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Ivan Ives imports a flowing dose of his Russian roots to the LA hip-hop scene. With Iconoclast, Ives’ second full-length, released under the wings of his own No Threshold imprint, the street-savvy emcee brings an outsider’s view to the Capitalist migraine that dominates so many of hip-hop’s affairs.

The album features a star-studded cast of: Cappadonna (Wu-Tang), the legendary O.C. (D.I.T.C.), 2MEX (Visionaries), Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox) and of course backed by producer, Fresh (The Hitman), who does all the beats on the album.

Listen to track 6, "Soul" feat. O.C.

01. Got It
02. Victory (Feat. Vast Aire)
03. Mad Game
04. Carpe Diem (Feat. 2mex)
05. Olivia Josephs
06. Soul (Feat. O.C.)
07. How It Is
08. The Recipe
09. Honor (Feat. Cappadonna)
10. Worldwide Hits (Feat. Fresh aka Hitman)
11. Lay Low
12. Rap Ethics
13. Revenge
14. Zzyzx Road
15. Life Is A Bitch

I know this one slipped past many of you, this is as indie as they come, small label, no promotion etc... but when I gave this a listen, the first thing that struck me were the beats! Fresh is a relatively unknown producer but cats should take notice, this dude chops up nice samples, mixing up soul, funk and other sounds to create some head nodding goodness! Ivan is a decent MC, dope guests help to... but check the beats man, I'll post up some more stuff by Fresh soon, for now, check out this banger!!


Peep this video for the dope track "Got It". Video's cheap as hell but you gotta laugh and admire the fact that this is a baaad tune! Producer Fresh comes correct again on the beat, siiick!!