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*A word from Sene...
"A Collection of Rejected Excellence is a series the homie Blu started with his release of "Lifted." This release "Elevator Music" follows suit as a group of songs without the fast food traits of a mixtape. This is just a collection of music I've made and liked..Songs from scattered releases and imports. Blended together. Check it out and hopefully yall enjoy; maybe get to know me a little better..."

01. Rarely Sene At All
02. These Days...
03. Fancy Life
04. Stoopid feat. Blu
05. Gimme Room
06. Around The Corner
07. Funs-A-Low feat. Cashius King
08. Work
09. KingMe feat. Blu
10. Lovely... So Lovely
11. Stride Rite
12. Madness feat. Prefyx
13. The spins
14. Elevate
15. Robin Hood
16. Stars & Stripes
17. Needs vs. Wants
18. ABC*s
19. I'm Sayin...
20. He Aight