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One Dae is the greatest MC you've never heard of. Despite this he is a NYC underground legend. He first gained a name for battling Mos Def at the first Bragging Writes Mc Battle-but most people don't know that that was son's first time on stage. This was to be the first of many battles for the kid who would become one of Brooklyn's finest!

The Scrap Book Mixtape is an collection of original tracks which Dae has recorded over the last few years. They are Dae's re-introduction to the game after an abscence which left fans wondering..."Where's Dae?" Despite internet rumors of imprisonment in a foriegn jail and death, Dae is the neither and has returned to claim his rightfull thrown. Hosted by the god Sean P, The Scrap Book is just a prelude to Dae's feature full length lp Daes & Times, which is set to drop late summer 08. Features include Sean Price, Bekay, Tsi La Brev, Flood and many more...tracks by Shuko, Marco Polo, JbL, and hip hop vet Domingo make this mixtape/album a real heat-rock for the summer! If you like your hip hop straight with no chaser, then get ready to be punch-drunk dunnys...DAES BACK!

...and dont forget to check for Daes & Times comimg soon!!!!

1. Sean Price (Intro)
2. Slide or Die
3. It's Dae (Prod. by Domingo)
4. Run For Cover
5. So Serious (Freestlye)
6. Have Mercy feat. Bekay (Prod. by Shuko)
7. Come on Man (Prod. by Domingo)
8. BK Funk
9. Say Goodnight... feat. Kev Turner (Prod. by JbL)
10. That Shit
11. BK All Dae /w C-Rayz Walz Drop (Prod. by Marco Polo)
12. What I've Become
13. 18 (Prod. by Domingo)
14. Sean Price "Daes & Times" Drop
15. Fire feat. Flood & Superstar
16. Felonious Flow
17. Dae After Dae
18. Smooth Shit (Prod. by Domingo)
19. BK 2 BX Connect feat. Tsi & Swave Sevah
20. Suicide (Prod. by Domingo)
21. War on Drugs feat. Sean Price
22. Am I Going To Die?
23. The Sun Somedae
24. Say What You Want w/ Sean Price Outtro



"BK All Day" (Produced by Marco Polo)