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With his first solo album, Wild Cowboys, Sadat X continues the jazz-hip-hop fusion that distinguished Brand Nubian's body of work. But the difference between Wild Cowboys and Nubian's latter-day records Everything is Everything and In God We Trust is the approach. As a solo artist, Sadat X is looser and more relaxed, letting the groove flow and casually demonstrating his verbal vacility. With a first-class prodcution crew -- including Pete Rock, Beatminerz, Diamond D, Buckwild, and Alamo -- Sadat X has created a fun, laid-back album in Wild Cowboys that nearly manages to equal the studied intensity of Brand Nubian with its non-chalant virtuosity.

1. The Lump Lump
2. Wild Cowboys
3. Sauce For Birdheads feat Shawn Black
4. Open Bar feat Grand Puba
5. Hang 'Em High feat DV Alias Christ
6. Do It Again
7. Game's Sober feat Money Boss Players & Sha Sha
8. Smoking On The Low feat Shawn Black & DV Alias Christ
9. Petty People feat Shawn Black
10. The Interview feat Regina Hall
11. Stages And Light
12. Move On
13. The Funkiest
14. Escape From New York feat Dedi
15. The Hashout feat Shawn Black, Tec & Cool Chuck