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"Northern and Southern San Diego have combined to bring you a fresh new project from NomiS & ArtOfacT (Jeremiah Bonds). These two combined have taken on the group name "Forgotten Heroes". Together they're bringing you a project packed with a collection of diverse production (Vintage, Vanderslice, DJ Elder, etc.) and HONEST RAPS. The album is entitled, “Forget What You Heard". If you aren't familiar with these two artist’s music, we encourage you to give it a listen for yourself, and Forget What You Heard previous to now."

1. Forget What You Heard
2. Forgotten Heroes
3. Precious Are The Steps
4. Clocks Ticking
5. ArtNomiSboticons (interlude)
6. The Eulogy feat. Dirt
7. Progression
8. On My Own
9. Joy & Pain
10. Smiling Faces
11. Choices
12. Gallery Drive feat. Insufficient Funds, Afaar, Ruslan (theBREAX)
13. Freedom feat. Sev Statik
14. Bonus Track

This is one of the best albums I've heard this year. Even though it dropped last year, nuff heads, including myself slept on this. I copped it a couple months back and had to put it up. The album kicks off superbly with the title track, which is a little introduction to the two MC's. On the track Precious Are The Steps, they spit positive lyrics relating to their strong beliefs on God (don't worry, no preaching in your face type stuff here, just an appreciation for their religion, much in the same vain as Braille or Theory Hazit) over a sick beat which flips Beethovens 5th Symphony! The album doesn't let up at any stage, soulful, boom bap beats a plenty and these two can rap they asses off. Then you get to the ultra dope posse cut Gallery Drive which is probably one of the illest posse cuts I've ever heard, it kicks off with a sick epic beat and has some "Call to Arms" type trumpets thrown on give the track a military feel to it, trust me, your gonna be snapping some neck bones to this track! Then you get to the second last track Freedom which ends the album perfectly, using organs and some dope guitar riffs that set the mood for the rest of the song. Sev Statik opens the track and spits a dope verse. You also get a bonus track thrown in for good measure. One of the most impressive albums I've had the pleasure of listening to and you should ALL definitely check this out. For Real Hip Hop heads only!!!