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FredNukes hails from Denmark, y’know, Scandinavia (south of Sweden?). FredNukes started making noise on Artofrhyme.com, and for good reason, the cat slays soul beats by a tandem production set of Swedish producer Soul Supreme and himself. Fred likely was better known for production sets, doing songs for Majik Most and Little Vic. His whole album Deconstructing Fred isn’t perfect but its completely listenable, and there’s some real great songs, like "One Way or Another" and "Conveys an Emotion".

1. Forever Fred (Intro)
2. Conveys An Emotion
3. One Way Or Another (Priceless)
4. Keeping Up Appearances
5. The Artist (The American Dream)
6. Carry Yourself
7. Girls vs. The Lady
8. See The Light
9. I Held Back
10. We Would If We Could
11. Player Of The Year 1995
12. I Made You
13. What's Next (Outro)


FredNukes - Girls vs. The Lady