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Wu-Tang affiliate Killah Priest has teamed up with and our in-house artist Tha Advocate to give our readers and his fans an exclusive free download of his brand new street mixtape The Untold Story Of Walter Reed.

The 20+ track release features brand new exclusive freestyles to keep fans' mouths watering while he readies the release of his next full length LP, The Psychic World Of Walter Reed.

"I want to tell the fans at BallerStatus, this is just grass roots Priest, the rapper says. "I'm just coming at you in your face. I'm just giving away gems. I'm the Priest that's just emceeing."

The Untold Story Of Walter Reed is strictly Killah Priest, aside from appearances by his artists Starkim and G/Ciples, both gracing the free mixtape with their own freestyles.

Priest says the new tape ranks up with some of his best mixtapes, but admits it's not his best. However, he makes it clear that the music is a problem regardless.

"As far as mixtapes, it's up there, but not my best. That's soon to come," Killah Priest says. "But, as far as rhyming? It's going to be way better than 99% of the albums out right now. Oh, I forgot it's a drought out here, as far as dope songs go."

So, here's some new Killah to sink your teeth into. The rapper revealed that he will drop a Pt. 2 to this tape just before his album The Psychic World Of Walter Reed hits stores.

01. The Intro
02. The Covenant
03. The Killer
04. The Perfect MC
05. Growing pains (ghetto)
06. Gabriel’s palace the dybbuk
07. Never Existed
08. ME
09. G/Ciples feat. G/Ciples
10. My World
11. Sanskrit
12. Among Gangsters
13. Just some shit off the top
14. Numbers
15. Recognize
16. Live (for the moment)
17. Starkim freestyle feat. Starkim
18. Killah Man
19. 840 Babylon
20. Taking it back
21. Slaughter House freestyle

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Props to
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This is the newest leak from San Diego rap veteran, Blame One’s upcoming album, Days Chasing Days. The song is “Wonder Why,” featuring the dynamic duo, Blu & Exile - but in a refreshing reversal of roles, the song actually features Exile rapping (with Blu providing the hook), and Blu aka GODlee Barnes on the beat. If his work on HerFavoriteColo(u)r didn’t already, “Wonder Why” should assure you that Mr. Barnes is truly no slouch on the production tip.

This is the second song released from the album, as a follow-up to the first single, "Disturbed", which featured Sean Price and was produced by Exile. While Ex handes the bulk of the production on Days Chasing Days (he’s also billed as presenting the album), Blame also shines over beats by other heavyweights such as Black Milk, Oh No, Kankick and more.

For more from Blame One, you can check him out freestyling over another one of Exile’s beloved live MPC improv sessions. You can watch two videos of those practice sessions going down after the jump after you get your free download below.

Listen/Download: Wonder Why feat. Blu & Exile

Blame One’s Days Changing Days in stores & online March 31st on Soulspazm Records.

BONUS VIDEOS: Blame One & Exile - Quick Practice Sessions

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the newest edition of what you've been missing. Peter Rosenberg presents "A Rosenberg Oddisee" This is an EP I produced entirely in one day. Rosenberg made the calls and got the artist in and I supplied the beats. Enjoy, peace.

1. “Gratitude” Torae featuring Tiara Wiles & Oddisee
2. “So Mafuckin Soulful” Skyzoo featuring Oddisee
3. “Jealous Niggas” Daytona
4. “World War IV” Saigon featuring Lil Fame
5. “Where I Be At” Buckshot featuring Oddisee
6. “Tell the Truth” Nikki Jean

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A free mixtape from Braille mixed by DJ Idull.

