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01. The Intro (Produced By Black Milk)
02. Ahead Of The Basics (Produced By Black Milk)
03. In The Soul (Produced By Magnif)
04. Tell 'Em (feat. & Produced by Black Milk)
05. Hold Up (feat. & Produced By Magnif)
06. So Raw (Produced By Black Milk)
07. About You (Produced By Black Milk)
08. Back To It (Produced By Magnif)
09. Action Pack (feat. BroadCast, B. Stormz, OnPoint) (Produced By Black Milk)
10. Anotha Club Hit (Produced By Black Milk)
11. Heated (Produced By Magnif)
12. Gimmie Room (feat. OnPoint & June Summerz) (Produced By Black Bethoven)
13. Dat Good Shit (Produced By Black Bethoven)
14. Two Perspectives (feat. & Produced By Magnif)
15. Concrete (Produced By Black Bethoven)
16. Momentum Music (Produced By Black Milk)
17. Countdown (Produced By Black Milk)