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Hailing from the lost city of Camden, NJ, this emcee/producer represents one-third of the critically acclaimed Nuthouse crew. The group debuted in 1998 with the classic 12", A Luv Supream on Bobbito's fabled Fondle 'Em imprint. Goodvibe Recordings quickly followed up with a Nuthouse EP entitled Deez Nuts which featured cameos by El da Sensai (Artifacts), Planet (Outerspace) and Diamond Back (Deadly Snakes). Fel was also featured on the Dave Ghetto Love Life 12" (Counterflow Recordings) and the Embodiment of Instrumentation LP by Scratch from The Roots' (Rope-A-Dope/Atlantic Records).

*Review taken from amazon
Like the other reviewer i was originally searching for other stuff when i stumbled across this cat and decided to cop it on the cheap. I had heard that he was down with Dave Ghetto (who appears on 1 track+rips shop) so considering i had got his album+LOVED it i took a gamble. To be perfectly honest it turns out there was absoultely no gamble involved. This is what hiphop should be. ALL these so called rap artists getting major airplay should take a long look at themselves+realise the damage they're doing to hiphop by putting out these half a**ed albums, then go buy this for themselves+study how to make good music. Fel's flows-flawless, Fel's beats (yeah he does most of his own)-breathtaking. With the added help of the criminally underestimated ILLMIND and the very impressive STREET ORCHESTRA he creates a unique vibe that captivates you from the jump. I would've loved FEL to use the 2 remix tracks to do new songs with the beats. The tracks "lost children", "lust"(remix) and "hold back" would make this worth the money and should make any rap fan run out and cop this. Excellent, please support real hiphop like this!!!

Listen to track 11, "The Hold Back"

1. Intro
2. Awful Pretty
3. Lost Children
4. Dear Dad (Interlude)
5. Lust
6. Time
7. The Hierarchy featuring Poesh Wondah, Dave Ghetto & Fury
8. Any Last Words featuring L-Dorado
9. Lost Children (Remix) (Produced by Illmind)
10. Lust (Remix) (Produced by Esayel)
11. The Hold Back (Produced by Street Orchestra)
*All tracks produced by Fel Sweetenberg except where noted.


This album is a straight up classic, do not sleep. Dude is mad nice on the mic and with the beats. Cop this along with the Dave Ghetto album, "Love Life?" and the brilliant new release, "Hustle Simmons"! I'll post up more stuff from the Nuthouse fam if there's positive feedback for these posts!