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It’s a major accomplishment to earn a title as serious as Chicago’s hardest working rhyme duo but no group is more deserving than the Windy City’s own Abstract Mindstate. E.P Da Hellcat aka The White Lotis and Olskool Ice-Gre aka Tha Gud Dr. have put in more work than the construction crews in downtown Chicago. Five 12 inch records, 1 seven song ep, 1 national released but poorly handled album (We Paid Let Us In), an unreleased album (Still Paying) and 2 mixtapes later the self proclaimed Wonder Twins of the Windy refuse to throw in the towel. The second installment of their mixtape series is aptly titled: Chicago’s Hardest Working Vol. 2 (Project Soul). This time around the male/female duo opted for a more focused effort using producer Rashid Hadee's soulful production style as the inspiration to deliver lyrics deep from within. The group says they came from the soul, which is what makes the subtitle of Vol.2 so significant. Abstract Mindstate found a way to address heavy and sometimes serious issues without coming off so serious and heavy. Unlike its playful predecessor, the male/female duo use this mixtape to get a lot of their chest. Any Hip Hop purist will love this mixtape but if you're simply a fan of good music you'll also find enjoyment in the grooves and melodies that accompany the very meaningful lyrics constructed by Chicagp's hardest Working Rhyme Duo.

Listen to track 4, "Creepin"

1 Intro
2 I (Me, Myself)
3 Sacrifice feat. Trizonna McClendon
4 Creepin
5 A Good Man Is Gone
6 Missin You (An Ode To Hip Hop's Return)
7 What If feat. Mick Luter
8 What???
9 Flyin High
10 Its Time feat. Ashaki Djenaba
11 Waitin On The Weekend feat. Dre Cagney
12 Self Elevation
13 Nostalgia feat. Common
14 Chaos & Confusion
15 Yall Dont Really Want It
16 Scenes feat. GLC
17 Just Spittin feat. Cap D (All Natural)
18 Mic Check
19 These Raps feat. Special Ed
20 My Thoughts feat. Qualo
21 Dedication feat. JV
22 Outro
*All tracks produced by Rashid Hadee (except track 13)

Too many bangin tracks to pick a favorite, I strongly recommend that you check this album. Rashid's beats are straight bananas, if you like 9th Wonder or any of that soulful ish then this will not disappoint. This might be a mixtape but it plays just like a full length album, all new production, new lyrics, no freestyles or old material so do yourself a favor, cop this now and thank me for continually hookin you up with exclusive after exclusive. Peep the link below download link for info on the new cd Vol. 3: The Celebration!!! You heard it here first!


Vol. 3: The Celebration is now available to buy at cdbaby.com