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C.R.A.C. (pronounced Crass) is the musical collaboration of producer/emcee Ta'Raach and emcee Blu. C.R.A.C. is an acronym for Collect Respect Anna Check, a name and idealism representing the movement of like-minded musicians, artists, and producers for a structural change in previous stratifications of power and belief systems. The first step in this movement is The Piece Talk, the debut album from C.R.A.C. Produced by Detroit's finest, Ta'Raach, the musical landscape is reminiscent to early Bomb Squad productions complimented by the 'left-field' humor and sensitivity similar to the work of Prince Paul for De La Soul. Both Ta'Raach and Blu share mic duties, and the chemistry is undeniable. Tracks such as "Love Don't" and "Pop Dem Boyz" feature soaring instrumentals teamed with lyrics that invoke much more than what the surface hints to. Others such as "Bullet Through Me" show a distinct psych-enhanced humor that is found throughout The Piece Talks. Many will be aware of Ta'Roach's previous work on Jay Dee "Welcome 2 Detroit," Platinum Pied Pipers "Triple P," or his latest releose. "The Fevers," and the same will go for fans of Blu's recent release w/ producer, Exile, "Below the Heavens." Regardless of their previous projects, C.R.A.C. is something new and fresh that offers a different and unique perspective to the masses.

01. What Up Pt. 2
02. Buy Me Lunch feat. Noni Limar
03. Love Don’t
04. Major Way
05. Activate (Too…)
06. Crachause
07. Respect
08. Pop Dem Boyz
09. 02.16.03
10. Mr. Big Fizz
11. Chill
12. Hello!?
13. Go!
14. Activate (As Well)
15. Bullet Through Me feat. Shawn Jackson
16. Cotton
17. Credits
18. Dead Air Track
19. Ummm Yeah / Ready (Bonus Tracks)