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Grown Folks is a hip hop group from Richmond, VA. The group consists of 2 members; producer Dox 1 (Wordsworth “Trust”, Pumpkinhead “2 Rude” and “Payperview”, Boogieman “Big Boogie”, Da Ranjhaz “High Off of Mescaline” and others) and emcee MicSource (most notably “In the Game” featuring Skillz). The chemistry between the 2 is undeniable on their 2005 mixtape “It is What it is.” This was acknowleged in many of the mixtape’s reviews including ones from and (UK).

With the praise from “IIWII”, the group went onto complete their highly anticipated album entitled “Child’s Play.” Complete with guests appearances from Phil Da Agony, Skyzoo, Darien Brockington, K-Hill, Buff 1 (Athletic Mic League) and others, the album proves the need for a group that can deliver heat with substance. Whether approaching topics that the adult listener can actually empathize with (“Family Man”, “Sunday”) or just throwing darts (“No More” featuring Phil Da Agony, “Bang Ish”), Grown Folks assert themselves as a needed commodity in a hip hop world of guns, pimps, hustlers and hoes. There is more to the world than the aforementioned topics, and the group makes this clear.

The future is bright, and the call is yours. Let’s not just talk about what the game needs…let’s make it happen.

1. Official
2. No More feat Phil The Agony
3. Girl Holla
4. Home Again feat Spark Vada
5. Child's Play
6. Keep Your Hands High
7. Family Man
8. Sunday feat Shawn Chappelle and D-Vine
9. Tomorrow feat Trew and Simon Phoenix
10. Night For Love feat Darien Brockington
11. Bang Ish
12. Love Music
13. Layla's Theme
14. Goodbye feat Teresa Cook
15. Lyrics To Go feat Trew
16. Good Ol' Soul
17. Rewind Factor feat K-Hill, Buff 1, Iceberg and Skyzoo

This album is a slept on banger! Dox 1's production is drenched in soul with sprinkles of funk for MicSource & Dox himself to lace their grown man lyrics, covering a number of subject matters. All over this album, they promote a positive vibe that you can't help to jam out to. Out of the 17 tracks, there's two that I weren't feelin', "Girl Holla" & "Keep Your Hands High", simply because they don't really fit with the rest of the album, almost bordering on a commercial sound, and I don't do commercial! the rest of the album though is a work of art, Dox 1 really has an ear for beautiful soul samples and dirty drums and bass. MicSource comes correct on nearly every track. Trust me on this one, this album is pure fire, almost a classic in my book. Peep the Micsource MySpace page, they have a new track out called "Back in The Building" off their soon to be released sophomore album, "Grumpy Old Men", don't sleep!!!