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01. NY State of Mind pt. 2 feat. Perquisite and Benjamin Herman
02. Hate Me Now feat. Odetta
03. Favor for a Favor feat. Odetta
04. We Will Survive feat. The Roots
05. Ghetto Prisoners feat. Skipless
06. You Won't See Me Tonight feat. Dela
07. I Wanna Talk To You feat. Odetta
08. Nature's Shine feat. Thomas Sliffing
09. Dr. Knockboots feat. Odetta
10. Life is What You Make it feat. Odetta
11. Big Things feat. The Roots
12. Nas is Like feat. J Rawls
13. Kissing feat. J Dilla
14. Money is my Bitch feat. Perquisite and Benjamin Herman
15. Undying Love feat. Arts the Beatdoctor

Props to Heaps over at Musical Schizophrenia for this one.

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Track list

1 - Introducere
2 - Gemini
3 - Things Change
4 - Cool as All
5 - Basic
6 - Tradition
7 - Better Fool
8 - Credits
9 - Equilibrium
10 - Scared to Be
11 - Effortless
12 - Done

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From the fifth release and first full length by Abadawn; "Good Villain" released October 14th on Elephant Memories. Guest appearances by Mac Lethal, Ariano and more. Production by Sapient of Sandpeople, DiVinci of Sol.illaquists of Sound and more.

01. Act In Madness
02. Too Late To Sell Souls
03. Live Forever
04. Stand Up feat. Jahshua
05. Look Down
06. Reunion
07. Never Forget feat. Ariano
08. Inside Out
09. Got It Wrong feat. Mac Lethal
10. Save You
11. Long Race
12. Depart



A Philadelphia MC with his sights set on the top of the hip hop game. While some emcees are strictly studio and basic battle cats, Reef brings well-rounded talent to the table with formidable stage presence, skills of the pen and a ferocious freestyle ability. His bold new solo LP, A Vicious Cyle, will be released Fall of 2008. Reef The Lost Cauze stands to become one of this years breakthrough artists en-route to solidifying his spot among hip hop's elite.

01. Back At It (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
02. Pay-Per-View (Produced By The Beatills)
03. Problem (Produced By Stress The White Boy)
04. I Wonder (Produced By Marco Polo)
05. Thug Fantasy (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
06. I Ain't No Rapper (Produced By Brods)
07. Big Deal (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
08. Not That Easy Ft. Ethel Cee (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
09. Listen To Me (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
10. Get It? Got It? Good (Produced By MTK)
11. Upside Down Ft. Scandal of 40D & Eternia (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
12. Gone Ft. King Magnetic & Termanology (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
13. Amnesia (Produced By The Beatills)
14. Nat Turner (Produced By The Unknown Soldier)
15. Bad Lieutenant (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
16. When You Get Free Ft. Wil Guice (Produced By Stress The White Boy)
17. Home (Produced By MTK)
18. Still I Rise Ft. Taragirl (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
19. Listen To Me (J.J. Brown Remix)
20. Get It? Got It? Good (J.J. Brown Remix)

Could this be the best hip hop album of the 2008? it could well be!!!

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1 - Airport (Skit)
2 - Layover
3 - Break Bread
4 - Step It Up
5 - Zigga Zigga
6 - The Schizm
7 - My Way Home
8 - Real Talk
9 - Chocolate Popcorn
10 - Essentially Yours
11 - City Livin
12 - Faithful
13 - Layover Outro

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Here is the official video for the 2nd single from Donny’s debut album called "Minute After Midnight". The track is produced by uk producer DJ Snips and the album will be released on December 16th.

Listen Download: Can't Fit In My Shoes
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Hosted by longtime Wu-Tang affiliate, Killah Priest, Purpose of the Tragic Allies ushers in another incredible display of the Allies' unique brand of modern day boom-bap. Combining his raw, street-intellect, over soulful, dusty backdrops, The "Soul Purpose" Mixtape displays Purpose's dynamic flow and great taste in beats, while conveying his thoughts on the current state of hip hop.

