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"Clusterbombs" is the debut solo LP from Gravel Records recording artist and Giraffe Nuts member Alltruisms. "Clusterbombs" features top-notch production from such indie heavyweights as J-Zone, DJ PRZM (RIP), Maker (GLUE), Kaz1, K-Kruz (Modill), Earmint, 5th Element (All Natural) & Overflo, as well as guest appearances from Verbal Kent & Rusty Chains. "Clusterbombs" is an innovative release that is sure to please fans of such artists as Mr. Lif, Sage Francis & Atmosphere.

1. A Lightyear Away (Produced By: Kaz1)
2. Deposit (Produced By: DJ PRZM)
3. Blindfolded feat. Verbal Kent (Produced By: J-Zone)
4. Nine-Digit # (Produced By: Kaz1)
5. Rockets Red Glare (Produced By: Maker)
6. The Birds And The Bees feat. Rusty Chains (Produced By: Overflo)
7. Knight in Shining Armor (Produced By: K-Kruz)
8. Clusterbombs Laos (Produced By: K-Kruz)
9. Oh (Produced By: K-Kruz)
10. Oh Epilogue (Produced By: Earmint)
11. Dry-spell (Produced By: Maker)
12. Nutcamp feat. Verbal Kent, Doomsday, Roadblok, Moodswangz (of Giraffe Nuts) (Produced By: Kaz1)
13. Jalopy (Produced By: Kaz1)
14. Hire Me (Produced By: Earmint)
15. Dear Hip Hop feat. Verbal Kent (Produced By: 5th Element)
16. Clusterbombs Me (Produced By: K-Kruz)


Peep the dope video for "Nine-Digit #"

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