover" an Official EP. Pete Rock & CL Smooth's All Souled Out or Ice Cube's Kill At Will are big inspirations and examples of EP's that were really quality & served as the perfect vehicle to make me get the next album to drop shortly there after. This is my intention with The Layover EP. It was important to me that even though Khrysis and I didn't do the whole project together he still be a major part of it, and he gladly accepted. This is THE FIRST banger off of my upcoming EP - "THE LAYOVER" title track. Khrysis on the boards with the heat, Dj Revolution On the Cut, and me on the mic, painting a picture about my best friend, FREK ONE who I lost in 1993. This is really taking my career WORLDWIDE, and some classic E-V Word Play to get this project kicked off on the right note! So much more to come...Stay Tuned!"

01. The Layover (Prod. by Khrysis)
02. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Feat. Phonte, Blu, Will.I.Am) (Prod. by Khrysis)
03. So Fresh - Step Brothers (Prod. by The Alchemist)
04. Solitary Confinement (Feat. Krondon) (Prod. by Sid Roams)
05. Don’t Hate (Feat. Defari) (Prod. by Evidence)
06. My Favorite Part of Traveling (Interlude)
07. The Far Left (Feat. The Alchemist and Fashawn) (Prod. by The Alchemist)
08. Rain or Shine(Prod. by DJ Babu)
09. To Be Determined (Feat Elzhi and Aloe Blacc) (Prod. by The Alchemist)
10. The Cold Weather (Prod. by Evidence)

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Reef The Lost Cauze is a Philly mic slayer on a mission. While some emcees are strictly studio and others are mostly battle emcees, Reef is a pure hybrid. He is a proven battle champion who shines even greater in the studio and on stage performing. Reef teamed up with accomplished Philly producer/ DJ Stress the White Boy to make his newest release, The Stress Files. The Stress Files is a 23 track recording documenting Reef's amazing abilities. This record features 12 studio tracks recorded and produced by Stress, as well as 11 live tracks recorded during a live performance in which Reef & Stress tore down Southpaw in Brooklyn, NYC. This record truly showcases Reef's studio and songwriting skills and the intense energy of his live performances.

01. So Sharp
02. Return Of The Champ
03. Knock ‘Em Out The Box
04. Just A Man
05. Afghan Green
06. Fuck You Talking To?
07. Up Late
08. Stick ‘Em Up
09. Monsters Inc.
10. Sweet Nothings
11. Beatrice
12. Problems (Stress REMIX)
13. Str8 Outta Philly (Live)
14. The Sound Of Philadelphia (Live)
15. Back At It (Live)
16. Bury Em In My Back Yard (Live)
17. Problems! (Live)
18. Knock ‘Em Out The Box (Live)
19. Squeeze Freestyle (Live)
20. The Puzzle (Live)
21. Commander In Chief (Live)
22. Crillz (Live)
23. Give It Up (Live)

This album is baaaad!! Reef rips apart every single track and the beats are bangin right through! A Vicious Cycle is my favourite album of 2008, no doubt about that and this albums just builds his rep even further, well done Reef on a very successful year!

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They are rap's first great duo, one that excelled as rappers and producers. They are among the most-sampled rap acts of all time, their tunes having been mined by Jay-Z, DMX, 2Pac and Tha Alkaholiks, among many others. They introduced funk-styled production to rap, paving the way for Dr. Dre's The Chronic. And even though their own rap skill was immense, they are also the best talent scouts in rap history, introducing the likes of Redman, Das EFX and Keith Murray. Then they broke up and reunited to rave reviews. The group is EPMD, undisputed legends in the rap game.

Now, after more than 20 years in the game, EPMD returns with We Mean Business, their first album on their own EP Records and their seventh overall. The new collection is a testament to their Business plan.

"All of our albums have Business in the title," Smith explains. "Now that we're in a new era and the game is changed, we realize that it's different from when we handed in a CD to our first label to being at Def Jam. Erick and I created our own vehicle to be able to drop this album. That's how we came with the title We Mean Business, because we do."

EPMD updates its classic sound and sentiment on "Listen Up," a funk-drenched song complete with a talk box and featuring the one and only Mr. Teddy Riley. Recognizing EPMD's status as pioneers, Sermon acknowledges how important his lyrics are: "Can't talk ignorant/I got some intelligent folks that's digging it."

