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A New Dope is a bold move for Boston rap stalwarts 7L & Esoteric, a rap group up to this point content with their "golden age" boom-bap sound. The duo's newest release is a drastic change from what has come before, as the emcee and producer literally break apart their established sound and start from the ground up. Esoteric alters his classic sound with drastic shifts in tone and tempo from what we've heard before. Coupled with 7L's eclectic beat array, A New Dope is the epitome of rap progression.

01. Get Dumb
02. Everywhere
03. Feel The Velvet
04. 3 Minute Classic
05. Daisycutta (Feat. Kool Keith)
06. Eso Ain't Shit
07. Dunks Are Live, Dunks Are Dead
08. A.O.S.O.
09. Cemetery
10. Reggie Lewis Is Watching
11. Girls Gone Wild (Then And Now)
12. The Most
13. Take Note
14. Perfect Person
15. Play Dumb
16. Untitled Bonus