01. Intro beat by ohmega watts
02. Build snippet ft with greenjade
03. Treatment ft with ohmega watts
04. Missing children snippet ft with cunninglynguists
05. Everything changed from box of rhymes
06. Going through it ft with sivion
07. The enemy ft with jimmy ledrac
08. Perceptions snippet ft from fashion expo
09. Broken jaw ft with redcloud
10. Permanent ink snippet ft with surreal
11. Illuminate snippet ft with lightheaded
12. Enter gritty from box of rhymes
13. Legacy snippet ft with golden disciples
14. The iv from the iv edition april 15 08
15. Guilty by association ft from night owls
16. Wings ft with choice 37
17. Shine ft with pinnacle rhythms
18. Hidden agenda ft with loptimist
19. Keep on snippet from shades of grey
20. Iou snippet ft with theory hazit
21. Heavy rotation snippet feature from heavy rotation
22. Outro talking over beat by ohmega watts
23. Bonus

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Life Of Villains is proud to announce the release of the first installment of "Recession Proof" spring 2009 collection, and have teamed up the production duo Blue Sky Black Death to give you a 47 minute 90's west coast blend.

01. Eazy-E - Real Muthaphuckkin’ G’s
02. Ice Cube - Once Upon a Time in the Projects
03. Compton’s Most Wanted - Hood Took Me Under
04. Too Short - CussWords
05. E-40 - Sideways
06. Eazy-E - Boyz n the Hood
07. Ice-T - Peel Their Caps Back
08. Spice 1 - Runnin’ Out da Crackhouse
09. Brotha Lynch Hung - 24 Deep
10. Richie Rich - Let’s Ride
11. Eazy-E - Ruthless Villain

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1. The Foulest (Produced By: Blaq Poet)
2. Don't Give A F@#k (Produced By: DJ Premier)
3. Smoke Dat Drink Dat feat. Jak Danielz (Produced By: Johnny Walker)
4. Got That Crack (Poet & KL Version) feat. Yung Mike
5. So Called Gangstas (Produced By: Thoro Tracks)
6. Ayatollah Interlude
7. It's Official (Produced By: Earth)
8. Grimmy Niggaz feat. Killa Sha, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Phantasm (Produced By: Thoro Tracks)
9. Say It How You Mean It (Produced By: Ayatollah)
10. Hood Crazy (Produced By: DJ Premier)
11. Let Em Have It feat. Teflon (Produced By: DJ Flatline)
12. Gun Fight Game Fight (Produced By: Fame)

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Emerging from the city of Los Angeles California the home of west coast hip hop, The Literates are making their mark across the globe! As leaders in their craft, they have managed to extend beyond the typical idea of what hip hop has been viewed as. From the sound of their music to the lifestyle they represent, originality has always been a key staple for this duo. The Literates consist of two individuals,"A.N.T.I." (Another Name To Identify) & Vyz a.k.a "Vyzualz". These two have come together to create a movement that cannot be denied! With the music industry at a standstill and most artists sounding redundant and bland, The Lits remain focused with the objective to remind the world of what real hip hop truly is... this group brings you real, raw, uncut hip hop with dark beats and intelligent lyrics. This record is a must buy for anyone that appreciates good music.

01. Pre Show
02. Start Of The Beginning
03. Where You From
04. We The Ones
05. That Raw Shit feat. Sen Dog (of Cypress Hill)
06. Don't Sleep
07. One Too Many
08. Get It Right
09. Journey Of Life
10. Hip Hop Worldwide
11. Watch
12. Welcome 2 The Darkside
13. Die
14. End Of The Beginning

This was quite impressive, make sure you check it out and cop it if you really feelin it!

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Click HERE to buy!
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André Kostelanetz was an orchestral music guru known for arranging and recording light classical music pieces for mass audiences, as well as orchestral versions of songs and Broadway show tunes. Recently, ScholarMan took one record by the late-great Russian composer and created this FREE mixtape. “A Meeting With Andre Kostelanetz” features guest appearances by some of my favorite underground emcees, including K-Mynez, Kats, Domer and Random.

