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01 - The Unexpected
02 - Mental Strugglez
03 - Barrakjudah Skit
04 - Northside Spittin feat. Origin
05 - Getting Down With The Facts
06 - Moongod Allah Skit
07 - Another
08 - Misunderstanding
09 - Digital Funk
10 - Moonlight - Killabees
11 - Highlights
12 - Cilvaringz Skit
13 - The Gathering
14 - Explicit Lyrics
15 - Phonecall Skit
16 - C-1000 feat. Cilvaringz
17 - The Forest feat. Origin
18 - Dragon Fist
19 - Rollercoaster Ride feat. Origin
20 - Hit The Pipe Jack feat. Moongod Allah
21 - The Day We Went
22 - Outro

*All songs produced by Moongod Allah

This is the first of my posts (not my links... courtesy of underground babylon) relating to one of the most hidden gems in the world of the Wu family... producer, Moongod Allah! This guy is probably the closest thing you can get to how RZA sounded all those years ago. He has got THAT sound down to a tee. I'm not too familiar with this particular group, I know there's 3 members who go by the names; Doc Blake, Fraze & Magpie but rest assured, if you want to be taken back to the 36 Chambers, then you need to hear this guys beats!!! Remember, this is only the first of about 6 posts I'm gonna do, relating to Moongod Allah & Cilvaringz. Moongod has since dissappeared from like 2004 or something and nothing has been heard since... until he produced a couple of tracks from Cilvaringz official debut album "I" last year, which you should all have by the coz it's a classic Wu album, period! Anyway, this is definitely a hidden treasure to cop it and enjoy those, oh so beautiful kung fu samples... "The Shaolin and The Wu Tang could be dangerous..." don't get me started!!!