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The Album, titled "The Meeting Place" was produced masterfully and exclusively by Azael with a touch of Davinci. Seth and Goldie just watched with their jaws dropped, haha.. We wanna thank everyone who has had the patience to wait out our version of The Chinese Democracy. Without sounding to Cliche, let us promise it has been worth the wait and we can guarantee that as you listen to this album you will find yourself in a place that will remind you of home, it's the Meeting Place for all those that wanna see behind the music that is plaquing the airwaves today.

This is the critically-acclaimed indie release from Raw Data Entertainment. It is nothing short of dark brilliance (contradiction intended). Every song is a unique, authentic brain ride: Alternative Hip Hop at its very best. If you feed on intense, intellectual lyrics and evolving, intricate-sharp instrumentals, you simply cannot pass up this album!

01. Election Day
02. The Music Of Erich Zann
03. Florida
04. Selective Memory
05. Fair Trade
06. Locusts
07. Between Enemies And Friends
08. House Hunting On Mars
09. That Novel Youve Been Writing
10. Heirs To The Throne
11. The Viper Pits
12. Lie Together Lay Apart
13. Eyes Wide (The Jungle)
14. Eyes Wide (Concrete)
15. Live Forever

*Review from mash4077 coming soon...?