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Alternative link: Last.Fm

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01. Authentic Intro - Tizz
02. Do It For You - Krumbsnatcha
03. NSFW Skit - Tone Spliff
04. Funky 2 The Bone - Copywrite, Murdoc & King DOM
05. Act Like You Know Me - Baby Blak
06. If You Forgot My Name - Apathy & Royce Da 5'9"
07. Settin The Stage - Special Teamz
08. Respect Is Due - Born Talent
09. Live & Direct - King Magnetic
10. You - Rise
11. Understood Perfectly - Irealz & Planet Asia
12. State Of Mind - Shabaam Sahdeeq, Jukstapose, Chaundon
13. Heartfelt - Braille
14. The Right Way - Wordsworth & Okwerdz
15. Inside Out - Skyzoo, Copywrite & Pace Won

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01. "Code Black (Intro)"
02. "ChumpSin Pink" (prod. by Chris Walsh)
03. "Scott Free" (prod. by Da Free Agents)
04. "Neva Asked For This" (prod. by Mirrorkill)
05. "Mr. Bitches & MySpace (Interlude)"
06. "Bitchpleaze" (prod. by Chris Walsh)
07. "Helldate" (prod. by Mirrorkill)
08. "Dinner With Luna (Interlude)"
09. "She Said" (prod. by Mirrorkill)
10. "Luna Was Crazy! (Interlude)"
11. "Smile and Cries (ft. Jedmon)" (prod. by Jedmon & Ryan Conway)
12. "Another Cold Winter" (prod. by Mirrorkill)
13. "The Very, Very, Very Sad Story Of Luna (Interlude)"
14. "MySpaces" (prod. by The Holy Soulja)
15. "Deez Nutz! (Outro)"

Grabbed this from This is a nice put together package of various tracks from Colorado MC, Whygee! Here's a piece from "Rock the Dub"...

"Throughout this project, Whygee speaks on his thoughts on Hip-Hop, women and the strife that our people encounter living in this wonderful world of ours (kind of like The Boondocks, no?). The beats vary from darker, piano-driven thought provokers ("Bitchpleaze") to cavalcades of electronic fuzz-box material ("Another Cold Winter"), and the story of Mr. Bitches is weaved throughout, making this a nice, complete package."

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The official video for Emilio Rojas' newest release "585 (Roc Y'all) (Remix)" featuring Hassaan Mackey, Black Sinatra, L.I. and Nikal Fieldz, from his upcoming mixtape Recession Proof (Hosted by DJ Noodles and Legend) coming soon.
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Video for CunninLynguists "Never Come Down (The Brownie Song)" from their upcoming release Strange Journey Volume One coming out on March 24th.
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01. Entrée En Matiére
02. Blood In My Eyes feat. Psych Ward
03. I'm From Brooklyn feat. Ill Bill & Brooklyn Academy
03. Life Is Horror feat. Critical Madness
04. Dad's Records (Lab Skit Pt. I)
05. M.O. feat. Judge Cryptic & Kidd Blaze
06. Devil On My Shoulder feat. Little Vic
07. Le Monde à l'envers feat. Heresie
09. Nightstalkers - Droogz Brigade feat. Mr. Morbid
10. Tables Stakes feat. Ciph Barker
11. Torture Trilogy feat. Bloodline
12. Enemy Remix - Ill Bill feat. Raekwon
13. The Man Who Sold The World Remix feat. Little vic
14. What It Looks Like feat. Cyn Roc, Steven King & Sonsee (of ONYX)
15. Breeze Thru The Dark feat Absouljah
16. 2007 (Lab Skit Pt. II)
17. La Rupture feat. Mysa
18. What It Do feat. Nemz
19. Moloko Rap - Droogz Brigade
20. Naba Wendé feat. Kabor C
21. Twentyfourseven feat. Apes In English & Jise 1 (of The Arsonists)
22. Hell Pits feat. Psych Ward
23. Torture Trilogy Remix feat. Bloodline

Debut album from French beatmaker, Al'Tarba. Some dope names on here, check it out and let us know what you think!

