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New Street Album from indie/underground producer BIG D O and Syracuse NY's finest M-Hott AKA Double T. A partnership forged through the love of dope underground hip-hop, the duo finally has put forward their debut street album "War Of The Words" that is being released for free digital download on Foresight Records. Recorded mostly in M-Hott's apartment basement and a studio apartment in south Denver the frequent collaborators take pride in the raw and dusty sound that comprises their music and the process that was recording it. Now as they release what is sure to be one of the many LP's they drop together over time, the two are proud to give the many fans and seekers of "genocide free music" a project that is un-scathed by the corporate world's massive reach and unapologetic in it's brutal honesty about the current state of Hip-Hop music, urban entertainment as a whole and dedicated to the true esthetic of great Hip-Hop music.

Listen to track 11, "Such Devotion"

01. Introduction
02. Circles
03. Boom Bap Is Back
04. Forsee The Way
05. House On The Hill
06. The Roaring 50's
07. Am I Ill
08. Keep Hatin'
09. They Want Love
10. Nomination time
11. Such Devotion
12. Rainy Night (Sad Story)