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01. Without Fail
02. Rock Precise
03. Time for Juice
04. Came Into My Life
05. 1st Glass
06. August in L.A.
07. The Juice Joint
08. Didn't Even Care
09. 2nd Glass
10. The Trial
11. Haterade
12. More Juice
13. Truth Be Told
14. 3rd Glass
15. 18 Million Gallons of Juice

Ivan Ives dropped a dope album last year called Iconoclast, featuring all but 2 tracks produced by Fresh the Hitman. This new album features both of them spittin back and forth over Fresh's beats and boy do they sound fresh. One of the most slept on producers on the game, Fresh is a gem of a beatmaker and needs to be heard by more people, his old school style of chopping up soul samples and lacing them with scratches gets me hype all the time. The problem is that lyrically Ivan Ives is just not that great, not bad but not very good. He has it his head, when you listen to the lyrics, that he is one dope emcees and always makes references to being one of the best around. Even though Fresh is the man behind the beats, he comes on the mic often to spit back and forth with Ivan, the results are not that bad. Lyrically, it'll go over ya head but the beats are the real star of the show, trust me! I just wish that Fresh could reach out to more established underground artists and do something with them, it'd definitely raise his profile no doubt.