Hip Hop heads from every generation have all agreed on one thing: POSSE CUTS RULE! From “Live at the BBQ” to “Scenario,” the essence of the posse cut has left an indelible mark on the Hip Hop genre. Enter underground sword-swinger ESOTERIC (of 7L & Esoteric) who goes coast to coast and combines with virtually every other underground heavy-hitter in the country for the sake of the posse cut. JEDI MIND TRICKS, C-RAYZ WALZ, DEL and TAJAI of HIEROGLYPHICS, RASCO, DJ Z-TRIP, APATHY & CELPH TITLED of the DEMIGODZ, J-LIVE, PACEWON, BREEZLY BREWIN, REKS, J-TREDS, THE PRUNES, COUNT BASS D, and many more swoop in and handle business alongside ESOTERIC. Featuring plenty of unreleased material and a few rarities and remixes, this limited edition CD is a must have for any Hip Hop fan. A major bonus on this record is the never before released audio of the ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS’ ESOTERIC, VINNIE PAZ, and VIRTUOSO live on BAHAMADIA’S radio show in 1998, right around the recording of the classic first AOTP 12”.

01. Pound For Pound feat.Rasco & Beyonder
02. Top Shelf feat.Karma
03. Hip-Hop Philosophy feat.Tha Trademarc
04. Ryan’s Revenge (Esoteric Remix) feat.Apathy & Celph Titled
05. Street Pay feat.Main Flow
06. 5 Perfect Exertions Original feat.Jedi Mind Tricks,Virtuoso,Chief Kamachi & Bahamadia
07. Global Networking (Battle Stance) feat.Virtuoso,Mr. Lif, Z-Trip
08. Devil-Smasher feat.Breez Evahflowin & C-Rayz Walz
09. Final 4 feat. Reks,J-Live,Shabaam Sahdeeq,Young Zee,Pacewon,Danjamowf & Lonnie B
10. The Hunted feat.Jedi Mind Tricks
11. Gunn Clapp feat.J-Treds & Breezly Brewin
12. Higher Standard feat.Virtuoso,Mr. Lif & DJ Vadim
13. Skitzofreniks’ State feat.Checkmark,Reks,Virtuoso & Killa Cal
14. Recognize feat.Kabir
15. Bringing It Back (Esoteric Remix) feat.Mic Stylz
16. Chain Reaction (Apathy Remix) feat.Vinnie Paz
17. Duck Hunt feat. Porn Theater Ushers
18. Well, Well, Well (Well-Done Edit) feat.Celph Titled,Rise & Apathy
19. Piece Of The Pie feat.Count Bass D & Virtuoso
20. Beantown feat.John Cena & Tha Trademarc
21. Battle Royal feat.Akrobatik
22. AOTP Live On 103.9FM Philly (Bahamadia’s B-Sides Feb. 98′) (Bonus)
23. Chop Off The Head feat. Del, Tajai & K-The-I (Bonus)