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LD & Ariano is Southern California's latest torch bearer of originality. The job of Hip Hop's musical ambassador to the outside world has carried LD & Ariano coast to coast to coast while sounds resonating over the national/international airwaves are treating the hungry globe to the LD & Ariano Technicali Sound. As of late, LD & Ariano have been pressing their musical footprints into the soil of the "Indie Hip-Hop" scene as well as certain rock scenes, despite the controversy that comes with those categories. Live showcases at SXSW, Music Fest Northwest, and NACA, have helped LD & Ariano form relationships with high profile personnel in every corner of the business.

The project also features a host of guest spots from critically acclaimed: Chali 2NA and Akil of Jurassic 5, Kev Brown, RBX (Dogg Pound) 2Mex, LMNO, DJ Rhetmattic, and KeyKool of the Visionaries. LD & Ariano are on a mission to bring their music, message and movement to you and the world.

Listen to track 2, "A Thin Line"

1. Intro
2. A Thin Line
3. Hidden Jewel
4. Infect The Nation
5. Father Time Is Ticking feat. LMNO & RBX
6. The Price Of Freedom
7. Children Of The Revolution
8. Highs & Lows feat. Live Radio & Chali 2na
9. The Lost Angels feat. Akil
10. Think It Over feat. Rahbu
11. He Watches Over
12. When Reality Starts feat. Trek Life
13. I Need U, Move On feat. 2Mex & Francesca
14. Four Letter Words
15. Get It Together feat. LMNO, KeyKool & Life Rexall
16. Cancer
17. Sing It Loud feat. Dilema & Francesca
18. Danger

This album is dope as hell! Soulful, funky beats courtesy of Kev Brown, DJ Rhettmatic, KeyKool and more, who help to carve out an album that's one of the freshest sounding you'll hear in a long time, and with LD cuttin' it up like like no ones business then you got all the ingredients for a classic album. This duo are destined for great things. Peep their MySpace as they have a new album dropping later this year called "The Guestlist". Don't sleep on this classic release. Another gem for ya collection!