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In between touring the world and making "The Undisputed Truth" Brother Ali recorded a number of exclusive cuts and guest appearances. Ali's live dj, BK One, serves up a collage of these rare and unreleased songs, verses and freestyles. 17 tracks, featuring guest appearances by Slug & I Self Devine.

“Original King” is from the Scribble Jam 06 Compilation, “Life Sentence” is from The Molemen’s album “Killing Fields.” “The Magnificent” is from the forthcoming album by CP, “Pitch Black Noon” is from The Ninth Circle, “Doin’ The Do” is from Nucular by Ursus Minor, “Fire In The Eye” is from A League Of Our Own Vol. 2 “Raise Up The Levels” is from All Over by CMA, “Doomage” is from Sticky Business by Sage Francis, and “One For The” is from Pidgeon John and the Summertime Pool Party. The rest of the tracks are exclusives.

1. Original King
2. The Trap
3. Life Sentence
4. The Magnificent
5. Baby Come Home
6. Truth Is (Remix)
7. King Buscuit
8. Officer Down feat. I Self Devine
9. Pitch Black Noon
10. Operation Push
11. Doin' The Do
12. Live From The Chippie Bun Club
13. Fire In The Eye
14. Raise Up The Levels
15. Original Prince
16. Doomage feat. Slug
17. One For The...