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01. Intro: Slavery
02. Rebel Music
03. Article One
04. High Science
05. One Harmony
06. House-Pitality
07. Oh! Baby
08. Way Of Life
09. Baby Girl
10. Take Ya Time
11. Same Ol' Thugs
12. Project Love
13. Who Gonna Die Next?
14. Angel Tears
15. We Can Do That Too
16. Underground To Da Heavens
17. Don't Hate It
18. Pimpology
19. R.A.Z.A.H.
20. We The People

Second full length release from Razah, this time bringin along 4th Disciple to create the backdrop for the whole album, a political and highly slept on album, this was classed as a classic in the following years after it's release. If you ain't heard it yet, what you waitin for??!!

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01. Take It Higher
02. Cold Soul
03. Hibernation Remix
04. Blacklight
05. Warm Summer
06. Drumstick Remix
07. My Story
08. Classic feat. Kush Foreal
09. Theme Song of Foul Play
10. Skys
11. Zen Remix
12. Good Fella Remix
13. Realness
14. Understand Us
15. Take It Higher (Asuka Mochizuki Remix)
16. Realness Remix

Released after their amazing Trapeze album but only in Japan. it was near enough impossible to get hold of... until now that is, enjoy!

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D.Julien was born in Brooklyn, New York. He's an artist that got into Hip Hop at a young age. He thrives on being viewed as original, not cliche so to speak and a great lyricist. Growing up in the streets of Brooklyn, he's been through his share of battles. He realized in 2004 that it was time to create music. He knew at an early age he'd have to take a different approach with his music. "I just want to be viewed as a very eclectic artist and I don't want my style to be compared to anyone elses." says D.Julien. This mentality allows him to make unique music as he still maintains that New York demeanor.

"I'm a fan of all types of music. I honestly listen to every genre of music and try to incorporate some of that in my music in attempts to broaden my fan base". This shows that D.Julien is listening and has studied various forms of music. By doing that, he has incorporated what he's learned and saw from previous artists and tried to mix that with his style to create music of the future. D.Julien is a lyricist/poet that makes music for the masses. His ideas/concepts are way beyond his age. He understood that being a young artist, he'd have to show people that he was worth listening to and he would be the face of music for years to come.

His first solo mixtape, "Let Me Introduce Myself" got him a lot of buzz. Download it in the blog section of the myspace page. His new project, "The Experiment" is now out. It's even better than the first one as was highly anticipated. Check it out!!

His music ranges anywhere from political issues to his personal experiences which gives us authentic music to listen to. "I think a lot of artists are scared to think outside of the box. The artists that are cliche and fail to challenge their minds to make more creative and enjoyable music for the masses are the artists that will not be successful when hip hop starts to evolve more rapidly. Hip Hop is a movement. Rap as a genre of music is part of that movement. Other music such as House, Techno, Rock, etc. are now being accepted into the Hip Hop movement. So as an artist, to maximize your fan base you have to be creative and embody some of these genres of music and be different." says D.Julien. He has a great understanding of music currently and for music of the future.

D.Julien's style attracts fans from all over the world. D.Julien worked hard to make his mixtape to not just meet his own personal standards but to surpass the expectations of his fans all over.

Tracklist & download link after the jump!

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Blue Sky, Black Death, the renowned production duo of Kingston & Young God, present their sophomore album exclusively featuring Wu-Tang Clan affiliate/ Sunz of Man member Hell Razah. Revisiting the successful model that bore 2006's highly debut The Holocaust, Hell Razah suitably expands upon Blue Sky Black Death's penchant for pairing tasteful instrumental hip hop with renowned underground emcees. To date, Blue Sky Black Death have collaborated with and/or produced the likes of Guru, Sabac Red, Jus Allah, Wise Intelligent, Rob Sonic, Virtuoso, Chief Kamachi, Holocaust, A-Plus, Pep Love, Mikah 9, and Awol, amongst many others. Hell Razah is experiencing an elevated profile from his recent '07 release Renaissance Child.

