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The five-man production team spearheaded by brothers DJ Evil Dee and Mr. Walt are back with the follow up to their '01 Rawkus debut, Brace 4 Impack. Forming Da Beatminerz in Brooklyn, NY in '93, Baby Paul, Chocolate Ty, Rich Black, Dee and Walt, laid the foundation for the gritty east coast approach to beatmaking on classic albums such as Black Moon's Enter da Stage, and Smif-N-Wesson's Da Shinin. One of the only production teams to carry enough weight to release two albums under their own name, Da Beatminerz utilize the recognition they have gained on Fully Loaded With Static, dropping beats for the legendary KRS One along with Lord Sear, Wordsworth, Last Emperor, J-Live, Dilated Peoples, Charlie 2na, Sha Lumie, Krumb Snatcha, Jean Grae, Larry Thomas, Poison Pen, Karniege, J-Zone, Mystic, David Banks, and Terrell Rowell.

1. Are You Ready?/ Turn It Up! feat. Lord Sear (Intro)
2. Let's Go feat. KRS One
3. It Ain't Enough feat. Wordsworth & The Last Emperor
4. 0! (11.9) feat. J-Live
5. Live From Master Control Part 2 feat. Dilated Peoples, Charlie 2na & Wordsworth
6. Woman Lady feat. Ronae & Shortie No Mas
7. Hip Hop (Tha Essence) feat. Sha Lumie
8. Feedback feat. Krumbsnatcha & Headquarters (R.I.P)
9. Mafia Don feat. The Last Emperor
10. U…, Me…, All Ov Us feat. Jean Grae
11. Check 1…2…feat. Larry Thomas, Poison Pen, Karniege & J-Zone
12. Pull Your Card feat. Mystic
13. That'z Y! feat. David Banks
14. Came 2 Do feat. Wordsworth
15. Outro (Turn It Up!) feat. Terrell Rowell