Those same folks will be digging We Mean Business song "Roc Da Spot," a throwback of sorts to "You Gots To Chill," one of 1988's most acclaimed rap singles. "The beat had that EPMD sound, as far as the claps," Sermon says. "It had a familiarity to it because of the sound and, 20 years later, we've still got that funk coming."

"It's very important for us to stay us," Smith adds. "People want to hear and see EPMD." That's because We Mean Business isn't just an album title for EPMD. It's a mindstate.

1. Puttin’ Work In (Feat. Raekwon the Chef)
2. What You Talkin’ (Feat. Havoc)
3. Roc-Da-Spot
4. Blow
5. Run It (Feat. KRS-One)
6. Yo (Feat. Redman)
7. Listen Up (Feat. Teddy Riley)
8. Never Defeat ‘Em (Feat. Method Man)
9. Jane
10. Left 4 Dead (Feat. Skyzoo)
11. They Tell Me (Feat. Keith Murray)
12. Actin’ Up (Feat. Vic D. Tre)

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Diverse is a rapper you think you've heard before--not because this Chicago MC sounds similar to others, but because his presence is so powerful it seems impossible that this is only his first album. Intelligent without being arrogant, conscious without being corny, Diverse also boasts two of the greatest assets any MC could ask for: an authoritative baritone and a confident flow. These help him keep up with some of the more seasoned rappers who appear on the album, including Vast Aire (formerly of Cannibal Ox), Lyrics Born, and Jean Grae. Complementing Diverse's superior lyricism is top-notch production courtesy of a holy trinity of underground favorites: Prefuse 73, Madlib, and RJD2. They push the album from raucously energetic to sinisterly moody to laid-back cool. At a mere 11 songs plus one skit, Diverse's debut accomplishes an unlikely feat in these days of overblown hype and rampaging ego: he leaves you wanting more.

01. Certified (Produced By RJD2)
02. Uprock (Produced By RJD2)
03. Big Game ft. Vast Aire (Produced By RJD2)
04. Ain't Right (Produced By Madlib)
05. Jus Biz (Produced By Prefuse 73)
06. Blindman (Produced By K. Kruz)
07. Explosive ft. Lyrics Born (Produced By RJD2)
08. Under The Hammer ft. Jean Grae (Produced By RJD2)
09. 747 (Flyin) (Produced By Overflo)
10. Interlude (Amberglis) (Produced By Prefuse 73)
11. Leaving (Produced By Prefuse 73)
12. In Accordance (Recorded live in collaboration with Jeff Parker of Tortoise and Ray Mazurek and Ted Sirota of Rebel Souls)

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FMania: The Best of. comes with a bonus CD that includes an 80-minute blend of the greatest and rarest PackFM tracks including his very first recorded track ever "Hit List" - all on one disc!

01. Great God
02. Spell It With A K
03. Spit In The Wind
04. Down And Out Freeverse
05. Fear Feat. Tonedeff, Mr. Mecca & Session
06. Killa Freeverse
07. Click Clack (Gettin Up Remix)
08. Most High Feat. Blitzkrieg, GMS, Kameel-Yen, Mr. Mecca, Pumpkinhead, Substantial & Tonedeff
09. Gang Green Feat. Pumpkinhead & Blitzkrieg
10. Dont Call Me Feat. Session, Pumpkinhead & Mr. Mecca
11. Plucking Daisies
12. Suzie
13. Halftime Radio Session
14. 2006 Preview
15. I Cant Win Remix
16. Get Live Feat. Tonedeff, Mr. Mecca & Session
17. Backpack
18. Line Drop Feat. Extended Famm
19. Fuck You Mean Feat. Slug & Brother Ali
20. Sky’s The Limit Feat. Substantial & Mr. Mecca
21. Stomp Remix Feat. Bad Seed, Copywrite, Poison Pen, Archrival & Sean Price
22. Stomp
23. Hit List Intro (Bonus Track)
24. Hit List (1998) (Bonus Track)


Make sure you check the video blow for the "N*gga Pass" Skit from his "whutduzFMstand4?" album. The skit itself is mad funny and who'd of thought they'd end up making a cartoon video for it! Check it out...