01. Elevation
02. Razah's Ladder
03. The Cube
04. Halos feat. Crooked I
05. Most Merciful
06. Audiobiography feat. Shabazz The Disciple
07. Pray Together
08. Poor Righteous Dreams
09. Better Than Jewelry
10. Project Prophecy feat. Ill Bill & Sabac Red
11. Painted Jezebels
12. Written In Blood feat. Prodigal Sunn
13. Stairway To Heaven
14. Sun Of Man

One of my favorite albums from 2007, beats are sublime by BSBD and Razah again drops lyrical gems!

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Hailing from the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, Hell Razah is best known for his integral role as a member of the late 90's Wu-Tang Clan spin-off group Sunz of Man. Their official debut album, "The Last Shall Be First" n 1998, featured platinum selling artists such as Earth, Wind & Fire, Wyclef Jean of the Fugees, Method Man and O.D.B. and went on to sell an impressive 350,000 units. Hell Razah also appeared on various Wu-Tang lan albums including Ghostface Killah's "Supreme Clientele," Method Man's "Tical 2000," Killah Priest's "Heavy Mental," The Gravediggaz's "The Pick, The Sickle, and The Shovel" and many more.
Never one to rest n his laurels, Hell Razah discovered that his no nonsense style of street knowledge and spiritual wisdom was needed now in hip hop more then ever before. Razah joined forces with like minded MCs Tragedy Khadafi and illah Priest to form the militant supergroup Black Market Militia. He also teamed up with Sunz of Man producer 4th Disciple to record the revolutionary Freedom of Speech in 2004.
Now in 2006, after years of eager nticipation, Hell Razah is set to release his official debut album, "Renaissance Child." Boasting nothing but powerpacked rhymes, Razah easily holds his own alongside heavyweight features such as MF DOOM, Talib weli, Rass Kass, Killah Priest, Tragedy Khadafi and R.A. the Rugged Man. Even the production team enlisted here is first rate with flawless beats from MF DOOM, 4th Disciple, Bronze Nazareth and more. Renaissance Child" is a meaningful and intelligent record which is a breath of fresh air in today's stale era of so-called hip-hop. The Rennaisance has begun.

01. Nativity (Prod. by Krohme)
02. Buried Alive (Prod. by Dirty Needlez)
03. Renaissance feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Timbo King & R.A. The Rugged Man (Prod. by Dev 1)
04. Project Jazz feat. Talib Kweli & MF Doom (Prod. by MF Doom)
05. Los Pepes Pt. 1 feat. Bronze Nazareth (Prod. by Bronze Nazareth)
06. Dear Sistah (Skit)
07. Yours Truly (Prod. by Fabrizio Sotti)
08. Glow (Prod. by 4th Disciple)
09. Chain Gang (Prod. by DJ Battle)
10. Runaway Sambo (Prod. by Smokeshop Productions)
11. Smoking Gunz feat. Killah Priest (Prod. by Dirty Needlez)
12. Millennium Warfare (Prod. by Bronze Nazareth)
13. Musical Murdah feat. Ras Kass (Prod. by Jordan River Banks)
14. Maccabee House feat. Killah Priest & Timbo King (Prod. by Focis)
15. Lost Ark (Prod. by Krohme)
16. Thankful (Prod. by Shuko)

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MF Doom has a new name now: DOOM. All caps. He insists. He also wants his album title spelled that way.

Back in 2007, the indie-rap enigma set off massive conspiracy theories and even death rumors by allegedly slapping his mask on a skinny imposter and letting that guy do shows while he stayed at home reading back-issues of Alpha Flight or whatever. (Doom's label simply claims that he lost some weight.) Since that time, we've heard barely a peep from him. Given that the guy used to release roughly 58 albums a year, that absence has been noticed.

