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Surely, the booming bass of West Coast hip-hop is grounded in the car culture created when everyone lives in a never ending urban sprawl—but why does it have to be so angry? It's beautiful outside! The girls outside are beautiful! Pacific Division—an LA County trio individually recognized as Like, Mibbs and B-Young—creates hip-hop as breezy and warm as the sunkissed legs displayed by one of those aforementioned beautiful girls. Their 2006 mixtape Sealed for Freshness is at once an uncompromised homage to the Golden Era when golden rays of sun permeated the music and a genuine understanding that in order to connect to the day's youth, no one actually says "fresh" anymore. They understand the day's vernacular, so it's an update—and it's definitely fresh.

1. Intro
2. Pacific Division
3. Definition
4. Nasty
5. Put Me On
6. U Know My Style
7. Ack Like You Chillin
8. Passin Me By
9. Flexin 10 Brand New
11. Grown Kids Syndrome
12. How We Chill
13. Do My Thing
14. Unbelievable
15. Okay (Like This)
16. Syc & Mibbs
17. Bang It
18. Run
19. Relax


Check out the video to new single, "Women Problems"