"N*gga Pass"
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Being much more then just music, ZOOMINATI is a movement slowly spreadin thru the rotten veins of the world. Takin elements that are being used to indoctrinate the masses, that are being used to keep the people down and flippin them around usin them against the powers that are tryin to keep us down. Slowly takin the first steps towards a revolution of the mind, spirit, music and the world in general.

01. Intro
02. Snake Eggs
03. Business
04. Focus
05. Hollow Earth
06. Hunger
07. Skit
08. Zoominati
09. Table Stakes
10. Bloody Moon
11. Death Skit
12. Wormwood
13. Paper Blood
14. Jewelz
15. Dark Skies
16. Skit
17. Temple Sleep
18. Jan Palach
19. Soul Matrix
21. Bitter feat. Angelina Moore (Bonus)
22. Knucklehead (Right Now) (Bonus)

Producer Credits: AZA (tracks: 6) , Al Tarba (tracks: 9) , Beatbutcher (tracks: 3, 4, 5, 15) , Bone Pesci (tracks: 18) , Ciph Barker (tracks: 8, 12, 13, 17, 19) , GrimySuspect (tracks: 2) , Jordan River Banks (tracks: 1) , Lost Sun (tracks: 10) , MOD The Black Marvel (tracks: 14)

Don't sleep on the this dope mixtape, Ciph is real nice in the mic and the beats bang hard.


Password: reality

Visit for more dope releases.

For more info on Ciph Barker and the Godz Wrath crew, visit
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New Video For Armyfatique "Haze" Featuring Maylay Off Their Debut Album "The Initation" that will feature artists like: Trife da God, Q-Unique, C-Rayz Walz, Vordul Mega, Karniege, Invizzibl Men, Vordul Mega, Bekay, Access Immortal, Nems, A-Alikes, King Magnetic, Mr. Metaphor of Brooklyn Academy and more.
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Video for Kaboose "Goin' Outta Control" featuring Royce Da 5'9" off of Excuse Me out now.
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Ahhh, the sweet smell of victory!! A long an arduous project (nearly three months in the making!), "Preservation" (mixed by DJ Ragz) is finally here!! A big thanks goes out to DJ Ragz for all his countless hours of dedication and attention to detail, St. Mic for tightening up the sound quality, Shiro for the cover art and Derek at Sneaker Politics for his input as well! Most importantly, thank you to all the contributing artists featured on "Preservation" who gave me the "OK" to pursue this project!
"Preservation" is something that Ragz and I are extremely proud of, I hope that you, the listener, will appreciate it as well! "Preservation", simply put, is a compilation of sorts that I put together in order to highlight some of my favorite artists over the last two or so years. The amount of time and effort that Ragz and I dedicated to this project truly shines through on "Preservation", as I stated last week: "This ain't just your regular mixtape"! St. Mic sums it up perfectly with his opening bars from the "Intro": "This is a dedication, to preservation/For authors in this art form/Seekin' elevation…". The sound quality is perfect, the tracks are ridiculous and Ragz' cuts are as sharp as a razor's edge. "Preservation" plays more like a cohesive "album" than a mixtape…ENJOY!!!
DJ Ragz: "Im really amped to be a part of the "Preservation". There really is some dope hip hop out there and I really feel that this mix helps you learn about artists that are still making great music. All of these artists gave us approval to use their songs, so if you like what you hear, go support that person's project. Big ups to Eric for directing this project and being flexible at the same time. This mix was treated like an album so we spent time to bring you a quality project. Please help us get the word out and tell a friend about it. It will be your part to preserve this art!!"

