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01. It Was Onyx (Skit)
02. Raze It Up
03. Street Nigguz (Feat. X1)
04. Shut 'Em Down (Feat. DMX)
05. Broke Willies (Feat. X1)
06. For Nothin' (Skit)
07. Rob & Vic (Feat. X1 & Chocolate)
08. Face Down
09. Cops (Skit)
10. Conspiracy (Feat. X1 & Clay The Raider)
11. Black Dust (Feat. X1)
12. One Nation (Skit)
13. React (Feat. Bonifucco, X1, 50 Cent & Still Livin')
14. Veronica (Feat. X1 & Sunshine)
15. Fuck Dat (Feat. X1, Bubba Smith, J Mega, Greg Valentine & Sunshine)
16. Ghetto Starz (Feat. Lost Boyz & X1)
17. Take That
18. The Worst (Feat. X1, Method Man, Raekwon & Killer Sin) / Overshine (Feat. J Mega & Greg Valentine)
19. Shut 'Em Down (Remix) (Feat. Noreaga & Big Pun)

This features the first ever appearance on wax by 50 Cent. From this moment on, Onyx really lost their step... the last 2 albums after this release (Bacdafucup II & Triggernometry) were wack to put it mildly! Make sure you cop the new Onyx, "Cold Case Files" which takes you back to the good old Onyx days and also features a dope review from X-Rae!!!