Well, Doom has now renamed himself DOOM and now he's breaking his silence. On March 23, Lex will release BORN LIKE THIS, the first all-new DOOM album in a couple of years. And he's coming back in a pretty big way, with some of the bigger names in the frantic head-knock rap underground on board.

DOOM's frequent collaborator Ghostface Killah, performing as Tony Starks for some reason, guests on one song, as does fellow Wu-Gambino Raekwon. Whatever happened to that planned DOOM/Ghostface full-length? Can that happen, please? Anyway, Jake One produced the appetizingly titled first single "Ballskin", and DOOM used a track from the late stoner-rap deity J Dilla's Donuts album for "Lightworks".

1. Ballskin (1:34)
2. Lightworks (1:59)
3. Angelz feat. Tony Starks (3:12)
4. Cellz (4:25)
5. That’s That (2:07)

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Here it is folks. The Winter Falls Mixtape. 17 tracks running about 42 minutes. This is a quickie I put together this past winter. Some of the tracks are from 05,06 and most from 07,08. So a bit older. Still majorly fresh! This album has not been mastered given the current state of the music industry as well as the economy, there is no justifiable logic in spending the money on it. Just wanted to hit ya'll with something fresh. This is a freebie for those who get down on it quick enough. I will eventually remove the link and put the album up for sale. I know most kids nowadays feel music should be free? wtf!! I can't believe this is what it is coming down to. There is absolutely no way!! for an independent artist with no push to make a living doing this music sh*t as long as people continue to think that way. Oh well. This ones for the collectors! Do it! Post a comment and leave your feedback! If u end up knockin this one in ya head phones on the bus, or while your mobbin - tell me about it, if you think it sucks - can't please everybody but let mafuckas no you think it's garbage. F*k it. I just wanna see people discussing there opinions on the music i'm giving ya'll. Thanks and god bless my supporters. I love ya'll! Peace N-

01. Winter Falls Intro
02. Drop(Raining On My Head)
03. Blessings(prod. by wigged wax)
04. Snocaps(prod. by Inside Jokes)
05. Winterz Wonderland(prod. by Ambrose)
06. Winterz Coldest Fantasy(prod. by Wellz)
07. Cave Dwella( Wellz)
08. Luv Means Featuring P-Able (prod. by Wellz)
09. Industry Bullshit
10. Blue In The Face(prod. by Crate Monsta)
11. Say It Loud(wigged wax remix)
12. Work mans Ethic(prod. by Inside Jokes)
13. Doper Luder
14. Electric Buzz Are
15. The Move
16. More Ludes For Yooos
17. Cold Outside( Moka Only)

All Tracks mixed, recorded and Edited By Nebz Supreme
All Beats By Nebz Supreme except where noted...
Thank you and shouts out to everyone who was a part of this project...

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Razah made his solo debut in 2001 with the independent release When All Hell Breaks Loose. The album featured guest appearances from 7th Ambassador, Killah Priest, Prodigal Sunn and Timbo King of Royal Fam, and production from Supreme. The album spawned the single "Champaigne Room" b/w "Ghetto Love". The tracks "Must B tha Music", "Oh! Now You Bangin'", "Ghetto Government", "Champaigne Room", "Like It or Not", "What We Came to Do", "B.B.P. (Business Before Pleasure)" and "Rowdy, Rowdy" made up roughly half of the 2004 Sunz of Man compilation Elements, with the other half made up of tracks from The First Testament.

