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The BDI Thug is the solo debut from Hip Hop artist Buckshot, of the group Black Moon, and the collective Boot Camp Clik. The album received harsh reviews, and sales were cut short after Buck's label was dropped from their distribution deal. The title BDI Thug references the nickname 2Pac gave to Buckshot in the summer of 1996 during the recording of the unreleased One Nation album.

01. Intro (Games People Play) (Feat. Jay Of Crow Hill)
02. Follow With Pride
03. Follow My Lead (Remix)
04. Ladies N Gentlemen
05. My Bitches & My Niggaz (Feat. Harly Hearts Of Crow Hill)
06. Trapped
07. Take It To The Streets (Feat. Blue Flame, Half-A-Mil & Swan)
08. I'll Be Damned (Feat. Swan)
09. Heavy Weighters (Feat. Swan & F.T.)
10. Glide With Me
11. Take Your Time (Feat. Swan & Jessica Darby)
12. Breath Control
13. Boom Bye Bye (Feat. Top Dog)
14. Feel It (Feat. Sweet Mellodye, Swan & Tone Cappone)
15. Use 2 Be Afraid (Feat. Swan)
16. Will We Live To See 2morrow?
17. Final Words (Feat. Swan)

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