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Rock, one half of the legendary rap duo, Heltah Skeltah, returns with Shell Shock. The Rockness Monsta has been at the forefront of attention lately as he is battling an attempted murder charge to which he has pled not-guilty. After being released from jail in the Winter of 2007, Rock has since appeared on MTV's Mixtape Monday's and has been published in The Source's Back-To-The-Lab Heltah Skeltah interview (April, 08 Issue) and in XXL Magazine (April, 08 Issue). His single "Attempted Murda" is climbing charts across the nation. Rock established himself as a prominent artist as one half of Heltah Skeltah (Nocturnal and Magnum Force albums) and is also part of the mighty Boot Camp Clik which just released their latest album "Casualties of War" in 2007 and has already shipped over 20,000 units nationwide. Rock is now prepping for a new Heltah Skeltah project with long time partner, Sean Price, entitled D.I.R.T. (Da Incredible Rap Team) which is scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2008. Shell Shock is new and original music from Rock with special guest appearances by Buckshot, Black Moon, Sean Price, Steele of Smif N Wessun, Ruste Juxx, and more.

1. Shellshock Intro feat. Lidu Rock (Produced By: Double Up)
2. Flytime (Produced By: Double Up)
3. AYRRRR (Produced By: Double Up)
4. 300 B.C. feat. Klust-Stone, Buckshot & 5FT
5. Tempmurda
6. Me 2 Nigga
7. Raize Da Roof (Produced By: Riffs)
8. Fuck Dat Rapper feat. Sean Price
9. Rockzilla
10. Rock Brothaz Wildin feat. G. Hotrocks, Animal Hardrock & Rockabye (of Rock Brothaz)
11. CrookOnASong feat. Lidu Rock
12. Graveyard Shifty feat. Rock Renegade (Produced By: Munchdawg)
13. Da Beast Is Back
14. Most Dangerous feat. Lidu Rock
15. Rite Back feat. Steele (of Smif-N-Wessun) & Ruste Juxx (Produced By: Double Up)
16. Doofis feat. Rockabye, Lidu Rock & Supreme (Produced By: Heatstoppas)
17. NY Gritty (Produced By: Shinythings)
18. Mag Force Zoo feat. Pre$$ha Dinero, Verbal Kent & Munchdawg
19. LateNite feat. Lidu Rock & Munchdawg (Produced By: Heatstoppas)
20. Ramadan feat. Lidu Rock, Rockabye & Pre$$ha Dinero
21. Stack Paper feat. Lidu Rock & Munchdawg (Produced By: Heatstoppas)