01. Hood Life
02. Business B4 Pleasure (Feat. 7th Ambassador & Bambue)
03. Champagne Room (Feat. Trebag)
04. We Can Do That 2 (Feat. Trebag)
05. Underground To Da Heavens
06. This Iz 4 My G'z (Feat. Trebag & 7th Ambassador)
07. What We Came To Do
08. R.A.Z.A.H.
09. It's All Love (Feat. Trebag)
10. Pimpology (Feat. 7th Ambassador)
11. Like It Or Not (Feat. Trebag & Prodigal Sunn)
12. Oh You Bangin'
13. True Kingz (Feat. 7th Ambassador & Ermaine)
14. Must B Tha Music (Feat. Sunz Of Man)
15. Niggaz Wanna Blow
16. Rowdy Rowdy
17. Ghetto Government (Feat. Timbo King & Killah Priest)
18. Don't Hate It (Feat. Trebag)
19. Outro

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Is it possible to make conscious music and still maintain a rugged, borderline street appeal? For Chief Kamachi, an original member of underground super group Army of the Pharaohs (which also includes Jedi Mind Tricks’ Vinnie Paz), the answer is a resounding yes. Very few artists have the history, credibility and diversity of Kamachi. A staple in the underground hip-hop circuit since 1998, Kamachi has released a steady volume of singles as well as a critically acclaimed debut album, Cult Status, now culminating in the release of Concrete Gospel.

Having his roots firmly planted in indie hip-hop’s hot bed of Philadelphia, Kamachi has achieved a rabid following. He’s shared company with some of hip-hop’s biggest acts, including The Roots, Gang Starr (DJ Premier and Guru), D.I.T.C. (Fat Joe, etc), and most recently displayed his lyrical dexterity on The Army of the Pharaohs’ debut album The Torture Papers.

Kamachi has found his niche in creating music that is street savvy and current, while preserving an underlying element of global consciousness. Hardly an undertaking suited for the majority of today’s hip-hop artists, Kamachi tempers his desperation with the current state of Black America with an underlying optimism and hope for the future, all within one cohesive musical and lyrical landscape. If nothing else, Kamachi is uncompromising with respect to his thoughts on religion, politics, and the continuing struggle of his people.

With Concrete Gospel, Kamachi linked up with beat makers DJ Huggy & E-Dan (Ghostface Killah, Jurassic 5, Black Rob & more) to provide the booming backdrops for his commanding flow. What they accomplished was more than a display of hot beats and lyrical proficiency, but a cohesive body of work that can be both enjoyed casually and scrutinized rigorously.
With the release of his sophomore album, Chief Kamachi is poised to become the official “preacher of the streets.” If knowledge is in the scripture, it is most certainly manifest in Concrete Gospel.

01. The Gospel
02. 24th Elder
03. Jim Kelly
04. Death Choir
05. Love For The Craft
06. No Me Now
07. U Cry feat. Statestore
08 777
09. Little African Boy
10. Scattered Sermons feat. State Store
11. Holy Rollers feat. State Store
12. Kamachi
13. We Still Searching feat. State Store

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Chief Kamachi has been doing his thing for some time now and since 1998 has been featured on more than 16 singles, but with still no full-length to his credit. Since the day when the Mic Messiah gained acclaim for contributions to The Army of the Pharaohs’ single to the present, he’s accumulated quite an underground following thus there is no more perfect name for his debut album than Cult Status. Kamach pairs up with Mr. Eon (”What You Doin”), Gang Starr’s Guru (on the single “The Best”) and JuJu Mob affiliates Charon Don, Reef the Lost Cauze, and State Store. The album boasts hardcore street bangers that would out-grime and bounce past some of the dirtiest joints. It’s no wonder being that the sonic bumps are via State Property’s S.Dot, Mighty Mi (High and Mighty), E Dan (Strict Flow) and DJ Kwestion. Cult Status is definitely a fine package of Philly’s paramount artists.

01. 1st Lecture
02. Show Me Proof
03. Edge
04. This Man
05. The Best feat. Guru
06. Queen
07. Time Out
08. Liberated Wax
09. Peddlin’ Music feat. Charon Don
10. Hating on My Halo feat. Mr. Eon & State Store
11. What You Doin’
12. #13
13. Still Searching

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What’s good fam? Finally found some time to up another post in here and bring you back the real 90’s flava.

