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Disciples of the camp of Divine Styler, Los Angeles's Styles of Beyond lack the spiritual commitment of their mentor yet more than make up for it with deft rhyme construction, a hungry battle attitude, and a cosmic-comic understanding of the world around them. Their sound is a cross between that of Mobb Deep and Camp Lo, mixing casual storytelling with penetrating insult, and whether it's dealing with interdimensional transmissions, lyrical transgressions, or biological transformations, MCs Takbir and Ryu do it with class and finesse. The production, largely supplied by Vin Skully, is uniformly outstanding, abusing the sampler and the turntable to penetrating depths. As Takbir says on "Styles of Beyond," they'll continue to be "the number 3 letters on your flip phone: D-E-F till my death."

1. Intro
2. Styles Of Beyond (Style Warz) (featuring DJ Rhettmatic)
3. Hollograms (featuring Spaceboy Boogie X)
4. Dangerous Minds
5. Spies Like Us (featuring Emcee 007)
6. Winnetka Exit
7. Muuvon
8. Easy Back It Up
9. Survival Tactics
10. Skullyanamayshun
11. Part 2 (Endangered) (featuring Simon James)
12. Gollaxowelcome
13. Click Beat Box (Interlude) (featuring Click Tha Supah Latin)
14. Killer Instinct (featuring Divine Styler)
15. 2000 Fold
16. Come Out Your Frame (featuring DJ Rhettimatic)
17. Marco Polo (featuring Emcee 007)
18. Outro

This was another release I was diggin' when I first heard it, Tak & Ryu are doin' big things now with collaborations and features with Apathy & Mike Shinoda to name a few. Do not pass this one up, dope lyrics, beats, flows... basically pissed on nearly anything that came out around the same time!