Guest appearances include, The White Lotus, Estee Nack and Code Nine. Featuring production by Bronze Nazareth, 4th disciple, Kelakovski and Purpose.

This mixtape is dope as fuck! Wu fam members, Tragic Allies consists of Purpose, Estee Nack & Code Nine, their first mixtape "Grey Skies" had them droppin hot verses over all 4th Disciple instrumentals and this mixtape features mainly Purpose on a solo tip featuring the other group members amongst others dropping exclusive tracks and freestyles. Peep the last track "Preview of the Album" to get a taste of their upcoming full length debut... I gave it a listen and now I'm hyped, the new album sounds crazy, you won't be disappointed. Don't sleep, cop it now!
From the vaults of Cuban-Linx!

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01. Water Dragons (feat. Lotus Chief)
02. Blood Flow (feat. Estee & Purpose of Tragic Allies & Lotus Chief) (Prod. Bronze Nazareth)
03. Remains Of Seasons (feat. DKGA)
04. Sword Justus Original Peoplez (feat. Lotus Chief) (Prod. Ghost Disciple)
05. Anti Death Machine (feat. Lotus Chief, Nova Kane & Iron Neck Li)
06. Training At The Dojo (feat. Iron Neck Li & Lotus Chief)
07. Artery (feat. Morning Star, Seraph Guard & Killer Falcon (Prod. Bronze Nazareth)
08. Formless Sword Melody (feat. Immortal Gods)
09. Crane Technique Of Flight (feat. Lotus Chief, Seraph Guard & Morning Star
10. Heavy Weapon (Iron Neck Li & Lotus Chief)
11. Shades Of The Witch Hazel (feat. Lotus Chief & RPM) (Prod. RPM)
12. The Steel Finger (feat. Lotus Chief)
13. Heaven For A Ghost Army (feat. DKGA) (Prod. Semantix)
14. Buttafly Swords (feat. Rhyme Fabric)
15. Razor Loose Leaf (feat. Lotus Chief & Seraph Guard) (Prod. DJ Swarm)
16. weeping sword (feat. Lotus Chief & Iron Neck Li)
17. Departed Souls Of Kaos (feat. DKGA, Nova Kane, Miss Hoe the 8th Sister & Holocaust (Prod. Annex)
18. Lilly White Handlock (feat. Lotus Chief)

More exclusive ish from new L.C.O.B. member, White Lotus. With more of that kung fu sounding hip hop and more production from Bronze Nazareth, don't let this one slip!

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1. The Poison String Chamber (feat. Lotus Chief) (Prod. Bronze Nazareth)
2. The Overseer (feat. Seraph Guard & Lotus Chief) (Prod. Wisdom God)
3. Fallen Kings (feat. Anabolic & Lotus Chief)
4. Seven Stages (feat. D.L.A.H. Future Chamber)
5. Jealousy Kills (feat. Nova Kane)
6. Cold Blade (feat. Estee, Purpose & Code 9 (of Tragic Allies) & Lotus Chief
7. Just the Thought Of Blades (feat. Seraph Guard & Lotus Chief)
8. Wooden Leg (feat. DKGA)
9. Once Upon A Time In Regina (feat. Lotus Chief) (Prod. North Nasty)
10. Kamikaze Ghost Attacks (feat. Nova Kane & Iron Neck Li)
11. Sword Swivelin (feat. DKGA) (Prod. Bronze Nazareth)
12. The Day After Gods Spoke (feat. Immortal Gods)
13. A Cold Leaf (feat. Lotus Chief & Seraph Guard)
14. Heavy Weight Hyptnosis (feat. Rhyme Fabric)
15. Ninja Virtuz (feat. Pro Grave Face, Lotus Chief & Seraph Guard) (Prod. Famicon)
16. Killa Bushido Blade (feat. Killer Falcon & Lotus Chief)
17. Opium Skydive (feat. Shakim AKA Lord Subliminal)
18. Zen Travelz (feat. Iron Neck Li AKA Def Com 7)

This MC/Producer has recently joined The Lost Children Of Babylon as one of their newest members! Peep this little exclusive... production and features from Wu affiliates including Bronze Nazareth & Tragic Allies. This is some dope shit right here yo, if you like that grimy Wu sound and the spiritual essence of L.C.O.B. then you def gotta cop this. Look out for more from White Lotus coming soon!

