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01. Intro
02. The Winds Of War
03. Chinese Water Torture (Feat. Breath Of Judah)
04. The Three Immortals (Feat. Breath of Judah & Apathy)
05. Neva Antiquated (Dark Jedi Remix) (Feat. The Sun Pharaoh)
06. Omnicron (Feat. Apathy & The Sun Pharaoh)
07. As It Was In The Beginning (Feat. The Lost Children Of Babylon)
08. Books Of Blood: The Coming Of Tan (Feat. El Eloh)
09. Incanatrix
10. The Immaculate Conception
11. The Apostle's Creed (Feat. Apathy & Yan The Phenomenon)
12. I Who Have Nothing
13. Communion: The Crop Circle Thesis
14. Onetwothree
15. Souls From The Streets
16. Last Straw (Onesoul Remix)
17. Tug Of War
18. Get This Low