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The mixtape promotes the I LOVE MY HOOD campaign and gives you a sneak preview on what to expect of the forthcoming HITFARMERS producer album dropping 2009!

1. Contribution X - Intro (Skit)
2. Randam Luck - Where Ya At?
3. EQ, Reef The Lost Cauze, Hyskillz - Shit On Lock (Hitfarmers Remix)
4. Critical Madness – Empirical (Produced by Marco Polo)
5. Braille - Double Dose (Produced by Stieber Twins)
6. Hitfarmers feat. Warpath - The King Commands His Warlord (Urban Artifacts Edit)
7. Kev Turner – Eargasm (Produced By J-Slant)
8. J-Spliff of The Majors - Suckers Never Play Me
9. Block McCloud, Warpath, Sir Smo - I Love My Hood Pt. I (Produced by Block McCloud - Hitfarmers Edit)
10. The Vendetta feat. Danny Diablo & Ceekay Jones - Never Satisfied (Hitfarmers Remix)
11. Ciph Barker - Snakes Eggs
12. Mesidge feat. Planetary - Werk Of Art (Hitfarmers Remix)
13. CAEN Project (Equinox feat. Killer Rellik) - Breaking Poynt (Produced By Cimer Amor)
14. Contribution X feat. Killah Priest & Monk - Build
15. The White Shadow Of Norway feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Mr. Malchau - Sick Rhymes
16. windchILL of A.O.I. - Come With Me
17. Brooklyn Academy feat. Killah Priest - Splash (Hitfarmers Remix)
18. Little Vic - The Exorcist (Produced By DJ Premier)
19. Trainspotters feat. Sci-Fi - It..s Time
20. Aarophat - Lethal
21. Ill Poetic & Wordsworth - One More
22. The Underclassmen feat. Kalmoo - Skillz Unlimited
23. Sick Since feat. Canibus - RIP The Reptilian
24. Danny Diablo feat. Big Left, Danny Boy & Slaine - Satanic Shamrocks
25. Nomad feat. Xkwisit - The Coliseum (Produced by Hakiki Bela)
26. Atma (12 Jewels) - Solar Winds
27. Baby Blak, ENEM The Great, and Granz - Danger (Produced By Cimer Amor)
28. Product - Contaminated Thoughts
29. Hitfarmers feat. Born Unique - Joining Forces Exlusive
30. IDE feat. Creative Juices (L.I.F.E. Long, Critical Madness, UG) - What Happened?
31. Rootpeople feat. Krizz Blizz - I Love My Hood Pt. II (Produced By Untitled)


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