Long heralded by critics as one of the finest groups to emerge from the underground hip hop scene, The Lone Catalysts are finally set to release their 2nd LP "Good Music" in November 2005.

"Good Music", which features guest appearances from Masta Ace, El Da Sensai, Grap Luva, Jonell, Mix Master Ice (UTFO) and many other artists will undoubtedly become one of the most important and talked about independent releases of the year. "Good Music" is a fusion of rap, soul, funk, jazz, latin and blues music. "Good Music" is the perfect follow up to Lone Catalysts’ classic debut "Hip Hop".

"This album is for everyone that is not just looking for a ’hot single’", explains J. Sands. "Today it seems that the record industry does not care about how a whole album is developed. I am very proud of what we created."

01. Intro
02. Brothers Keeper
03. Ones We Miss
04. En La Ciudad
05. Once Before (feat. Jonell)
06. 100 Bar Dash (feat. Mr. Complex, El Da Sensei, Wordsworth, Lil Sci, Thes One, & PA Flex)
07. La La La La (feat. Dante of Mood & Piakhan)
08. Afta Da Jawn (feat. Lavan davis)
09. Survival (feat. Chauncey)By My Damn Self Pt. I
10. The Hustle (feat. Venus Malone)
11. Taboo (feat. Masta Ace)
12. L.I.F.E. (feat. Grap Luva & Asheru)
13. The Right (feat. Rashad)
14. By My Damn Self Pt. II (feat. Angie Allie)
15. The UltimateGood Music (The Bullsh*t)
16. Bad Music (feat. Mix Master Ice)
17. Destiny (Bonus Track)