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Quality hip hop from LA's best kept secret. After contributing tracks to the Oscar Award winning film 'Crash' and collaborating with local artists Bliss N Eso, Anecdote, Phrase, Genetik, Hau and Raph for the Australian ‘Good Money’ remixes. Champ, Spider and Just Beats release their first full length album and best work to date which features the single ‘Higher’.

1. A Proper Introduction
2. Say When
3. Miracle
4. Rock Steady
5. Gunpowder Language Ft. Blest
6. If You Understood Ft. Crush One
7. Git It Now Ft. Blu & Trek Life
8. Higher (Breathe)
9. Breaking Point
10. Someday Ft. Trek Life & Silo
11. Yesterday
12. Relax Ft. Mike Anthony
13. Myself In You Ft. Marty James
14. The Scope Of Things Ft. Paola Jean



Move.Meant - Higher (Breathe)

Higher (Breathe) (Exclusive M-Phazes Remix)