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Peace Yall,
To keep the anticipation of my upcoming album rolling, I have put together 18 songs for FREE download (all of which will not be on days chasing days) The songs feature Exile, Aloe Blacc, DJ Day, Mike Castillo, Johaz(Deep Rooted), Amiri, Adikt 1 & DJ Bizkid. Its 112MB zip file so it will take a sec to download but hopefully you will dig it. Feel free to pass it on to everyone and their mother. Blessings.

and remember... JAN 09 Days Chasing Days.. Feat. Exile, Kan Kick, Rath Khy, Sean Price, Blu, Grocka, Coss, Black Milk, Aloe Blacc, Johaz, Sha dula, Black Sparx & More.

Listen to track 7, "Master The Rhyme"

1. Mixtape Intro (cuts by Bizkid)
2. Hella Confused (prod. by Adikt One)
3. Cali Dreamin (prod. by Amiri)
4. Ghost Stories (prod. by Exile)
5. Set Up feat. Aloe Blacc (prod. by DJ Day)
6. Take No Shorts (prod. by Exile)
7. Master The Rhyme (prod. by Mike Castillo)
8. Mic Math (prod. by Exile)
9. Change Begin (prod. by Exile)
10. Life (prod. by Exile)
11. Saloon Tune (prod. by Exile)
12. Young man feat. Johaz (of Deep Rooted) (prod. by Exile)
13. All On The Line (prod. by Exile)
14. North County (prod. by Exile) cuts by Blame
15. Once Upon a time (prod. by Exile)
16. Song for Anthony (prod. by Exile)
17. City Slickers feat. Exile (prod. by Exile)
18. Outro feat. symphony and Anthony

Given away FREE by the master himself, enjoy!!!