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Dangerous Connection is a plot over a year in the making. Due to the sensitive nature of the material on this recording beats and rhymes were exchanged using secret drops and technologies. Conversations with Brick label heads were conducted only on secure and scrambled phone lines. Only now that sounds and information are coming to public light can we discuss openly the network of operatives it took to bring Dangerous Connection to a waiting Hop Hop nation. An underground network of beat makers and rhyme sayers including KutMasta Kurt, Stoupe & Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks, J-Live, Count Bass D and The Beyonder were utilized, though due to tight security all were never assembled in the same location. At the center of this Hip Hop plot, Brick Records with 7L & Esoteric....a Dangerous Connection with an explosive result.

01. One Six
02. Watch Me
03. Warning (Knife In The Face)
04. Terrorist's Cell (Prod. by Stoupe)
05. Precision
06. Word Association
07. Stalker
08. Speak Now (Feat. Vinnie Paz & Apathy)
09. Rules Of Engagement (Feat. J-Live & Count Bass D)
10. Riccardi Man
11. Herb
12. What I Mean (Feat. Beyonder) (Prod. by Beyonder)
13. Rest In Peace (Prod. by Kut Masta Kurt)
14. The Way Out