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CunninLynguists entire catalogue is a must have not only for rap heads, but for all true music fans. As a rap head that grew up in the early and mid 90s when rap was innovative in expressing deep thought and the feelings of a generation, CunninLynguists are a breath of fresh air in a depressingly stale genre (mainstream). Everything they put out is intricately constructed with an attention to detail in lyrics, production, and flow. You can bang the albums straight through without any real skips.

Kno does all the production (and raps) for CunninLynguists and he really sets the tone for all the albums with top notch and versatile production. Like all great rap and production combinations (Guru and Premier, Stoupe and Vinny Paz, Talib and Hi-Tek) CunninLynguists lyrics and production mesh seamlessly to create true bangers. The production enhances the lyrics and vice versa to build songs that you feel more the more you listen to them. Please STOP SLEEPIN on these guys and cop this and all their other classics. You will not be disappointed...
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01. Will Rap For Food (Skit)
02. Lynguistics
03. Mic Like A Memory (Feat. Kory Calico)
04. So Live!
05. Hey (Skit)
06. Fuckinwichu
07. Ain't No Way (Feat. Mr. S.O.S. & Anetra)
08. Missing Children (Feat. Braille)
09. Midnight (Skit)
10. Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts (Feat. J. Bully & Mr. Raw)
11. Kno's Diggin' (Skit)
12. Halfanimal, Halfman
13. Family Ties (Feat. Cashmere The Pro)
14. Dirty South (Skit)
15. Mindstate
16. Takin' The Loss (Feat. J. Bully)
17. Not Guilty
18. 616 Rewind (Feat. Tonedeff, Santoka, Kashal-Tee & Celph Titled)

This debut release is a definitive classic! With Kno supplying some masterful beats and Deacon the Villain handling mic duties, you have an album full of originality and classic material. The dirty south gets a bad rep sometimes but this is how the south should sound. All through the album, you'll be hit with sublime beats, witty wordplay and an all round vibe that will make you wonder why you never really peeped these cats before. Support real hip hop people and check the rest of their discography, every album is a banger in it's own right!