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Language Arts Crew is a five-piece hip-hop group formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2001. Based in San Jose with a frontline of four MC’s and two heavy weight producers. Their style exhibits a lyrical depth, technique, and stage presence that has them on the cutting edge of the Bay Area underground hip-hop scene for the past three years. Their seven-inch single “Lazy Daze in California,” and full-length release ”Applied Knowledge” have both kept a stronghold in local record sales for several months despite the absence of label support. They have helped create a focal point for hip-hop fans along with a few other groups within San Jose’s relatively small music scene, giving an ever-growing head-count to a presently neglected circuit. They have also shared the stage with hip-hop Talents such as The Living Legends, The Visionaries, Sage Francis, Zion I, Aceylone, Ugly Duckling, Sacred Hoop, Hieroglyphics, Cali Agents, 2 Mex and The Earthlings. Their follow-up full-length album is expected to be released early 2008 and is predicted to meet fans with exponential success to its already well-received predecessor. Language Arts Crew continues to win the affection of crowds in their home town of San Jose and all across the west coast, bringing showmanship and a positive message to an increasingly supersaturated and mediocre hip-hop culture.

1. Intro (Feat. Itchy the Killer)
2. So Close (Feat. Pickster One)
3. Scarlett Morning
4. 9 to 5 (Feat. XI)
5. Kalifornia
6. Half Cheap
7. Old Kids (Feat. Lee Pardini)
8. The Past Time
9. Numb (Feat. Pickster One)
10. Gravity
11. The Eye
12. I Know (Feat. Counter Productive)
13. Drama City (Feat. Itchty the Killer)
14. Token Love Song
15. Give it Up
16. Unnatural Disaster
17. Inside His Mind
18. Outro