1. DJ Ragz & St. Mic - DJ Ragz & St. Mic Intro
2. Shawn Jackson f. Ta’Raach & Big Tone - maan Up!!
3. Philadelphia Slick - Coffee Cold
4. 100 dBs & Ryan O’Neal f. J-iLL - Do You Feel Me?
5. Muneshine - Muneshine Drop/Farewell-Muneshine
6. Tha Connection - Take It Higher
7. Sene f. Blu - Stoopid
8. 14 KT - Miss U (For Lost Loved Ones)
9. St. Mic f. DJ Ragz, Dutchmassive & The Unknown - Love Is Complicated
10. Jazz Addixx - Say
11. Samon Kawamura f. OH NO - Right Here
12. Emilio Rojas aka Raks One - That Time
13. Educated Consumers - 1 Hit Wonder
14. Now On - All You Never Knew
15. Rashid Hadee w/ Pugz Atomz & Primeridian - Money
16. 100dBs f. Sirah & Hicoup - Long Island & Jersey (Small Pro Remix)
17. Buff1 - Dream Streets
18. Has-Lo - Small Metal Objects
19. Primo The Cinematic - In Ya’ System
20. Ill Poetic - Beautiful
21. Katalyst f. Diverse - Dedicated
22. Panacea - A Mind On A Ship Through Time
23. Evidence f. The Alchemist & Fashawn - The Far Left
24. 14 KT f. Tiffany Paige - Eric (W.T.R.)/Sneaker Politics Drop/The Inside
25. Fundament f. Muneshine - Fundament Drop/Killing Me
26. Diamond D - Bad/Good
27. Ilyas of Tanya Morgan - Telepathy
28. Archetype f. Joe Good - Utopia
29. Metaform - Rock It Number Nine
30. Nieve & Cook - Story Be Told
31. P Brothers f. Roc Marciano - Outta’ Control
32. Pace Won & Mr. Green - Children Sing

Props to the peeps over at

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After dealing with his first and second round of label politics, middlemen and “industry puppets”, FT has experienced a “breathe of fresh air”. Teaming up with his longtime friends’ Musicman (Producer/Engineer) and A-King(Producer/Artist/Businessman) to form Stand Out Music, FT is definitely a force to reckoned with. FT is ready to take the world by storm. “I have some unfinished business to take care of, ya know? Everywhere I go, people ask ‘”When is your album coming out, you’re one of the illest”. And that’s what keeps me going. Hip-Hop is going through an identity crisis right now. It’s time to shake things up a little bit”. FT is working on his untitled debut album, which will be released by his imprint Stand Out Music. The entire Hip Hop community will finally get to hear what some industry insiders are dubbing “The craziest artist in the game in most recent history”.

01 - Spazz On Em [Prod. Just Blaze]
02 - No Love
03 - The World Is A Ghetto
04 - John F Hennessey [Prod. Alchemist]
05 - F B High
06 - The Curse
07 - Stand Up
08 - Ghettomania
09 - Ridiculous
10 - I'm Not Playin' Witcha
11 - Brolic
12 - Money All The Time Feat. Junior Mafia
13 - Don't Trust Anyone [Prod. Buckwild]
14 - Problemz [Prod. Buckwild]
15 - Metal Thangz Feat. O.C. and Pharoahe Monch
16 - Metal Thangz 2 Feat. Nature and Fat Joe
17 - Bounce Feat. Sean Price
18 - No Holds Barred Feat. M.O.P.
19 - Heavy Weighters Feat. Buckshot & Swan
20 - Sex, Drugs, Alcohol & Lies Feat. Cocaine
21 - Frontline Feat. El Da Sensei, Organized Konfusion, Mike Zoot
22 - Throw Dem Cups Up Feat. Obie Trice
23 - Chip Remix
24 - Nobody Feat. Consequence and Shabaam Sahdeeq

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Video for La Coka Nostra "I Am An American" featuring B-Real off of A Brand You Can Trust coming in early 2009!
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Video for Snowgoons "Raining" featuring Brainstorm, Jaysaun and Edo G off of Black Snow available now!
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On this solid follow-up to “Prepare For Glory”, underground hip hop producer Cartel continues the onslaught with “Tha Throwback”. Named “Tha Throwback” because it represents a throwback to when hip hop artists actually cared about lyrical content. It’s comprised of some of the most promising, upcoming MC’s in the game and features improved production from Cartel.

1. Intro - by Cartel
2. This Time - by Marc Dollarz
3. Green - by Mallz
4. Fool - by Scholarly Pursuits
5. We’ll Be Alright - by Gates
6. Monkey See, Monkey Do - by K.Sparks featuring Nova
7. The Love - by Mallz
8. You - by Scholarly Pursuits
9. What It Do - by Butta featuring M.A.
10. Don’t Want No Problems - Gates
11. Rocks Stars - by Full Fam
12. Gotta Fight - by T.G.