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Dub MD presents the brand new exclusive mixtape project entitled "Hip Hop Renatus" with some of the most slept on and underrated emcees featuring the likes of Supastition, Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli, Mr. Live, 6th Sense, Sic Osyrus, Fred Knuxx, Karneige, Access Immortal, Donny Goines, Diablo Archer, Emilio Rojas, D.V. Alias Khryst, Wordsmith and many more, doing what they do best over some of the greatest producers in the Hip Hop's "New, Rare, Classic & Unreleased" instrumentals including J Dilla, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, ?uestlove, Large Professor, Oddisee, Illmind, Marley Marl, Madlib and 9th Wonder just to list a few.

Renatus in old Latin meaning Born Again/Reborn: 44 emcees over 34 handpicked beats! Thirty four tracks of that raw, authentic, no apologises Hip Hop music for the purest, 100% EXCLUSIVE from the emcee to this project, with a classic intro by the genius that is DJ Unexpected. This new mixtape is available for exclusive FREE DOWNLOAD right here, so pass it around, throw it on your iPod or burn it to CD-R, its yours! Thanks to everyone for all the continued support!

01. The Genesis (Intro By DJ Unexpected)
02. 6th Sense - Hip Hop Renatus (Produced By Erick Sermon)
03. Mr. Live feat. Earl Blaize - The Bitch That You Are (Produced By Oddisee)
04. Sic Osyrus & Donny Goines - Why Lord? (Middle Fingers Up) (Produced By Khrysis)
05. Karniege - The Kush (Produced By Jake One)
06. Skyzoo - Bang This (Produced By The Alchemist)
07. Dominique Larue - Role Play (Produced By 9th Wonder)
08. Emilio Rojas - E To The M-I-L-I-O (Produced By J Dilla)
09. Access Immortal - Stay Strapped (Produced By DJ Premier)
10. Melodiq feat. Nikal Fieldz - Bottom Of The 9th (Produced By 4th Disciple)
11. Diablo Archer feat. Myk Dyaleks (of BrokN.English) - We The New Era (Produced By Domingo)
12. Sha Stimuli - Today We Living (Produced By Nottz)
13. Fred Knuxx - Air 'Em Out (Produced By Hi-Tek)
14. Laelo Hood - Extra, Extra! (Produced By DJ Khalil)
15. Supastition - Sound Of Reform School (Produced By Black Milk)
16. Black ELement - Feel The Hunger (Produced By DJ Scratch)
17. Droppin' A Message (Interlude)
18. Zero Star - On My Backpack Shit (Produced By Large Professor)
19. Little Vic - Let The Dollar Circulate (Produced By Ayatollah)
20. Cymarshall Law - This Is The End (Produced By Salaam Remi)
21. Donnan Linkz - Buzz Kill (Produced By Oh No)
22. Cy Yung aka Cyrano - OK Corral (Produced By Madlib)
23. Tislam The Great - Once Again (Produced By Questlove)
24. Faro - Love Me Or Hate Me (Produced By Scram Jones)
25. Arsun F!st - I'm In Here (Produced By Marco Polo)
26. Sense-I - Sense-I's The Name (Produced By Nicolay)
27. Wordsmith feat. Kontact & Black Knight - Signing Day (Produced By Pete Rock)
28. Journalist 103 - Til' The Trumpets Blow (Produced By Illmind)
29. Clap Cognac feat. Jedi Knight - Chosen Ones (Produced By Havoc)
30. City Scholar - The Rebirth (Produced By Evidence)
31. Detroit Red - Hip Hop Redefined (Produced By Buckwild)
32. D.V. Alias Khryst feat. Retsam Da Prince - It's Da Govarmynt (Produced By Marley Marl)
33. Nametag - Champagne Bottle Flow (Produced By Ski Beatz)
34. Panama aka Da Spanish Kid - Born Ready (Produced By RZA)
35. Hi-Coup feat. Spectacula - My Father Told Me (Produced By M-Phazes)
36. Preach Jacobs feat. N'telligence - Mic Check (Produced By Rockwilder)
37. The Exodus (Outro By DJ Unexpected)

