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To start the year off right, the entire Living Legends crew (Murs, The Grouch, Luckyiam, Eligh, Scarub, Sunspot Jonz, Aesop and Bicasso) locked down at Encore Studio (Dr Dre's The Chronic 2001, Eminem Marshall Mathers LP, etc.) to record The Gathering. Each song in this brand new collection features every single MC on every single track, and it is definitely the most fully realized and well crafted batch since their inception. Led by a socially conscious anthem for peace, the Los Angeles via San Francisco area crew are doing their civic duty, while not forgetting to move the crowd with heavy bangers, catchy hooks and fire-spitting verses, celebrating all of their true roots. The Gathering, a precursor to a full length coming in late '08, serves to warn the greater hip hop massive: Don't forget the longtime leaders of the Wild West coast!

1. The Gathering
2. She Wants Me
3. Pants On Fire
4. War & Peace
5. Luva Changer
6. Samba
7. After Hours (Extended Euromix)


Video for "She Wants Me"
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