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Shadz of Lingo MCs Lingo and Kolorado and DJ Rocco met in 1986 at a Richmond, VA, high school. They first worked together as rappers, but formed a commercial production company in 1988. The four moved to Atlanta in 1991 and began to record. Combining old-school posturing with new-breed styles (Cypress Hill, dancehall, jazz-rap), their debut album was released in 1994.

01. Different Stylez
02. Mad Flavaz
03. I'll & Get Clowne
04. Wherez Da Steel
05. Psychioathetic Interlude
06. View To A Kill
07. Think I Give A Fuck
08. Don't Test Da Skillz
09. Crossfade Flow
10. I Step 2 U Den
11. Alwayz Stylin


"Mad Flavaz" feat. Erick Sermon