Dub MD is from the UK and he's doin it big!!! Props for this one fam!

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01. Intro / J.R. Speaks
02. All Behind Me feat. Tiffany Paige
03. Connected feat. Ta'Racch and Invizible Handz
04. Mashings Of U
05. More Music
06. J.R. Meets Invizible Handz
07. Under My Skull feat. Farrah Burns
08. Grandz
09. The Visionary
10. Action Flick
11. Scriptures
12. Always Bless (Thump Mix)
13. Expressions feat. Tiffany Page
14. Don't Test feat. Tash Mahogany
15. Raw Live feat. Edgar Allen Floe
16. There U Go feat. Afroditas
17. Who? Nose
18. With Voices
19. Way To Far/ Outro

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First single from Jake One's White Van Music

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01. BeSene (Dirty)
02. BeSene (Instrumental)
03. ABC's (Dirty)
04. ABC's (Instrumental)


And here's a bonus track for you...

Listen/Download: Sene - King Me feat. Blu
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After touring the world and blowing up stages with and without their L.A. Symphony crew, founding members, CookBook and UNO Mas are back with their latest musical escapade entitled "The Overflow"; a 14 song downloadable album full of tight flows, bangin’ beats, and memorable guest appearances! The L.A. duo is set to release their latest work as a free downloadable file on October 14th. That’s right F-R-E-E!!!!

The album will feature notable guest appearances from the likes L.A. Symph alumni Joey the Jerk, Vise Versa from the up-and-coming rap duo Deux Process, San Diego’s own Sojourn, the smooth and soulful Raquel Rodriguez, among others. The production is handled largely in-house by CookBook. Standout tracks include the grandiose "Always Shine", hard-hitting, "The Program", and the rock-tinged, "The Music".

From beginning to end, "The Overflow" is a collection of great songs and fresh subject matter that is sure to give L.A. Symphony and Cook & UNO fans exactly what they expect from a classic L.A.S. crew release, while drawing in new listeners worldwide.

1. The Music (feat. Sojourn) (4:06)
2. Always Shine (feat. DJ Activ8) (3:57)
3. Woah Is Me (3:59)
4. The Program (feat. Altered State) (3:48)
5. Championship Ring (feat. Vise Versa) (4:15)
6. Casa Bonita (feat. Kiz Charizmatic) (3:49)
7. Monie Love (feat. Joey the Jerk) (3:44)
8. Throwback (3:24)
9. In N Out (3:34)
10. Showtime (feat. DJ Wise) (3:14) 11. The Reason Why (feat. Raquel Rodriguez) (3:47)
12. One More Time (3:54)
13. Final Things (feat. Raquel Rodriguez) (4:42)
14. New Day (2:49)

The following link will take you to their Myspace blog where you can download the album for FREE!!!

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Had to throw up this classic track from The Leak Edition Vol. 2, and don't forget to show your support for this legendary Mc by copping the official retail release of his album with MF Doom entitled "Who Is This Man?". I already posted the itunes release a while back but the retail has an exclusive bonus track and completely different album cover. The album comes out tomorrow and you can cop it HERE!!!
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01. Transformation Intro (Prod. by Mega Lawge)
02. Make the world go Round (Prod. by Dj Lord Ron)
03. Live N Direct feat. Aarophat (P. by Djimon)
04. Lost N Alone feat. Airon (Prod. by Ant Black)
05. Klass Akshun (Prod. by Dj Lord Ron)
06. Cypha Interlude (Prod. by Mega Lawge)
07. Hit the Showers feat. Substance (Prod. by Bill Ca$h)
08. HolyLandz (Prod. by Bill Ca$h)
09. The Feel Good (Remix) (Prod. by Suff Daddy)

Another dope release from Wildelux. Hustlemania was a classic album in my opinion and this exclusive EP is proof that Wildelux is definitely on the up and boy does he know how to choose beats! Enjoy another TR Exclusive!!!