This fine record is titled “the sound – chapter 1” and was released back in 1998 on the small indie-label Taylor Records. On the wax you gonna find two damn smooth tracks that are “action for real” performed by E from AK, UG (Cella Dwellas) and Ny-Gel Mak.
The b-sider is titled “stress” and has emcee Deadwate on the mic. From all those emcees UG of the Dwellas is certainly the most popular. Then you got Deadwate who also dropped some other 12”s as well but those other 2 catz are definitely unknown to me.
Production was done by DJ Ritz (neva heard of before), Michelob (did great production’s e.g. for Shamus, Cover, Funkdoobiest etc.) and UG himself.

Well, grab that stuff if u dunno so far – shit is really dope and will letcha relax after a hard days work or whenever you think you need some chilled tunes….

Peace; ral278

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Here's some exclusive new heat from Queens emcee, Spectacula as he joins forces with Dub MD for this brand new project entitled "Unexclusively Exclusive" a 16 track digi-zip jam packed full of classic hip hop music. The new mixtape features beats from a whole host of producers from the likes of DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Alchemist, Black Milk and many more, and in the immortal words of the homie Fresh Daily, it's supaspectacular!

This new project is in preparation for Spectacula's up and coming new studio album "Every Second Counts" which due for release sometime this year. The Queens emcee will be releasing a mixtape every month until the summer in the lead up to his album, this mixtape being the first in his "Quality In Quantity" series. Also check for some new releases from Dub MD this year as he tags-up for a second time with Nametag for Volume 2 of the "Classic Cadence" collection, along with projects with an army of other artists in 2009, keep it locked!

01.) Intro (Produced By Kon and Amir)
02.) Shine (Produced By The Alchemist)
03.) Pressure (Produced By Pete Rock)
04.) Your Welcome (Produced By 9th Wonder)
05.) Let Go (Produced By Madlib)
06.) Full Time Job (Produced By Pete Rock)
07.) Just Venting (Produced By Khyrsis)
08.) For The Websites (Produced By Black Milk)
09.) What's Next? (Interlude)
10.) Going Out Of Style (Produced By Pete Rock)
11.) The Forefront (Produced By Bronze Nazareth)
12.) Wasted Potential (Produced By DJ Premier)
13.) Snakes In The Grass (Produced By Khyrsis)
14.) For The Hell Of It (Produced By Easy Mo Bee)
15.) Gravity (feat. Gorillaz) (Produced By Gorillaz)
16.) Unexclusively Exclusive (Outro)

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Over the years, Rugged N Raw has developed his raw, uncut style on the microphone, making his one of the best up and coming artists around. In addition to his talents as an emcee, he is also one of the best producers you'll ever hear; with beats ranging from slow and melodic to fast-paced. He is an all-around talent that is a rarity in a business where most only succeed in one area or the other. RNR has performed at quite a few spots and won some competitions along the way. In addition to winning song competitions and emcee battles, he is also a 7-Time Beat Battle Champion and the current IPA Beat Battle Grand Champion and Newark's MTP Grand Champion, proving he is the most versatile unsigned phenomenon out there. Rugged N Raw has shared the stage with the likes of Pharoahe Monch, Serius Jones, Immortal Technique, Grandmaster Caz, C Rayz Walz, Eyedea & Abilities, Akir, 5 Ft. of Black Moon, Amanda Diva from MTV2, Poison Pen, Kevin Michael, Eternia, Mr. Lif, Polyrhythm Addicts, Dame Grease, RAMP and Rob Sonic.

01. Truth Serum Preface
02. Smashmouth Music
03. Drama
04. I'm Broke & Proud feat. Hasan Salaam
05. All The Way
06. What A Night
07. That's What It Is feat. HiCoup
08. Life's Purpose
09. New Life
10. The Ultimate
11. Love Man
12. NY To NC feat. URL
13. Locked Away feat. Homeboy Sandman
14. I'll Stay
15. I Can't Take It

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