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Custom Made are on a mission to bring back L.A. hip-hop. And while Truth Be Told might set them up to do just that, it does so with a heavy East coast influence. First track, “Where It Goes Down”, is full of angry energy, each MC spitting their rhyme like its their last over heavy drums and lilting piano lines. It’s a song that would sound more at home on 36 Chambers than Straight Outta Compton. “Gutta Rap” slows things down, letting the rap group get more confessional without losing any of their venom. What makes Custom Made’s music distinctly West coast it its tales of life in L.A. And while the picture they paint isn’t a new one—drugs, gangs, violence—it is delivered with a healthy dose of both worry and love for the place Custom Made calls home.

01. Where It Goes Down
02. Gutta Rap
03. Rules Are For Suckaz
04. 07 I See
05. Hop Life
06. I'm Home
07. Crime Connection
08. Round Here (We Never Miss)
09. Drop Dimes
10. Hungry Az Fuck (Gotta Eat)


Video for "Marley Money"