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Krohme MySpace
Atari Blitzkrieg MySpace

A joint EP that finds Krohme stepping away from the majority of production and enlisting up-and-coming talent and the veteran Magestik Legend to round out the rest. The album also includes Krohme's 4-track mini-EP, Bomb Trails, which features MC Serch, Speech, Doo Wop, Rack-Lo & Atari Blitzkrieg.

01. Stand & Salute (Produced by Magestik Legend)
02. Drummed 2 Deth (Produced by Chinch 33)
03. Searching for Bin Laden (Produced by Ravage)
04. Valentine's Day Massacre (Produced by Krohme)
05. Lessthanthree (Produced by Karl Lazlo)
06. Globally Warmed (Produced by Blastah Beatz)
07. Cashmere (Produced by Kareem Ali)
08. Lady Please (Produced by Krohme)
09. Meet The Godsends (Produced by Marink D.)
10. Bomb Trails feat. Doo Wop & Rack-Lo (Produced by Krohme)
11. Come Together Now Remix feat. Speech (Produced by Krohme)
12. SaturdayNightLive 1ne 9ine 8ight 5ive feat. Atari Blitzkrieg (Produced by Krohme)
13. Round Here feat. MC Serch (Produced by Krohme) (Bonus Track - A Black Winter - A Basket Full Of Blood)

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Whattup folks, it's finally here. As requested we've put together some of our choice cuts and come up with That Realness Volume 1 mixtape, featuring 25 of 2008's dopest joints so far, including exclusive drops from some of the featured artists. Digital download is available NOW by clicking the link below. Hard copies of the CD are available @ Carhartt UK store, Earlham St., Covent Garden, London, while stocks last. Also soon to be available @ HMV, Oxford Circus, London. Copies may be sent internationally at the cost of p&p only, get at us. Keep your eyes open for Volume 2 dropping sometime in February 2009 as well as an interim digital-only compilation we'll drop in December. Shout outs to DaddyRay on the mix and all artists featured, particularly those who laced us with drops. And thank you to all our visitors and supporters. Don't forget pass out the link and spread the good news! -4 elements, 1 love-

Seeing as we're currently working on Volume 2 for an early 2009 release, we thought It'd be a good idea to post up the Volume 1 again, especially for those that didn't get a chance to cop it first time round, there's also a new link (Megaupload) as the zshare one was dead and buried! Enjoy!!!


This Super Emcee combines with Super Producer from Hungary to make one of the best Hip Hop Albums of 2008. It has substance , originality , raw lyrics , wordplay and Bangin' Beats ranging from a DJ Premier to DJ Hi-Tek Style. it also features KRS-ONE.

"Cymarshall Law represents the best hip hop has to offer his energy and passion is refreshing in todays climate " - Talib Kweli

"Cymarshall Law has his own flow and originality that Hip Hop lacks plus lyrics" - Wordsworth

