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When you hear Orlando, FL, you may stereotype it with theme parks, boy bands, and vacation. Beneath the surface, however, lies a solid hip-hop scene that would make true believers proud. Enter Critical Madness (CM): the combination of emcess cRITICAL and Madness, two minds put together to create raw music with intricate concepts and pure lyricism, reminiscent of hip-hop's golden era. With both hailing from Central Florida, it was only a matter of time before they crossed paths in the southeastern Battle Circuit thus spawning Critical Madness.

Listen to track 2, "1st Amendment" feat. Sabac Red

01. Finding The Plot (Intro)
02. 1st Amendment (feat. Sabac Red)
03. Sin City
04. The Most Quotable (feat. Doc Demeyez)
05. Rock With Us
06. Loud & Clear
07. Tonight's Plan
08. Bringing Out The Dead (Interlude)
09. Keep It Comming (feat. Karniege)
10. Whut A Day
11. Confessionz Of A Gigolo (cRITICAL Solo)
12. Funeral Organs
13. Massacre Mic (Remix)
14. Attitude (Madness Solo)
15. Blow Me!
16. Dropped (Ozone Remix) (feat. TzariZM, Rugged, MidaZ, Mygrane McNastee, Madd Illz & Johnny Storm
17. The Plot (Outro)

Firmly established and highly reputed on the battle circuit **(peep them out on Youtube!)**, Madness, hailing from Florida, and cRITICAL, a Brooklyn native, come fierce on this joint with a barrage of high energy and intelligently humorous tracks. If you've been sleeping it's time to wake up! Keep your eyes peeled for the duo's collaboration with Long Island's Little Vic, Hidden Agenda, coming soon. And be sure to set your alarms for cRITICAL's upcoming solo venture, Medical Records, the highly anticipated follow-up to The Rubber Room Diary (Y'all can get diggin' for that one, it's worth it).


X-clusive track called "Medicine Cup" off cRITICAL's solo album, "Medical Records" coming VERY soon!