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Underground producer Cartel, one half of the Hoodgrown Productions duo, makes his debut with a throwback album of sorts. Combing hard beats provided by him and “real” lyrics from some of illest new upcoming artists on the scene, Cartel’s Prepare For Glory represents a time when hip hop was still about “beats & rhymes”. This album features one of the last songs (”Certified Hoodstars”), recorded with Stack Bundles before his untimely death.

1 - Intro - by Cartel
2 - Real Talk by Brix
3 - Whoa Whoa by Marc Dollarz
4 - Certified Hoodstars by G-Kid and Stack Bundles (RIP)
5 - One Of The Best by Gates
6 - Ghetto Child by K.Sparks and Tina Quallo
7 - The Rain by The East Side Hustlas
8 - What U R by M.A. (Money Attitude)
9 - You Know My Style by Gates
10 - Elevate by Tommy Mula
11 - I Remember When by Gates

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Global Awareness Entertainment and Universal Indie Records have teamed up to bring you the The Schmagilla Incident, the debut album by Scholarly Pursuits.

This first studio album represents a combination of strong passion and artistic creativity. The Schmagilla Incident is at it's most powerful when experienced as a single audio experience, taking the listener on a enlightening sonic journey.

It is an original project pairing poetic lyricism with bass-filled, emotion-driven beats.
The Freshman release by Scholarly Pursuits shows why they are at the top of their class.

01. The Incident
02. One Big Schmagilla
03. Veteran's Day
04. Underrated Underground
05. Here We Come feat. RC
06. Talent For The Talentless feat. RC
07. Lucky Number 7
08. Groove Theory
09. Flawed Perfection
10. Cynicism Is Bliss feat. Gregory Allen
11. Remember The Time
12. Our Philosophy
13. Music Mentality feat. Gregory Allen
14. The Place To Be
15. When Tomorrow Ends


For more info, visit
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Linked below is a pretty thorough mix of Philly rap that Bo and I did that reaches from Cool C and the Tuff Crew, through the State Property and Roc years, all the way up to new-comers like Joey Jihad and Meek Millz. We completed this about two years ago so there isn’t much new stuff, and it’s really impossible to be exhaustive when making mixes like this–you’re bound to leave someone disappointed with what’s been included and what’s been excluded. But, that being said, since we never wound up doing anything with this mix and we’re both still really happy with it, we figured we might as well post it on the internets for the world to download.

1. Tuff Crew “Going the Distance”
2. Freeway ft. Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z “What We Do”
3. Cool C “Down To The Gristle”
4. RAM Squad “Rough And Rugged”
5. Ms. Jade ft. Peedi Crakk and Freeway “Pocket Full Of Bullets”
6. Schooly D “Saturday Nite”
7. Joey Jihad “Freestyle”
8. Jay-Z ft. Beanie Sigel “The R.O.C.”
9. Graham Nash “Chicago”
10. Beanie Sigel “The Truth”
11. Jakk Frost “Philly Love”
12. Jewelz (Allen Iverson) “40 Bars”
13. Freeway ft. Young Gunz “Full Effect”
14. Oschino “Down Too Long”
15. Reef The Lost Cauze “I Can’t Begin To Tell You”
16. Gillie Da Kid “Holla Back”
17. Re-Up Gang (Ab-Liva and Sandman) “Re-Up Anthem”
18. High & Might ft. Rasheed and Baby Blak “Open Mic Night”
19. Rasheed (Maylay Sparks) ft. Chief Kamache “Jungle Book”
20. Beanie Sigel ft. Omillio Sparks “Tales Of A Hustler”
21. Young Gunz ft. Omillio Sparks “Take It How You Want It”
22. The Roots “Respond React”
23. Meek Millz “Hate It Or Love It Freestyle”
24. Krown Rulers “32nd St. Down”
25. Peedi Crakk “Fall Back”
26. E. Ness “My Hood”
27. Beanie Sigel “Why Wouldn’t I?”
28. Tuff Crew “My Part of Town”
29. Peedi Crakk “My Part of Town Freestyle”
30. The Miracles “Nowhere To Go”
31. State Property “Nowhere To Go”