Soon The balance will be brought back to the living force we've come to know as Hip Hop. The Soul is the the purest most raw part of any living thing and the lack of these elements have forced people to claim Hip Hop is dying but this couldn't be far enough from the truth. Refreshing New MC , Producer Tag Team of Cymarshall Law ( New Jersey ) & Mr. Joeker ( Hungary ) are presenting to the world an album that could only be defined as Raw, Pure , Original Hip Hop from the Soul in other words what Hip Hop has been missing, the boys are not claiming saviors but some may say otherwise. The Albums's lead single is a mash hit on college radio CONTROL feat. the legendary KRS-ONE! Hip Hop in the Soul is Cymarshall Law's follow up to his 2007 Album Hip Hop in the Flesh which Rawkus Records courted Law for to release the album digitally. Mr. Joeker who is also an MC in a prolific Hungarian Hip Hop group known as Hosok ( Heros ) has won 5 music contests with his amazing production skills. Joeker is a producer who seems limitless in his style and creativity, he has learned from all the great producers from Jay Dilla , DJ Premier, Pete Rock and more but unlike other producers has kept his originality and own style while still paying homage to greats that came before him in a way that is sure to raise many eyebrows of even the pioneers he pays homage too. Many are saying the project is an early contender for Indie Hip Hop Album of the Year. The project is testament to all Hip Hop stands for. Together with Law's uncanny wordplay and lyrical skill it guarantees their first album plenty of playback time all across earth. The Album Hip Hop in The Soul commands attention and is destined to become a favorite of Hip Hop lovers new and old.

01. Intro To The Soul
02. The Takeoff (Getting It)
03. I’m A MC ( Hip Hop In The Soul)
04. Control feat. KRS-One
05. They Gon Know feat. Skit Slam
06. Truth feat. Skit Slam & Supastition
07. Stick And Stones
08. Out Of The Rain feat. Mary Lou
09. Love, Sex Or What
10. Greed
11. No Explanation
12. Live While You Can
13. Sorry
14. King With 4 Wives

Don't pass this one up, it's definitely one of the best albums this year. The beats are ridiculously ill and Cy Law has definitely grown as an MC since his last album. This is sure to be a classic in the near future!

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Disciple: One who has learned to believe in the truth of the doctrine of his teacher and helps to spread that Doctrine to others.

The Teacher- Hip Hop Music, The Learner- i-D.

The duo met in Colorado Springs, CO. in 2004 through a mutual friend and eventually became members of Fortified Sounds, a recording facility and DJ haven on the cities West Side. Ben Bounce, a St. Louis transplant, DJ and Producer. Konflik, the MC and avid beatmaker, quickly recognized each others talents. Although from two completely different backgrounds, they bonded through music and developed a chemistry together. Both recognized what Hip Hop had turned into in the eyes of the masses; A watered down Pop that lost its heart and Soul. Something had to change.

After Bounce returned to St. Louis, the two remained in close contact. Both were anxious to get something going. The only problem was the 830 miles of Highway between them. Thanks to dedication, preparation, cellular phones and Emails, the two started making strides. Kon had taken on a job driving trucks coast to coast, and the two had plenty of time to exchange ideas. The Compass was born was born shortly after.

The plan was to create an album that would help provide direction to a lost and wandering Hip Hop Nation. It turned into much more.

The Compass gives you a look into the inner workings of both artists and the Duo as a whole. By combining elements of Rock, Soul, Folk, Funk and Classical, Ben Bounce invites the listener in. The Golden Age soundtrack provides comfort for ears that they hadn’t heard in some time. Then, clear and concise, Kon assaults the ears with lyricism. In the tradition of the MC, Kon speaks directly to the listener. He takes you on journeys through life, love, politics and science fiction, each time drawing you closer and closer to his world and making you more aware of the world surrounding yourself.

Listen, enjoy and believe that Hip Hop is alive and well.

01. An Introduction 1:26
02. Next to Left 3:07
03. Anytime 2:53
04. One By One 4:18
05. Blast Fools ft. Jersey and Spark1 3:32
06. The Empty Prophets 3:43
07. Love Is 4:41
08. The Lowercase 5:11
09. # 9 4:42
10. Flo Spitta 3:56
11. You, Me and Us 4:05
12. Voice NA ft. Nato Caliph 4:14
13. The Garden State Anthem (Remix) ft. Nite Owl and Jersey 4:11
14. Today and Tomorrow ft. Pahzazz 3:27
15. The Light 4:44
16. Lucci ft. Nato Caliph 3:39
17. Supervillainous 6:48

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AFFLUENT RECORDS Presents.... SADAT X “Generation X” Album “Generation X” takes us on a 15 song hard hitting hip hop musical journey through the life and times of Sadat X in the streets of the NU New York City in 2008. With club hits like “Never” and the epic biographical radio hit single “This is Your Life” alongside a special guest cameo from Underground Hip Hop legend Thirston Howl III. Generation X Will be sure to bang be heard and lead the way to becoming A must in your play list.

