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Vulture's Wisdom, Volume 1 is a challenge to bloated hip-hop. With production solely from Oakland-based The Architect, whose production credits include early Stones Throw releases,Coolio, Planet Asia, and Encore, the album has a deliberate focus on Opio's rhyming and artistry. With fourteen songs under 39 minutes, the album is a short and sweet collaboration of golden-era rap polished to a 2008 sheen. While current artists such as Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West have been appropriating the classic mid 90's sound, Opio says, "People are trying to tap into that energy, whereas I am that energy." This is no braggadocio. In fact, it is an honest self- assessment of what Opio represents in the world of hip-hop; he is a living legend that has been recording and touring consistently for more than fifteen years.

The idea for Vulture's Wisdom came about in conversations between The Architect and Opio after they met while sharing neighborhood studio spaces. The conversations sparked a flood of creativity from Opio, and as fast as The Architect could supply beats, Opio was penning lyrics. "We embody the energy that people are trying so desperately to recapture or reconnect with. We never fell prey to all the trappings of materialism. Our music has stayed true to the art form and this album is a tribute to that."

1. Guilty As Charged 1:20
2. On The Outside Lookin' In 3:02
3. Some Superfly Shit 1:59
4. Chaotic Erotic 2:11
5. About Love 2:16
6. Don Julio 2:33
7. Stop The Press 4:52
8. To The People 3:08
9. Vice Versa 3:50
10. Original Lyricist 2:49
11. Cali Girls 3:03
12. I Need A Money Tree 2:41
13. The Prize 2:49
14. With Or Without You 2:38