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There are very few emcees today who truly come from the heart, who have a strong passion and love for their craft, and who are considered an "original, next level" artist. Once you hear one verse from Edgar Allen Floe, you realize you have spotted one of these kinds of artists.

Edgar Allen Floe, 27, has seen Hiphop grow and blossom in different "phases." From the "old school" Kurtis Blow, Whodini days; the KRS-ONE, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane "golden age"; to the new millennium of Hiphoppas with a connection to the Internet. Edgar has been in love with Hiphop since as far back as he can remember, and began writing at the age of 14. Initially dreaming of being a Deejay, he slowly found he could really be considered, by many, as a top notch emcee. So, he decided to become serious with his craft in 1996.

1. Intro (0:20)
2. The Formula 2005 (produced by DJ Forge) (2:48)
3. I For An I (produced by Illmind) (3:47)
4. Back In Time (produced by Khrysis) (4:17)
5. Timelife (produced by Obsidian Blue) (4:18)
6. Faith In Love (produced by 9th Wonder) (3:45)
7. The Great Adventure (produced by 9th Wonder) (3:42)
8. Imagine (produced by Picasso) (3:28)
9. Livelyhood (produced by Slicemysta) (4:35)

If you need more Justus League material, then don't sleep on this. I thought his name sounded funny when I first heard it but you can't deny his skills, plus being back by 9th Wonder, Khrysis & Illmind ain't a bad look either!