01. Now (Feat. Twan)
02. This Is Your Life
03. Jungle (Feat. Twanie Ranks)
04. Never
05. Think Different
06. X-Plain
07. He Walks With Me (Skit)
08. X Is The Word
09. Walk Upright
10. Hey Baby
11. The Okeedoke
12. Morning Food (Feat. Twankie Ranks)
13. Live
14. Make It Happen
15. Heart To Heart (Feat. Thirstin Howl III)
16. Its A Demo
17. New York
18. Sweat

*All tracks produced by Will Tell

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Nature first came to the world’s attention in the mid-90s doing intros for DJ Clue’s mixtapes, solo and alongside early mentor/rival Nas, and his notoriety peaked with his collaborations with Nas, AZ & Foxy Brown as The Firm, although ongoing collaborations and associations with Tragedy Khadafi, Mobb Deep, Cormega, Capone & Noreaga have kept his fanbase aware of his presense in the game. This new album, evidence that Nature has not been growing stale since his last release, is a showcase of today’s up-and-coming beatmakers, anchored by more seasoned producers Dub Sonata and Scram Jones. Nature’s confidence is evident by his sparing use of guests that compliment his style; N.O.R.E., Prodigy, Doo Wop and Kool G Rap. “Pain Killer” is a lethal injection to the stale state of Hip Hop in 2008, a seamless sequence of deft lyrical deliveries over innovative beats.

01. Intro (Produced By Scram Jones)
02. Live Wire (Produced By Mes)
03. Nobody Else But Me (Produced By DJ CIA)
04. Gotta Get It (Produced By Vin The Chin)
05. Cold Blooded Killer (feat. N.O.R.E., Prodigy (of Mobb Deep)) (Produced By SPK)
06. Everyday (Produced By Scram Jones)
07. Ya Homie (Produced By Scram Jones)
08. Small Talk (Produced By Ax Da Bull)
09. The Sermon (Produced By Dub Sonata)
10. Flashback Freestyle (feat. Doo Wop, Scram Jones) (Produced By Scram Jones)
11. Overnight Affair (Produced By Mes)
12. Thought I Told You (feat. Prodigy (of Mobb Deep), Kool G Rap) (Produced By Scram Jones)
13. Public Enemy #1 (Produced By Nature)
14. One Shot (Produced By Scram Jones)
15. Never Slip (Produced By Dub Sonata)
16. Runnin' Out Of Time (Produced By Dub Sonata)
17. The Countdown (Produced By Nature)

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Dope new track from Keeley & Zaire, be on the lookout for their upcoming album "Ridin' High" due for release early 2009! You also get the b side track as well as the recently released music video for "The Times"!

Listen/Download: The Times feat. Blu, Nino Moschella, Fortilive & Nino Moschella

Listen/Download: Addicts For Real feat. Tunji (of Inverse)

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1 - Lost Sun
2 - Poetry Night (Skit)
3 - Wake Up
4 - On My Way
5 - Billy Ray Talks 2 Me
6 - DayzandNitez
7 - All In All Out
8 - Sunshine Blues feat. Soulflower
9 - Slippin' Away
10 - My Dreams feat. Killah Priest
11 - A Walk Alone *Bonus (Hidden Track) - Closing In

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Featuring New Songz from:

Featuring Production from:
Domingo,Scram Jones,Bronze Nazareth,Fizzy Womack,True Master,Big ES,DJ Snips,Anabolic,Fox Styles,DJ Incise,Team Demo,Thorotracks,Marco Polo & Many Otherz

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