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Heltah Skeltah's popularity and success shot north like a bullet train, as they dropped their 1998 hood acclaimed sophomore release, Magnum Force. The album had a grocery list of appearances including; The Outlawz, Method Man, Redman, and the Dogg Pound.
“I Ain’t Havin It,” gained attention for its fast rhymes and sampling A Tribe Called Quest’s "Hot Sex,” coming off as inconceivably gully. Although the single was held in high regard by fans, critics questioned the album’s light content. Possibly due to the negative reactions and internal conflicts, Price and Rock dissolved Heltah Skeltah, to peruse different interests.

01. Worldwide (Rock The World)
02. Call Of The Wild (Feat. Starang Wondah, Da Representativz, Hardcore & Doc Holiday)
03. Gunz 'N Onez (Iz U Wit Me?) (Feat. Method Man)
04. Perfect Jab (Feat. Supreme)
05. Call Tyrone (Skit)
06. Chicka Woo (Feat. Mike Stewart)
07. I Ain't Havin That (Feat. Starang Wondah & Doc Holiday)
08. 2 Keys (Skit)
09. Brownsville II Long Beach (Feat. Tha Dogg Pound)
10. 2 Keys II (Skit)
11. Magnum Force (Feat. Da Representativz & Rustee Juxx)
12. 2 Keys III (Skit)
13. Sean Wigginz
14. Forget Me Knots
15. Black Fonzerelliz
16. Do The Knowledge (Interlude)
17. M.F.C. Lawz (Feat. Young Noble, Napolean, Storm & Doc Holiday)
18. Hold Your Head Up (Feat. Anthony Hamilton)
19. Gang's All Here (Feat. MFC & BCC)


Video for "I Ain't Havin' That"