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After winning battle after battle and becoming the 1st ever GRB Champion, Kronic Plague decided to refine his skills and work on his debut album. But unexplainably, once the 10- track album (a la Illmatic) was recorded he dissapeared. The album was called Legal Dope, and more then anything it PROVED that it is possible for an emcee who battles to make great songs and furthermore a great album. It has story- telling songs, concept songs, Introspective songs, and of course Braggadocious songs. With production from up and coming producers such as Asi, Obatron, and DJ Mprov the album truly showed promise... but it was to be never heard.

1. My Next Move
2. Whutz Krackin
3. Pop Hit
4. Remember One Time
5. Loving
6. Wish I Could Fly
7. Real Life
8. Yeah
9. You Don't Want It
10. Please!

With amazing production from talented up and coming producers playing the backdrop to lyrics only expected from a rapper with legendary status this album (described as Real Hip Hop) provides listeners with a reason to believe Hip Hop is still alive.